Syrian aggravation

Syrian aggravation Storm clouds over Syria, which are somewhat scattered due to the situation with Iran, again thickened. It is at once a few news that they say that the enemies of Damascus is not going to expect in vain and are ready to turn the tide in their favor.

During a bilateral meeting British Prime Minister David Cameron said the King of Saudi Arabia Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz, that England is behind you so "as soon as possible" to make "strict measures" against Syria and suspend "violence against the regime of Bashar al-Assad civilians." The head of the British Government also noted that progress on the issue of Syria, prevents a number of countries — "some countries in the UN Security Council use its right to veto resolutions." He was referring to Russia and China — they blocked the anti-Syrian resolution.

In addition, David Cameron said that "the whole world will rally" and will not allow Iran blockade of navigation in the Strait of Hormuz. According to him, in any case, the danger of "global society will make every effort to restore the" free shipping.

It says that London is ready to take part in the war against Syria and Iran, the only reason. Not in vain detachment of British Navy has centered around Iran and the Persian Gulf sent a destroyer «HMS Daring», he is due to arrive in the Bay area at the end of January 2012 (30 January at a meeting of the foreign ministers of the EU countries, which will be raised by the issue of the embargo on Iran's oil exports).

Immediately UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon called on the Syrian president to "stop the violence", "stop killing" his own people. This is the second appeal before these words were heard in October 2011.

A little earlier, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton at a joint press conference along with Qatari Prime Minister Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim al-Thani Named Observer Mission in Syria from the Arab League unsatisfactory and called the League is no longer sent to the CAP observers.

Interests Qatar

Qatari Emir Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani said that to stop the murders of peaceful inhabitants of the Syrian Arab countries should enter into Syria troops. This is the first statement of this kind.

Qatar continues policy of dominance in the Arab world. Its effect was observed in the Libyan war, the events in Yemen, now in Syria. In addition, we should note an important prerequisite for economic activity such Doha.

Qatar develops its economy on the basis of the debt of the "pyramid". Qataris sell natural gas at a cost of close to cost, developed gas infrastructure, taking large loans. Qatar debts can give only the constantly increasing exports. So in October 2011, came the news that the capital of Qatar hosted the ceremony of laying the port. Project cost is estimated at $ 7 billion. bucks. To build and open a port going to top 2016. This will be the largest port in the region. Qatar's financial strategy was based on a constant extensive growth — natural gas production and sale of liquefied natural gas. The global crisis has crippled the strategy. For example, one of the main reasons for the active role of Qatar in the war against the Libyan Jamahiriya Muammar Gaddafi began plans to develop the creation of liquefied natural gas. Doha need a regional war to destroy the economic rivals — Iran and Syria. "The Syrian node" is connected with the problem and the struggle for shale gas deposits that were not so long ago, opened on the eastern Mediterranean Sea off. According to preliminary estimates of professionals, the amount of gas in their achieves approximately 3-3.5 trillion. cubic meters. In the dispute over the territorial jurisdiction of these marine deposits were specifically involved countries such as Egypt, Israel, Lebanon, Syria, Cyprus and Turkey. Doha does not need rivals in the production of gas.

So Makar, Qatar heavily involved in the construction of the "Great Caliphate" and immediately rescued themselves from economic collapse.

Compounding the situation of Syria announcements

Syrian President Bashar Assad announced a general amnesty for participants in anti-government protests. January 15 Assad declared a general amnesty. In the decree of the president said the amnesty those who have committed their crimes on the background of the events that occurred during the period from 15 March 2011 to 15 January 2012. This is not the first amnesty — in November 2011, were released in 1180 participants unrest. I must say that at first the release of all those arrested, "the Syrian uprising" is one of the main demands of the opposition in pt.

This is not the wisest move, especially in a strategic sense. It is clear that a significant portion of the liberated people join the ranks of armed groups, or will support the opposition. Damascus is trying to buy time to delay the phase of complete destabilization. Bashar Assad has for the western tradesman is a "bloody" and the Syrian opposition will not lower the heat requirements — on the principle of "you give the finger — all will bite off your hand."

Open borders. Corresponding resource "Pravda.Ru" said a fascinating piece that says about the sad end of "the battle for Syria." Official Damascus, in principle, can not turn the tide in their favor, since the concept of "border" (in our awareness) in Syria does not exist. All borders are open to people of Arab States, even such "mass" as Qatar and Saudi Arabia. Restrictive measures were implemented solely with respect to Turkey. And that's when it became clear that Turkey has become a base for the Syrian Liberation Army units. The country has not only protected the borders, and the real control over the movement of people. For example, in Damascus do not know the number who had fled during the during the Iraq War from the territory of Iraq to Syria people — their number is estimated from about 500 thousand to one million.

Practically country to this day — "a public thoroughfare" and enjoy these "missionaries" of Qatar and Saudi Arabia, the fighters that come from Turkey, Iraq and Jordan. If the recent Damascus will hold a series of urgent measures to limit the abilities of crossing the border, tighter controls over the movement of people inside the country, the wave of terrorist attacks, attacks on critical infrastructure are not suspended. Tools, weapons, militants freely enter the country. All promises to bring down Assad terrorists "iron fist" have no meaning without gaining control over its borders.

All this says that Syria will be further squeezed. A number of fighters are a tool of the act against Damascus, is constantly growing. Alawite community, the security forces are significant losses from their attacks. Confirms this conclusion and the information announced by the Syrian Supreme Mufti Sheikh Ahmed Badreddin Hassoun. Mufti said that the enemies of Syria were about to strike its economic infrastructure of the country, including the 10's power plants. It absolutely can destabilize the country.

The fact of increasing NATO naval force at the borders of Iran can be viewed not only from the standpoint of proximity blow to Tehran, and as a deterrent. Iran which will be prepared to repel the attack of NATO (and maybe Israel) will not help to Syrians.

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