Tests of the armored car Bear

Test to undermine completed trials of a new armored car "Bear", "Interfax" the spokesperson of the military-industrial company Sergei Suvorov. "State tests armored car" Bear "is almost complete, it remains one test to undermine, to be held in the near future", — said S. Suvorov.
 According to him, after the signing of the completion of the state tests armored car will take to supply the Internal Troops of the Interior Ministry.

"The signing of the act will begin to manufacture and supply the initial batch of armored cars" Bear "for military trials," — said Mr. Suvorov.

It is expected that the first experimental batch of armored cars will go to the troops in 2014.

Earlier it was reported that the armored car "Bear" developed by order of the Ministry of the Interior. Every year is planned to produce at least 300 of these armored cars.

The machine has the highest, sixth grade protection. The crew of the armored car is protected from firearms and destructive factors of explosives, poisons, and special agents. In volume the crew compartment of the machine can accommodate seven fully-equipped fighters, not including the driver and the vehicle commander. Wide-hinged doors at the rear provide a convenient landing and quick dismounting personnel transported under cover of the machine.

On the armored car used differential protection. The body and vehicle armor windows "hold" hit the 7.62-mm armor-piercing bullets B-32 fired from a distance of 100 m from the SVD, and the erosion under the wheel of an explosive device equivalent to 7 kg of TNT. In this case, all the members of the crew inside the vehicle will not receive any serious injuries or wounds.

Gross vehicle weight — 12.8 tons, load capacity — 1200 kg, wheel formula — 4×4, clearance — 450 mm; crew — 2 people.; Troopers — 7 persons., Max. speed: the highway — 110 km / h on the road — 30-45 km / h on the highway cruising range — 1000 km.

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