Syrian rebels killed Gen. Med. Services

Syrian rebels killed Gen. Med.  ServicesSyrian rebels killed Brigadier-General, reports RIA "Announcements".

Al-Hawley was shot by 3 gunmen on Saturday afternoon near his home in Damascus. Gen. was a doctor and was headed military hospital in the capital Syria.

According to RIA "Announcements" Issa Al-Hawley — the first high-ranking military who died during the conflict in Syria.

In the country for almost a year are held anti-government protests that grew into armed conflict. Every day reported dead in the middle of uniformed and in the midst of peaceful inhabitants. According to the UN, the victims of the conflict was over 5 thousand people. Authorities Syria argue that killed more than 2 million employees of law enforcement agencies and the military Syria, who are struggling with well-armed and well-trained fighters.

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