Syrian opposition attacks threaten the Russian Federation

Syrian opposition attacks threaten RussiaSyrian opposition groups threatened attacks on diplomatic consulates of, reports Radio "Vesti FM". As the deputy. Chief of the opposition Free Army Syria, attacks on diplomatic consulates will be held if Moscow will not abandon support for the regime of Syrian President Assad, the agency EFE.

At the same time, in the west Syria are violent clashes between government forces and the opposition. The victims of artillery and tank shelling in Homs were 260 people. This was said by the opposition of the State Council of Syria. The opposition claims that the forces supporting President Assad opened fire from machine guns and tanks languid living area Zhaldiya — eventually killed about 150 man. Also, they claimed during the siege of hospitals, which is also available in the area, killing another 50 man and 100 wounded. Activists say tanks and artillery shelling and other residential area the town of Homs — Kusur. The city of Homs is a bastion of free soldier army of Syria, who deserted from the ranks of armed forces loyal to President Assad.

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