Tale (ka) of the lytsar ax and noose

Proponents of "rehabilitation" of the UPA warriors often nod to Russia, where proposals for forgiveness Vlasovtsev not cause so much "blood" to discussions. But forgets that the Vlasov army waged war with constant parts, and Bandera same and different waged war in the main with the peaceful population.

Elimination of the aggressive parts

If they waged war with the permanent parts of the CA, no one would not raise the subject, we would have agreed with Yushchenko: Yes, each going his own way to independence. That's the whole argument.

But, tell me, to treat this scum, which under the guise of the warring parties had terrorized its people?

Specifically, "the sly." Especially in light of the goals of Shukhevych on the third (February 1943) Conference of the OUN: "Use the front-line to the mass chaos elimination of corrosive elements."

The Conference endorsed the proposal managers OUN (Bandera) to combat the dominance of "strangers on Ukrainian ethnographic territory" and marked the beginning of mass "of cleaning element which would be a danger to podsovetskoy reality. "

In 1947, at the direction of "chuprinki" most of the incriminating documents 3rd Conference and third Lofty fees have been destroyed. But here documents "arising from the" still were available. For example, the order Shukeyvich "to hasten the elimination of the Poles, the roots cut, burn cleanly Polish village, the village mixed — only the Polish population to destroy … For the murder of the 1st Ukrainian … Germans shot 100 Poles. " Do not these "manly" ways to deal with the Germans sang Viktor Yushchenko?

"To the Jews treated the same as the Poles and Gypsies: destroy inhumane no one regret — we read in the same order. — Preserving the doctors, pharmacists, chemists, nurses, keeping them under the protection … Jews unnecessary use for digging bunkers and fortifications, after work without publicity eliminate … ".

Tale (ka) of the "lytsar" ax and noose

Bandera lead to the execution of a group of Jews. Stanislavschina (German Chronicle)

To translate to the conference to destruction began immediately.

Already 9 February 1943 Bandera under the guise of partisan Reds (this is the issue of "dressing up parts of the NKVD in Bandera") entered into the Polish village Parosle. Farmers, who are already friends with the guerrillas, hospitably met guests. Ad libitum "nahlebosolivshis" bandits began to rape and then kill the women and men. Before the murder he cut his chest, noses and ears. Later began to torture the other inhabitants of the village. Peasants before death cut off the genitals, noses, tongues and ears. Finished off the blows of the ax to the head.

Two children, brothers Gorshkevicham who tried to call for help real partisans, cut bellies, legs and arms cut off, and the wound was filled with salt, leaving a half-dead breathe in the field. Total in the village were tortured 173 people, including 43 baby.

In one house, in the middle of the scraps and bottles of moonshine, which were included for the following day in the village found the true partisans year-old kid, pinned to the table with a bayonet. In the mouth it OUN merry fellows pushed eaten sour cucumber.

Also in the two-county Kalusove Vladimir Joseph Fil broke the legs and parts of bodies laid on the table.

Generally the innocent Polish children entertained Bandera extraordinary tenderness.

Tale (ka) of the "lytsar" ax and noose

In the village, Ternopil Lozovaja Bandera "decorated" the trunk of each tree in front of the corpse of the murdered this kid

Roads to the independence of Ukraine

In the village, Ternopil Lozovaja they "decorated" the trunk of each tree in front of the corpse of the murdered this kid. According to British researcher Corman, the kids were nailed to trees such makarom to create the appearance of "wreath". This alley Bandera dubbed as "the road to the independence of Ukraine."

A main street in dry vine July 13 Bandera "Formalized" once "the path to independence", pinned 50 kids on a fence.

During the attack on Terebeyki in August 1943 adult Poles cut saws, like firewood, kids immediately killed with axes or drowned in the well. Similarly, in the summer of 1944 sq.m. "Igor" "sawed" 140 Roma, including 67 children.

The village Osmigovichi July 43rd malehankih kids Bandera cast into the pit, and shut down a large basement and flooded it. One soldier, holding the baby by the legs and banged his head against the wall. And that kid's mom did not stop having fun, it broke through with a bayonet. But in general, my mother is not particularly irritated Banderovites, because, usually, died of a heart attack, seeing the anguished death of their own children.

In this case, we give only examples of sophisticated techniques, generates an unhealthy imagination "lytsar", but not the number of cases of consumption. To spare the healthy mind readers, we present only the naked statistics "zvityag" only the 1st day or the UPA. March 30, 1943 the UPA such stormed the village and destroyed in them, Kuta — 138 people, including 63 child; Jankowice — 79 people, including 18 kids; Ostruvka — 439 people, including 141 child; Ostrovetskaya Will — 529 people, including 220 babies; Chmykov — 240 people, including 50 children.

