Syrian stories necessarily develop along the Libyan scenario (The Guardian, England)

Syrian stories necessarily develop along the Libyan scenario ("The Guardian", UK)Dialogue with the Arab League, Bashar al-Assad was rejected by the Syrian opposition — but still, it gives some hope.
Announcements of Syria becoming anxious. Two suicide car bombs that rocked Damascus on Friday, became a sign of the strategy of the carnage, which up to this point has not been in rebellion against the government.

Being almost certainly the work of those who sympathized with "Al-Qaeda", the attacks may be related to the explosions that rocked day or earlier in Baghdad, and to those, and others, have become two Shiite regime that extremists among the Sunnis willing to shake or topple.

In December, have already experienced the highest monthly death toll as a result of the struggle for power in Syria, with most of the victims — those who died at the hands of government security forces. Evidence of torture and executions of hostages shown on the English Channel Four, believed to have been taken with a mobile phone. This video government soldiers in the form of nauseating show pride. In the north-western district of Idlib near the Turkish border clashes have become more frequent, and in the town of Homs, a stronghold of Sunni demonstrators design, murders occur virtually every day. In addition to physical violence, there is a deterioration of the economic situation — to the extent of how international sanctions affect the situation in the country, and hundreds of thousands of Syrians threatened winter in the criteria diminished supply of fuel for heating and food manufacturers.

But amid all the horror came the first signs of good-quality news. The Syrian government has committed to the country of observers from the Arab League. Their placement is held as part of the agreement, which provides the best, and perhaps last, chance of a political settlement of the situation in order not to slide into a full-scale civilian war.

The transaction requests from the government to release the detainees and withdraw security forces from among the cities where protests were held. The agreement also asks the harsh dialogue with the opposition. Representatives of opposition to Assad forces outside Syria attacked by this agreement, calling it komplotom the regime of Bashar al-Assad, invented in order to gain time. They are also concerned, and to some extent rightly, that the deployment of observers can mark a shift in the previous "hawkish" position of the Arab League. Putting aside the subsequent sanctions and resisting Western pressure towards rendering the Syrian issue in the UN Security Council, the Arab League, maybe, eventually assuming the role of a mediator.

The Syrian opposition is connected voedinyzhdy

Instead of welcoming the purpose of PAH, Snow White House issued its toughest statement today on the Syrian issue. He said that "every indicator shows that the situation is not in favor of Assad," and that "it mode necessarily complete, the only question is when. " Syrian the State Council, an umbrella body of various operating in Syrian exile groups which conducted its own first congress in Tunisia a week back, apparently, can be recognized as the sole body representing the interests of the Syrian people. Following the Libyan scenario, he calls to the international intervention, and the declaration of "humanitarian corridors", which can be protected by a no-fly zone — all in the preceding full NATO support for their struggle.

Council does not like the Arab League call for dialogue, because it does not give the opposition a regular victory. Assure the Syrian government has not been easy to accept. And here we must pay tribute to working tirelessly minister of foreign affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Lavrov. While his bosses Putin and Medvedev are occupied by local unrest at home by the recent Duma elections, culminating in street protests and uncertainty about the upcoming presidential election, Lavrov is working hard in order to prevent civilian clothes war in Syria. Within painstakingly obmyslennogo RF signal, it has permitted to abstain (not to speak against) the vote on the UN General Assembly at the request of a critique of the "disproportionate introduction of force" the Syrian regime. The move is aimed at ensuring that Assad show that our homeland will take a tougher stance if he is not a bona fide offer dialogue with the opposition instead of the half-measures that he proposed so far.

Russian base in Syria irritates the U.S.

In a sense, lucky Assad. Opposition multifaceted and broken. It is composed of prominent and widely known figures with secular and moderate gaze that wish to protect the Syrian complex multicultural society from taking either the Sunni extremist Salafist forces. Stand people like Michel Kilo. He has recently spent three years in the slammer for the calls for reform, but after the start of the uprising continues in public previse of religious sectarianism and armed rebellion.

The best step for Assad would start dialogue with Kilo and other representatives of the domestic opposition, as with the "local coordination committees" that reject violence. As a sign of structural change for a large number of Syrians who do not support any regime or the rebels, the opposition would have cost to provide access to the municipal television for public debate on how to find the option of peaceful transition to a pluralist democracy. Assad should immediately cancel the eighth article of the Constitution, which gives his party "Baas", "leading role in society and the state," the latest project to publish the Constitution, which are independent consultants will prepare and provide the freedom to operate the various political parties

Will Assad to show determination in moving towards a real reform instead of confusion and denial, which hitherto characterized its response to the protests, is not yet clear. He is right when he says that government authorized to use force against armed rebels, but wrong when he portrays all the opposition of his own regime as "terrorists."

It is also unclear whether the change will manage its own course USA, Turkey and other countries that have urged Assad to step down. Arab League plan assumes liability for the opposition. Replaced in order to take the side of the Syrian representatives in exile, the West should support the call for dialogue before it becomes too late.

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