Syrian army attacks the city Binnish

Syrian army storms the city BinnishSyrian Government troops stormed the town Binnish, located in the province of Idlib in northwest Syria, 30 kilometers from the Syrian-Turkish border. According to incoming disk imaging, can be heard on the streets Binnisha bombings and shooting, leaving the inhabitants of the city, report to "Lead. "

One of the commanders of the Syrian Free Army, which rebels keep the defense in Binnishe, warned: "If Government troops decided to enter city, it will be for them to hell. Nothing will be able to stop us. "

Four months back the Syrian government troops 've tried to take this city, but the rebels managed to hold their positions, reminiscent of ITAR-TASS.

Clashes government troops and opposition forces in Syria last for more than a year. During this time period, according to the UN, the country lost more than 8 thousand people.

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