Tale of a goat on a bear walking with war

Tale of a goat on the bear went to warEpilogue: In the publication thereof CREATION spurred little article "Let's remember and think about it"

An old bear died. The remaining owner of the bear in the forest was still small, and because many of the animals experienced freemen. Boar, goat and splash around in the river sprat in full voice wash up bones of the deceased, not the heir zapamyatyvaya. From the adjacent forest squinted thoughtfully striped tiger — unlike the others, he remembered an old well with a pack of wolves zavarushku to what he lucky to be a bear on one side and look clumsy in the case. And he realized that not just present the wolf tries not to spoil the bear case. On the other hand, the bear still too small, and the forest he is great, oh, great.

Because goat, boar and sprats it just in case amicably promised his protection in exchange for a bear baiting — let them sits in the den and does not protrude. Those realized this on their own, have become arrogant to the end and raised in the forest itself squeal of crushed and eaten by a bear and fellow tainted raspberries, which laid the ears from time to time, even a tiger. Plus do not particularly successful romp with a mountain bear jackal in which he barely defeated, and then on points, added a ranters courage. And if boar, because of the natural laziness, squealing only for the company, and sprats gurgled among themselves, and out of the water them especially was not heard, the goat, because of the nature of the hot, excitedly shook the horns and publicly threatened to bear butt.

The storm broke suddenly — if previously goat was just wandering around the den and hostile bleated on that teddy-bear only dissatisfied grumbling, now he has decided to bring order to the lives of about a chipmunk den, which Calluses have long his eyes. Kind of like a chipmunk on an old memory was friends with a bear cub, but that has long been to be seen, much less that tiger laudatory wink of an adjacent forest …

But now, things did not go according to plan — for all of a sudden popped out of its den paw and moved goat so that he bleating loudly, through the proparhal forest. Later came out of their dens bear, in this period of time vymahala virtually dad, and went to find where the departed goat. And, judging by the expression of faces, it is not in order to apologize.

All sharply poplohelo: goat darted through the forest with twisted horns in a pigtail and to ensure that forestry company bailed out by his brutal bear. Woken boar anxiously squealing, not so much out of solidarity, but on a good feeling that followed the turn he can be. Sprats were swept up because of what actually seething river — an old bear loved to fish, and if the young went to dad …

Tiger, which were addressed in the main goat complaint was sitting in philosophical meditations on the one hand, though, and a goat, but an ally, on the other, the bear claws and teeth longish hoo, though less than the father. Won wolf, bear claws after completely taken an oath to covet another's clearing, although the case seemed to be winning, and at first could bear dens azhno to drive.

Wolf himself, though not demonstrated mind, but still grinning to himself. He, unlike others, works with the bear kept, though not friendly, but rovnenkie in someone else's garden and did not climb to get Intermedia ears did not venture.

Not yet ventured ogresti Cockerel — by virtue of the fact that he could not nibble on a lot because of the size. Because at the moment he was hovering over the troubled forest and tried to reconcile all in a row. However, coming out is not fundamentally — goat was very frightened, and all strange to bear so that it drove the goat that is focused on cock from above.

Behind them at a respectful distance running boar and squealing with excitement — he has long hinted that the young bear can ask for reversing that oak grove on the shore, which he borrowed an old gave him just as acorns are not eaten. But in the same grove was a favorite fishing spot a bear, with which the boar cub survived purely out of spite. Now he could think of a grove of old sins and away completely. And judging from the situation with a goat on a tiger hope was not enough.

Smoked just panicked: on the one hand, in the river they were the majority, on the other hand, the river divided the two forests, and in which case the whole dvizhuha was over their heads, regardless of their wishes. In this case, even the most irresponsible sprats understood that for at least some of the coastal dweller they just a light snack, and who will listen to the views of snacks.

Those time raccoon, goat, too, which has spoiled a lot of blood, out of solidarity with the chipmunk, and of taking advantage of, to be honest, comfortable moment, famously jammed goat label on the drive to his lair trail. On the one hand, this is justified by the bestial behavior of the goat, the other — even a hedgehog, it was clear that the goat is at the moment very very well, not before. Especially since he, too, was friends with a young bear, and he approved of his taciturn demeanor, which greatly added a raccoon courage: Tiger — he far away, and the bear — next door, and if anything, it just as it is now, to lend a paw.

In the bushes quietly happy bunny — despite the distracting yelps of other animals and offer a tiger on the threshold of a bear shit, he continued to keep neutrality, and, as shown by an example of a goat, not in vain. Now he could calmly kept on chewing grass-showdown with the prospect of an angry bear, unlike any of goats and hogs, he does not shine. And it was hell, great.

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