Tell me what you listen to, and Ill tell you who you are

In the last couple of years of indescribable variety of popular works about the management and the reality subconscious, that can do everything. Many of my friends buy these books and absorb them into sets and their lives, in fact, changed to the best. There are other friends, they also read and heed about personal development, attend various seminars, but their life is not changed. Answers to the question "Why is this happening?" Very many. But one of the reasons the audio content of their day or.

Tell me what you listen to, and I'll tell you who you are

For example, you go to work, and in the minibus included "Radio Chanson" (gently me "dear"), and then killing the text under the accompaniment of a miracle:
Ball, and I is the same as you.
Ball, I, like you, has been on the circuit.
Ball, Ruban state-owned grub.
Everything is as you all like you.

And now, subconscious, like a sponge, absorbing information about the circuit and grubs and begins to "destructive" activities.

You come to work and plan to do now what-something indescribable and show up for yourself first, then you stand in fact, but in the department turns plaintive song with the words:
Take me to marry, I will cook pancakes.

And further transfer of any items that are ready to do this singer if her marriage will take. What kind of ambition here.

Well, well, there are things that we can not influence. Marshrutchiki do not say, 'Boy, you turn off this ball. " Well they are, rather, the passenger will be planted than the "Chanson" switch off. But that still hearken to my friends house? The same radio (Autoradio, Chanson same again, Traffic radio, etc.). In the end, some unknown DJ's have an indescribable impact on subconscious own students and, in fact, form their current settings.

It would seem much easier to go to the website, type in the search engine "to download music free" and type of music that is really suitable for you, make a play list, reset it to a player and a delight in a day. And before you know it, and read books on personal development posodeystvuyut. But no, my friends continue to delight listen music that build and live does not help.

Do not be like them, manage their own play-list and the subconscious.


Sharap Knizhkin

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