Syrian opposition shooting demonstrations, schools and vegetable markets

Syrian "opposition" shooting demonstrations, schools and vegetable marketsAt the time, NATO prevailed upon the UN and began to "install a no-fly zone" in Libya on the grounds that the Tipo favorite Jamahiriya Muammar al-Gaddafi demonstration in Benghazi shot. How many were screaming on that, he says, as it is undemocratic that the "dictator" is killing people and it must be stopped. Later the same "world community" (more accurately, those who took it upon themselves to read on her behalf) have begun to howl the same about Syria and its president Bashar al-Assad. But the so-called "rebels" in these countries in the eyes of western countries and their media heroes look and "fighters for democracy."

But, about the flimsy "shooting demonstrators" in Libya now is not remembered as an act of winning the rebels completely real, and they even felt the United States for themselves salting in Benghazi before he died. But about the shooting of "peaceful demonstrators" in Syria, no, well, remember, once again threatening the president of this country, and of all its people. And they do look as though they do not realize that the "peaceful demonstrators" in Syria since the start of the confrontation has already had his gun and put it to a turn, killing the soldier, police, destroying local government agencies.

But with all this Western "public" (more precisely, the usurpers of her voice) prefer to turn a blind eye to the shooting of a truly peaceful demonstrations. It is doing the same "democratic rebels" in the town of Aleppo. More than once had to write about it — in various streets and squares of the town residents go to the counter-terrorist slogans. They require the militants to leave those areas of the town, where those able to leak out. And every time these "rebels for democracy" meet fire by weight.

And on Nov. 23 and again showed itself as a case. It was in the Al-Marjah town of Aleppo. Gathered demonstration in which civilians are terrorists sought care from their district. "The fighters for democracy," said the bandits because they are responsible. The peaceful demonstration was shot. Killed a child. 10 more man, in the main, ladies and kids, were wounded. This demonstration to condemn the shooting of some — the Western media as clams, and their owners are going to give rasstrelschikam more money — so that more people are killed.

A few of days before the bandits in the same Aleppo fired mortars house in Ashfariya and trading house "Al-Ashfariya." It was a miracle no one was hurt, but caused severe material damage.

But sin is more serious. In the same quarter of Al-Marja, where she was shot demonstration, terrorist group organized a massacre. They were not pleased the family of the 1st citizen — Abdel-Rahman Zhleylyati. 9 man brutally murdered.

The next day the dead were buried surviving relatives and friends. But the "democrats" and then on "democrats" in order not to give the funeral to pass as a human. At the funeral procession was attacked. Gunmen opened fire on people and injured several people.

In the hitherto peaceful city Hasaka "rebels" are also trying to carry their pseudo "values." The bomb exploded near the building of the Central Bank. One woman was killed. Her mother was wounded. In the same town terrorists damaged the cable and left without a connection almost 2 thousand people. And in Hasaka province in the village of Al-Shaddad thriller, who wanted to undermine the peace people, suffered a just punishment — he was blown up by his own bomb. But, unfortunately, managed to inflict real damage to several homes.

And in the town of Deir ez-Zor bandits killed a member of the Union of Arab Writers Muhammad Rashid Ruveyli. Syrian intellectuals, artists, scientists, engineers constantly being targeted by militants who seek to kill recognizable people, not to betray the motherland. Here again added this martyrology …

Bloody orgy "rebels" lasts in the Syrian capital. Terrorist attacks and atrocities are happening every day.

November 19 gunmen fired four mortar shells at Mezze quarter. They damaged the building of clinics, which cured in premature babies, and the Arab Cultural Center. Apparently, premature babies — also now the "enemies of democracy."

November 20 insurgents fired mortars building housing edition of one of the central Syrian newspaper "Al-Baath." It's so "democratic" — to destroy unwanted edition! Enjoy, guardians of freedom of speech!

November 21 in a suburb of Damascus Dareye army inflicted quite a punch terrorists and released several 10-s ladies and kids who are "rebels" were used as human shields. But aspiring gangsters in impotent rage staged riots and destroyed a lot of shops. They did not spare even the mosque, in which staged a disgrace and ransacked it.

November 22 was again fired from mortars Mezze district. Wounded by an old lady, destroyed her apartment. More one shell hit the school, in the classroom, where the kids were taught peacefully, a hole.

On the same day committed two more attack. In the area of Barzov blown car at the bottom of which set an explosive device. Died owner car and damaged a lot of cars that stood nearby.

Militants in Tadamun coolly killed journalists, Syrian TV Bassel Tawfiq Yousef. After that, just as calmly said in the social networks that "another supporter of Assad liquidated" …

Is that November 23 was a day or no terrorist attacks in the capital — Adventure compensated for this shooting demonstration in Aleppo and spacing of "democracy" in Hasaka …
November 24 — again suffered the Yarmouk Palestinian refugee camp. As a result, a car bomb killed four people. Wounded one of the managing camps. It was another one an act of revenge for the fact that the majority of Palestinian refugees support the legitimate government of Syria, and not lust, that fraternal Syrian and Palestinian peoples vented between themselves and forced to kill each other.

On the same day in the Syrian town of Erich chaotic mob began shooting at the vegetable market, where a lot of people. One of the women killed. Injured her son.

Writers, journalists and protesters, refugees and civilians are just going to the market or to the mosque, facing the street, or just sitting at home — each and every one can become victims of brutal "fighters for democracy." Clinic, school, parking — all interfere with "the rebels," though what the object may be their target …

Only the valor and all, only solidarity of the people around the controls, only allegiance in the hearts of honest people — that can oppose this relentless "democratization."

This was read by Minister of Internal Affairs of Syria, Muhammad al-Shaar, speaking at the graduation ceremony of future police officers. Let me remind myself al-Shaar only miraculously survived after a terrible, dangerous terrorist attack in Damascus on July 18 when they were killed, many leaders of the army and police.

Syria is stronger than all the terrorists are opposed to it and the conspirators, — he said, — stronger than all those bandits, aids and longs to seize the wealth of the region. Fatherland certainly come out of the crisis and the winner will be even stronger than before. Only need to be worthy of the memory of the martyred heroes who gave their liv
es in the fight for their country.

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is perceived in the capital of the highest visitor from Iran — the head of parliament Ali Larijani. The President thanked Iran for its support of Syria and for his stand against aggression of the West in the region. At the meeting, except for the situation in Syria, and open a discussion question nedavneshney barbaric Israeli aggression against the Gaza Strip. Larijani stressed that Bashar al-Assad, like his father, a distinguished President Hafez Al-Assad, have always supported the Palestinians, while others were afraid to say a single word in support of this nation. In particular, and for such a position at this time enemies punish Syria, trying to strangle her with sanctions and assisting the rebels.

Syrian President praised the contribution of Iran to the cause of establishing a national dialogue between the Syrians (remember — not so long ago in Iran Conference was held public dialogue, in which participated representatives of the Syrian government and constructive opposition.) President Bashar al-Assad said that Syria is committed to the success of ongoing dialogue, and coupled with the fact would continue to fight against terrorism, which is aimed not only against her, and against the entire Middle East region.

And in one of the villages of the province of Homs city hall was decorated with tremendous Syrian municipal flag. The ceremony was the role of secretary of the local branch of the Arab Baath Socialist Party, public, religious leaders and people from the arts.
So let this flag will always soar over Syria, not broken nor terror, nor the dangers, nor the sanctions!

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