Syrian intelligence agencies are forbidden to kill more than 20 opposition members in a day

Syrian intelligence agencies are forbidden to kill more than 20 opposition figures a dayOpposition Syria, The rally against the government four weeks, posted a Web Abstract secret for security forces were taking part in the suppression of demonstrations.

In the document, namely, providing advice about the guards not to kill more than 20 demonstrators in day, because the excess of this amount may attract unwanted attention to the international community Syria.

In addition, in the abstract states that the security forces should lay down responsibility for the massive mess in Syria to other countries — first, on the "Zionist regime." Law enforcement officials recommend using the web creep into the credibility of the opposition, pretending to be their supporters, and gather important information about their upcoming plans, reports NEWSru Israel.

Document advises the police and the army did not interfere with "specially trained agents in civilian" who must infiltrate the mass for the sake of organizing provocations. From the summary that destroy the minions of protesters have snipers, while doing this they should carefully disguised.

As pointed out by the creators of annotations in the district, which are anti-government demonstrations, should immediately turn off the phone, mobile phone and electricity, and close access to the Web. After that, it is recommended to start in the arrest or elimination of the favorites of the opposition. In the United States claim that can not yet definitely answer is whether abstract genuine.

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