Syrian march of Russian Navy

In the Mediterranean, starting unparalleled naval maneuvers. Why exactly is it?

The fact that at the end of the present month of Russian sailors want to spend in the Mediterranean and Black Seas teaching unprecedented scale, the Ministry of Defence has said on January 2. But on Friday, January 11, a new statement of the military establishment, which allows you to imagine that our home can be drawn into a very scary venture in the Middle East.
On this day, before learning the battle landscape looks like that. In the eastern Mediterranean, in other words, to the shores of civilian war shrouded in Syria, the three companies fit our warships and auxiliary vessels. From the Baltic Fleet — watchdog ship "Yaroslav the Wise", a huge amphibious assault ship "Alexander Shabalin", "Kaliningrad" and tanker "Lena". From the Arctic — large anti- ship "Severomorsk", rescue tug "Altai" and tanker "Dubna".

Syrian march of the Russian Navy

At the site of future events, in other words in the Syrian port of Tartus, has anchored the Black Sea Fleet. In other words, the missile cruiser "Moskva", the watchdog ship "Sharp-witted," large sea tanker "Ivan Bubnov" and three large amphibious ships of Black Sea Fleet — "Novocherkassk", "Azov" and "Nicholas Phylchenkov." On board — Marines and units of the 108th Airborne Assault Regiment of the Kuban Cossack from the Novorossiysk Air Assault (Mountain) Division. They are about to join a large landing ship "Saratov", which is rushing to and from Sevastopol on January 10 has passed the Bosphorus and the Dardanelles.
Apparently, plans to introduce this whole armada at the General Staff is constantly changing. At least, not so long ago the generals have stated that subscribe to the teachings and the Pacific Fleet. In practice, this could mean only one thing: the large anti- ship "Marshal Shaposhnikov" tanker "Irkut" and salvage tug "Alatau" first winter left Vladivostok in the Strait of Aden to fight Somali pirates are going to change the route through the Suez Canal and to recover the same again to the shores of Syria.
But in terms of the exercise, released on Friday, the Pacific Fleet seats were not there. And they apparently can still focus on the fight against piracy blacks. And how about the action unfold around Syria, a source at the General Staff told so. The main episode of the maneuvers will be landing troops on the coast with 4 huge amphibious ships — "Kaliningrad", "Alexander Shabalin", "Novocherkassk and" Saratov ". Fire support cast of "black berets" and paratroopers will produce artillery cruiser "Moskva", "Yaroslav the Wise", "Severomorsk" and "sharpness".
In addition, "the ships will work artillery fire on coastal and sea targets. Will be carried out air defense detachment from low-flying air targets and missiles, "- said the source genshtabovskie. In short, to all appearances, the rumble will be many.
But the main question — what is all this? Work out the unloading of troops and military equipment on unequipped coast as convincing in our General Staff? It's easy and harmless could be done anywhere on the ranges near Novorossiysk or Feodosia.
Show that Russian Naval fleet now able to do any tasks at least some point in the oceans? And the Defense Ministry and the Kremlin are well aware that this is not the case.
Russian Navy now really slowly vorachivaetsya in areas where there is usually manned by Russian 5th and 8th operational squadron — the Mediterranean Sea and the Indian Ocean. But our presence there as long as is episodic nature and do not go to any comparison with what we could afford for themselves during the Soviet era, when equally opposed to those areas of the U.S. Navy.
Well, in the presence of the teachings rescue tugs on all of our fleets clearly shows that the fear for the condition of the ships at Russian admirals all still there. Despite the bold plans about the Syrian coast. Without them, without lifeguards, Moscow for many years in general does not risk straighten ships in distant campaigns.
Why then all this promised gunfire from Syria? Show that Moscow as before plays a major role in the Middle East, and without her consent there is not no fly proparhaet? But the union us the Assad regime in Damascus, it seems, still moribund and loses all control over more and more new areas. And no diplomatic demarches of the Russian Federation and the military can not change this reality.
Then — the evacuation of our people from hell civilian war? It is more that the Foreign Ministry of the Russian Federation has long been argued that there is indeed such plans and the Navy of their devoted a lot of space.
But if our ships specifically for this approach to Tartous — what to fill them in advance tweendeck tyschami paratroopers, ammunition and military equipment? Places in the holds and cabins can already not enough for thousands of refugees, who probably will swing on the deck. Including presenting to rescue Russian passports.
Why work for someone else's artillery fire landed on the shore and landing him? Cover the landing on Russian ships Syrian refugees? It looks downright apocalyptic.
But all along — if it does not mean being drawn into another war — what does it mean in general? I do not think that the war for Assad — the greatest dream of the Kremlin now.
I think the only reasonable explanation is this whole venture Mediterranean: from the standpoint of the Kremlin to come up with the best possible proof that our native land rises from his knees than racy television images with these maneuvers? And if the Supreme Commander Vladimir Putin with binoculars on the deck thunderous artillery fire "Moscow" — is not an adequate response to all the "swamp" ill-wishers? But how to it, to the "Moscow" fit to fly?
But even if without Putin — still proud of who should probably knows. And maybe that rating still vzmetnetsya up? Exceptionally billion in what it would cost the country? They that know what to do more?

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