Knowing about the sadistic Shukhevich upovtsy a day anniversary of the UPA decided to present his own "general" an extraordinary gift — 5 goals, cut off from the Poles. He was pleasantly surprised by both the gift and the ingenuity of his own subordinates.

Tale (ka) of the "lytsar" ax and noose

In the picture Shukhevich (third from left), the German unit — 201-m shutsmanshaft battalion in Belarus in 1942

A similar "zeal" embarrassed even seasoned Germans. Commissioner General of Volhynia and Podolia Obergruppenfiihrer Chesnais requested "Metropolitan" Polycarp Sikorsky appease his "flock" May 28, 1943: "National gangsters show their work
as well in attacks on unarmed Poles. According to our calculations, this tormented day 15 thousand Poles! Colonies Janov Plain does not exist. "

In "Chronicle SS Infantry Division" Galicia ", which led her Branch council, a post record: "20/03/44 was: in Volyn, which may already be in Galicia, Ukrainian rebel, who boasts that its own shower Motuzko strangled 300 Poles. He is considered a hero. "

Poles from afar 10s volumes of just such evidence of genocide, none of which Bandera nor denied. Same stories about similar acts of the Home Army typed less than the total book. Well, they still should be supported by substantial corroboration.

It is not paid attention to the Poles and examples of charity on the part of the Ukrainians. For example, in Virke Kostopil Dzekanskaya Francis County, carrying her 5-year-old little daughter Jadzia, was fatally wounded by a bullet Bandera. The same bullet grazed the leg of a baby. In the past 10 days when the child was murdered mother, eating grains of spikelets. Rescued girlfriend Ukrainian teacher.

With all this, he probably knew what he risked a similar attitude towards "outsiders". After all, in the same county Bandera muzzled two Ukrainian kids just because they were raised in a Polish family, and 3-year Stasik Pavlyuk smashed his head against the wall, holding his legs.

They have eclipsed even the SS

Obviously, the terrible vengeance waited and Ukrainians who were treated without hostility to Russian liberators. District conductor Ivan Revenyuk OUN ("Proud") recalled how "the night of the village Hmyzovo brought to the forest village lady 17-years, or even less. Her fault was that she shared with other rural girls walked to the dance, when the village was a military unit of the Red Army. Kubik (UPA neighborhood of army brigade commander "Tours") saw a lady and asked Varnakov (conductor Kovel neighborhood) permit personally interview her. He saw to it that she confessed that "walked" with the soldiers. The woman swore that it was not. "I'm at the moment is check" — smiled Cube, concentrating knife pine stick. A moment later, he jumped to a captive and a sharp point began to stick it between your legs until they had driven a stake through the pine penis girls. "

One night, gunmen burst into the Ukrainian village Lozovoye and a half hours destroyed more than 100 of its inhabitants. The family Dyagun banderovets hacked three children. To the smallest four-Vladik, cut off the hands and feet. The family Makukh killer caught two children — 3-year and ten-Ivasik Joseph. Ten-month child, litsezrev man rejoiced with laughter and held out her hands, showing their four cloves. But the fierce bandit slashed with a knife head kid, and his little brother Ivasik ax chopped down.

From the village Volkovyya one night Bandera led into the forest the whole family. Long-sneered the evil fruit people. Then litsezrev that the wife of the head of household is pregnant, cut her belly, pulled him out of the fruit, but instead he pushed a live bunny.

"They have eclipsed their atrocities even sadistic German SS men. They tortured our people, our farmers … Do we not know that they cut malehankih kids hitting the stone wall of their heads so that the brains of their crashes. Terrible massacres — that these acts of crazed wolves "- cried Yaroslav Galan. With a similar anger denounced the atrocities of Bandera and the OUN Miller and UPA Bulba-Borovets, and the government of the West Ukrainian People's Republic in exile, and the Alliance Getmantsev-statists, who settled in Canada. March 26, 1993 in the newspaper "Kyiv messenger" of Rivne City Council deputy Shkuratyuk wrote: "I am proud of the fact that in the middle of 1500 in punitive Babi Yar were 1,200 policemen of the OUN and only 300 Germans."

