Syrian army conducted exercises and missile tests

Syrian army conducted exercises and missile testsSyrian official sources said that not so long ago, the Syrian army conducted large-scale exercises. As part of the exercise were conducted missile launches. Maneuvers conducted in the districts of Tadmor (Palmyra).

The exercises, which were held on December 3, accepted the role of the Air Force, a unit of armored troops, artillery also. During the maneuvers carried out various missile launches. SANA said that the missile troops assigned tasks have been fulfilled.

Commentators believe that the maneuvers should show a willingness to Syrian armed forces for a possible invasion and highlight the confidence of Bashar al-Assad (Syrian President), the loyalty of the army. SANA emphasizes that during the military exercises were shown the highest morale.

Iraqi media in late November was vserasprostranena information that Syrian army relocated in the province of Ain Divari and Kamis missiles "Scud". These provinces are placed near the Iraqi and Turkish borders. It was also reported that the missiles are aimed at missile defense facilities NATO, placed on the ground in Turkey. This information was not confirmed by other sources.

Russian military sources December 1 officially said that Syria had supplied a complex coastal defense "Bastion", that are equipped with missile "Yakhont". Homing missiles of this type can hit targets at a distance of 300 km.

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