Syrian rebels posted a video of another victory: two fighters shot down

Syrian rebels posted a video of another victory: two fighters shot downSyrian rebels say that on Tuesday, 4 September, the Free Syrian Army fighters were shot down two MiG government forces, reports inter-Arab TV channel Al Arabiya.

As specified by the insurgents, the aircraft were shot down in the terminal area, "Abu al-Duhur" in the province Idlib, where last Thursday, according to their reports, the plane was shot down as government Syrian Air Force, writes "Interfax".

In the proof of his own words insurgents "Syrian martyrs brigade" posted another video showing their new "merit." The video depicted the pieces of aircraft, as the body of the 1st of the pilots, whose head by the hair lift the gunmen, apparently in confirmation that the man was dead.

Meanwhile, rebel media report a new victories militants. So, according to The Sham Network, the fighters of the Free Syrian Army was brought under control military airfield Hamdan Abu Kamal in the eastern province of Deir al-Zour, an attack which lasted a few days.

This past Thursday, August 30, the Syrian rebels have also said that the province Idlib shot down fighter Syrian Air Force. The video, vserasprostranennoy militants and aired Al Arabiya, can be seen as the plane quickly falls and crashes into the ground. The pilot managed to eject — it landed safely by parachute.

In addition, last week, representatives of the Military Council of the SSA accountable for winding up a 5 helicopter gunships government troops at the airport in Taftanaze also claimed that as a result of an attack on another military airfield — Abu Zuhur, located in the center of the administrative districts Idlib 320 km from Damascus, they knocked out 10 fighters MiG and several armored vehicles.

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