Syria: The intervention started?

Syria: The intervention started?It's no secret that over the situation in Syria Information is tough opposition. During the last day of greatest interest are reports in the media about the transfer of foreign military Syria.

As reported by the Israeli media, on the ground of Syria carried out transfer of units of English and Qatari special forces. This information, but does not prove, but has already attracted the enthusiasm of the Russian diplomatic, agency, announced their intention to look into the situation in order to find out how true this information.

According to unconfirmed reports, the soldiers of special forces units Qatar and England were located in the town of Homs, which became the center of the fight government forces against militants, representing the opposition.

Although due to activation of disinformation on both sides, getting an impartial picture of the situation is very difficult, from the current media reports as supporting the Syrian opposition and pro-government, it is still possible to make a specific conclusion: the situation in the town of Homs heated up to the maximum. Most of the reports indicate that, although in the town and has been fighting a large-scale use of heavy artillery, precision strikes on militants entrenched in the town still applied. As the bandits use the classic criterion for urban strategy of small groups, moving rapidly through the town, government forces still can not suppress their resistance.

According to those same sources, Israeli, British and Qatari special forces contribute to the rebels in the fight against government forces, specifically not taking part in hostilities. Completely possible that zabugornye military experts advising militants are developing interactions of their units, the connection between them, and possibly arrange delivery tools. In short, nothing new is happening — at least some conflict, which has strategic importance for the global centers of power, can not do without the role of the military professionals representing intrigued by. Limited contingent of military advisers, maybe even subversive activities engaged in particular — is still not a large-scale intervention, which may not compel myself to expect a long time. West has already shown a willingness for such a development, which completely stopped the diplomatic affairs of Syria and trying to hold a UN Security Council resolution yet another brutal, not to mention the ongoing military maneuvers in the Mediterranean and the Middle East in general.

Where are fun to look subsequent information, which, in general, also finds no concrete evidence. On Wednesday, some Russian media reports, citing sources in the Middle East, said they came to Syria 15000 Iranian fighter, among which are representatives of the elite unit "Al-Quds". By this disk imaging, active contingent should assist the Syrian army in the winding up of existing armed groups in the country.

For information on sending Iranian military to Syria and issued a "Interfax" referring to the Chinese edition of "People's Daily". The agency reported that the move was carried out by Iran in response to its proper request Syrians, and Iranian contingent is already in a friendly country.

If the Iranian military is already in Syria, the start of a large-scale military intervention of the West in this country will be automatically mean the beginning of war, NATO and the United States not only against Syria and Assad, and Iran. Sending troops into Syria itself, on the one hand, the evidence is catchy greatest fears of the military-political control of Iran on the launch of operations against their own country, and on the other — a significant step ally, able to cool the scalp Western hawks. Speaks outlook, according to which the provision of military support to Iran Syria can mean the beginning of the formation of anti-Western (antisaudovskoy and anti-Israeli) coalition in the face of Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Shiite, and Shia forces in Iraq. In other words, using the Syrian confrontation, Iran is trying to assert its exclusive political leadership in the region, apparently leading the fight against the Gulf monarchies and, of course, with the United States and Israel.

It seems however, if a message about a Syria Qatari and British special forces in support of opposition fighters, as information about the arrival in the area of the country 15-thousandth of Iranian troops, are true, then this will mean the beginning of a real military confrontation between Iran and the West.

In favor of the arrival of significant Iranian forces in Syria is the truth may indicate a strange behavior of the control of NATO, which seemed to be apologizing again assures that the unit does not want to intervene in the situation in Syria. This was in Friday's broadcast of Turkish NTV television said personally NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen: "Syria is not on our agenda forward to. NATO does not want to interfere in the Syria, At the same time, the union was staring over the situation in this country. " What is this? West scared? Why these useless excuses, and they are not explained whether the knowledge that in the case of NATO's aggression in Syria, healthy forces in the region come together even more closely, and the West will have to deal with a multi-million dollar joint Persian-Arab resistance?

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