Syria: the current situation

Syria: the current situation Syria came another wave of reports on military operations against armed groups. So, last fighting in Homs and Idlib, was dispersed a demonstration in Aleppo. News agencies report to the fact that the number killed in the year of the conflict grown to 7.5 million, and the wounded — up to several thousand 10-s. In Idlib province announced a new gang — "Shield of the North". It Tipo 500 soldiers from deserting soldier Syrian armed forces. According to the field commander Afif Suleiman to "Battalion" is the "protection of civilians and the protection of the inhabitants of peaceful demonstrators by the Assad regime gangs." In addition, "The Shield of the North" will be applied by the ruling Syrian regime "iron strikes" and go after supporters Bashar Assad "All over the place, no matter where they are."

In Homs, according to the opposition, only for one day on February 21 from shelling and air strikes have killed more than 100 people. February 22 it was reported that in an artillery strike killed a South American and French journalists, and three other members of the press were injured. In the province of Idlib, "Assad thugs" killed 27 teenagers.

The opposition National Council Syria said that the country has only two options: a long war or civilian clothes foreign intervention. At that time, representatives of the United States said that Washington still hopes for a political solution, but does not rule out measures to support the Syrian opposition, including her arms.

There is also the ability to fully legitimate armed Syrian armed groups. It's news that Syrian militants have tool secured by a Syrian who lives outside the country. He gave an interview to the British newspaper The Independent. Abu Kuteiba said that he took tool in Lebanon, Iraq, Jordan, and shipped him to Syria. In addition, a large batch of guns was bought in Libya, where, after the fall of the Gaddafi regime, an unlimited number of weapons fell into the hands of different groups, including the design of Islamists.

One of the most recognized representatives of the "creative class" planets — Hollywood star Angelina Jolie urged the international community to intervene in the affairs of Syria. In her opinion, "Syria has reached such a point where the interference of foreign countries do need. I firmly believe that the implementation of the right of veto for the States in which there is a money interest in Syria, shall be called in question. " So Makar, Americans 'thin' hinted at the position of Russia and China, and Russia had previously repeatedly blamed military supplies to the Assad regime. I must say that Jolie has already indicated to be sympathetic to the rebels of various kinds. Since the fall of 2011, she visited the bombed Libya and praised the victorious rebels for their heroic struggle.

We litsezreem that information events for outside intervention de facto already there:

— massive loss of life;

— air strikes on towns (although, so far no communication on the application of the Air Force in general has not been confirmed);

— teen murder, although the example of "hot spots" in Africa, Afghanistan and Chechnya, we know that children can be fully members of paramilitary groups (even and more than fierce and fanatical). By the same information is also not confirmed;

— death at the hands of government forces (at the request of the media, although not rule out the possibility that they are specifically destroyed), and foreign journalists;

— Syrian opposition, at least, more brutal part of it, which is first, and support in the West and the Sunni monarchies, ready to call on outside forces;

— Representatives calls "progressive humanity" to end the "atrocities" of the regime Assad.

— Washington says about the ability of the armed Syrian opposition.

A more fundamental aspects of the moment Syrian turmoil

Armed speech and peaceful protest took almost the whole area of the country. More measured situation persists in areas inhabited by Kurds and Circassians. More active opponents of the regime of Bashar al-Assad — is Sunni. Often, when a settlement occurs Fri excitement, they are concentrated in neighborhoods where there are Sunni, Alawite and Christian population remains calm and even a positive attitude to power. Alawites and Christians view the current power and mode Assad as a guarantee of security and even physical survival, (taking into account the sharp radicalization in the region). Similar motifs have communities of Kurds, Circassians, Armenians, that are at least neutral.

As previously mentioned in the article — Who is at war Syrian army troops Syrian Liberation Army (or the Free Syrian Army — SSA) are, in the main, to the north, south and east of the country, though it has stepped up its act, and in the center of the country. Their units operate in Idlib, Raqqa, Deir ez-Zor, Homs, Damascus and other provinces. Often, their connections are territorial in nature, formed from the natives of the place or the other. In fact, all Sunnis, deserters from the armed forces or have served in the army (which have a certain combat skill). The gun comes with a deserter from the looted warehouses police force, army, government agencies, and from abroad — across the border with Lebanon, Turkey, Jordan, Iraq, while the Iraqi authorities are trying to stop the flow, they war in Syria is not needed, themselves in a very difficult internal situation, and of Lebanon tightened its control. The gun goes off and the Kurdish smugglers bought from the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK). Very large flow of weapons coming from Libya — apparently one of the indirect goals defeat of the Gaddafi regime, was the need to make to the Libyan countryside black market guns, releasing large stores, though not new, but fully usable tool for the dissemination of a number of regions in Africa and the Middle East . Libya is a tool to Jordan and Turkey, and from there it passed the slack in Syria.

Rumors about the origin of foreign operations on the territory of Syria has not yet been confirmed. But, apparently, you can read about the limited presence of Iranian military specialists, we have the experience of their fight against Kurdish militants, Lebanese fighters "Hezbollah," Iraq's Shiite organizations (they help the official Damascus). Against the Assad regime are representatives of Turkish, Qatari special services (maybe English and French) are also Sunni Arab insurgents (the Libyans, Iraqis, etc.). It should be noted, and a steady increase in the "Islamic" sector Syrian opposition, the number of volunteers from the hot points of the planet is increasing, leading to a radicalization of the upcoming situation.

The financial situation has seriously worsened, which can eventually become one of the key reasons for the fall of the Assad regime. The money derived from the country, major projects are frozen, domestic trade violate the militants' attack (often simply bandits) is a speculative gain, "gray" economy. It must be said that Lebanon and Iraq have not completed trade with Syria, and of Turkey, despite the resounding statements about economic sanctions, maintains economic ties with CAP (complete break will be painful for the Turkish economy).

Authorities in a number of intensively used Alawite Fri napolovinuvoennye formation — "shabiha." They were transferred to administrative power and they "retard" any protest, w
ith all this intelligence agencies excluded from the rigid modes of action.

The war itself dragged on temper and goes to "exhaustion." Syrian population moved away from the "nomadic" lifestyle further than the Libyans, because a significant part of the Syrians is more appropriate to current events. The Syrians do not want to crush his hands home, because it is a matter of survival.

Open external invasion as previously unlikely. The U.S. and France expect the final election, other NATO countries are passive and do not want to wage war. Britain alone will not make war. Sunni monarchy is not able to make war with Syria — just not efficient armies. The West and the Gulf monarchies are betting on a particular Islam, which as a "battering ram" should sweep mode Assad.

Arab League towards Syria de facto split. Neutral, or even to quietly support Damascus — Iraq, Lebanon, Algeria, Sudan (North). Frankly aggressive and cold neutral — Qatar, Saudi Arabia and other countries of the monarchy, Libya. Egypt and Tunisia officially condemned Damascus, but in the countries, there are other views.

Information will only increase the pressure, provocation will follow the provocations. We will hear about the 10 framework of babies killed, women raped, torture in the "bloody torture chambers" of Syrian security services, new acres and tyschah killed, artillery and air strikes on towns, Russian and Chinese (Iranian) weapons in the hands of the "executioners Assad," etc. Opponents of Damascus are waiting until Assad will make a fatal mistake.

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