Tale (ka) of the "lytsar" ax and noose

Reichsführer SS Heinrich Himmler on review SS Division "Galicia"

They were taught by the Gestapo

Still there is one more important reason Bandera killed Ukrainians. The main way to replenish combat units of the OUN was a forceful mobilization. For refusing to join the UPA killed not only recruit, and members of his family. Those who are forced to enrolling in the UPA, "tie" with blood. To do this, he was ordered to destroy the Jews, Poles or "guilty" Ukrainian.

And it did not get a guarantee "immunity." The dedication of the OUN (B) it was necessary to justify every day. To control the "fighting spirit" in the UPA were introduced military field gendarmerie (IWF), the internal security service (SB) and politvospitateli. One of the most influential Bandera General Smovsky read: "In the UPA-Bandera squads were not only the party observers" political commissars ", and authorized security personnel. Esbisty was law and the tribunal in the UPA-Bandera. Security was organized by the Hitler reference. Almost all the teams SB — are former students of Hitler's police school in Zakopane with the 1939-1940. Taught them to the Gestapo. "

"Purge unreliable" began in the embryo, the UPA and lasted right up to the 45th. Shukeyvich a leading role in the outbreak of the bloody purification in the ranks of the UPA commander confirms Zhytomyr troop neighborhood UPA Fedor Vorobets (Vereshchaka): "When I was in November 1945, was in the village chuprinki Romanov, he added me such instructions to continue the strongest cleaning and organization, not only only on the politically "unreliable" and agents of the NKVD-KGB,, and from the ballast and persons not nationalistic … "

This is also evidenced by the reports of the Security Council, "Progress", approved Shukhevych. That's the standard itself "report".

Bodyguard troop commander neighborhood "Zagrava" Ivan Litvinchuk (Oak) Leo after his arrest revealed that at the end of 1945 on suspicion of having links with the KGB esbisty eliminated more than 20 ounovtsev environment of the coming of his "client", including politvospitatelya (!) Personal protection (!) and a dozen officers of various ranks. They were tortured until they signed confessions that they were agents of the NKVD and the NKVD. Do not these agents of the NKVD, together with teachers, doctors and other young spices to send an rassredotachivaniyu to Volhynia and Galicia, fought our "heroes"?

Only one assistant district SB OUN Mykola Gavriliouk (Fedos) strangled 100 "unreliable" members of the OUN on terrain Kovel neighborhood.

Hands UPA embodied programm Heinrich Himmler to destroy the Slavs

Tale (ka) of the "lytsar" ax and noose

What's all the same for the "ballast", the first to fall into this category come from the eastern regions of Ukraine and Caucasians. Information for those who have heard plenty of tales about the "internationalist
disposition UPA", also favorites of the Crimean Tatar Mejlis, the voting for the recognition of Bandera's heroes: Mongolian army, the soldiers who had deserted on Shukeyvich cry of the German service was disarmed them here, is focused in the Dark Forest Digging caches and then polls shall be cut with axes and swords.

Another task was to identify the SB and the oppression of spontaneous performances UPA units against the German invaders. "Particular attention — mentioned in the directive, the Security Council from 10.27.1943 — must be sent to the autocratic presentations by members of the UPA against the Germans, using punitive methods, right before the shooting."

So Makar, we can rightly say that the hands of UPA embodied programm Heinrich Himmler on the destruction of the Slavs "racially applicable part Germanise and other similar or killed, or turned into slaves, who know how to count to 50, write your name and submit to the Germans." In general, this program there Shukhevich Tyagnibok, Chubarov and more than a high-dolls slavyanofobskih regimes not supposed to know.

Let's see now with new eyes at the point from which we started — the consecration of the Kiev Patriarchate sign of "reconciliation UPA and the SA." Do not symbolic that the idea of reconciliation with the outcast of the people took to embody the outcast, the church? Naturally, its subsequent step will be to reconcile with the devil.

"Do not be unequally yoked with the wrong for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? And what communion hath light with darkness? " — Reads the lips of the apostle's own true church.

Well, darkness itself, then, as we know from the movies about werewolves, the light is not very fan of: less than a week after the "reconciliation" Lutskie heirs "geroїv vizvolnih zmagan" were massively cross in a "more principled" (but more because the world rejected by Orthodoxy ) UAOC.

It would be interesting to see how that's such a rush from one sect to another would react defenders of orthodoxy — Cossacks? After all, particularly to their "professional holiday" Protection of the Blessed Virgin Mary have drawn for the Uniate-avtofekalnye ears "Day of the UPA." Give them all, O Lord, to live to repent!

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