The ban concerts completely organic for the current government


Sergei Budkin

Lavon Wolski

Vitaly Tsigankov

"As soon as the event occurred on December 19, I immediately said that they would be banned concerts»

Tsigankov: What does the cancellation of concerts, the emergence of black lists? We can say that this kind of "new cultural politics" of the power that she has chosen this attitude (to oppress and do not let go) to the alternative culture?

Volsky: In the current coordinate system of this power is unreal, were not allowed to concerts and on the radio sounded to our songs. As soon as the event occurred on December 19, it all became clear, and I immediately said that the concerts will be banned. This quite naturally to the current government. They want to unroll the tape back to the middle 2000s. But, in my opinion, it will not work, because the air in a different country, the other brains in humans.

TsigankovYou said that such actions are completely organic to that power. But the same power, the same people until 19 December behave a little differently — for example, inviting musicians to itself, which states that no restrictions will be gone. This is the famous trek to Proleskovsky …

Volsky: Then, after that meeting, I told everyone that no one of anything is not guaranteed. After all, it all depends on how the rate change. It's like in the Soviet Union — the power of one, but it may be different company. Now comes the turn of the screw, and earlier was "liberalization". We actually live in the Soviet model — that they thaw, then freeze again.

TsigankovSergey, can you talk about some sound policies, strategies of power in regard to young people, the Belarusian rock? Or is it just a reflex reaction — say, if it was the 19th, then we will all schemit indiscriminately?

"Look for a logical explanation for illogical actions — a thankless task."

Budkin: Wildly and silly to argue about black lists, as now in 2011, not of 1984. And look for a logical explanation for illogical actions — a thankless task. Rather, it is a natural bureaucratic stupidity. After all, the people who make these decisions do not live in one of Belarus, where they live musicians.

On the other hand, we can even assume that some kind of a well-planned campaign to distract attention from more important issues. After news of the ban on rock concerts have become more popular over the political developments.

"If they counted the pros and cons, there would be no events of December 19"

Tsigankov: Lavon, or miscalculate the power of the consequences of his step? Maybe authorities believe that the supporters of these groups — not the group to which you should pay attention to?

Volsky: You know, that they counted the pros and cons, there would be no events on December 19. Most likely, the team was given a ban by the very people who used to give the team about the removal of the previous ban. How can you do require logic, good judgment of the people who now make such judgments, and so on. It seems that all that is being done, this is aimed at discrediting the government. So the logic of demand in the musicians do not have to — we're just part of the process.

The confrontation with the authorities musicians stirs interest of the public, as well as international attention. So many of the banned musicians such prohibition may help in the future existence as creative individuals.

Tsigankov: But earlier in the interview you are quite negatively evaluated the preliminary injunction. You said that it affected what you have less comes to public

VolskyIt was a different time. Then we perceive it is too sharpened. Now it's gone through the emotions experienced depression. This river, which is not included twice. Now we absolutely do not worry, we think creatively, and look for some way to reach the public.

"The fact that officially prohibited, the demand has grown significantly."

Tsigankov: Is the government does not care about this part of the electorate — the visitors of rock concerts, the overall process is more important?

Budkin: This, by the way, is not just about the concerts, as well as on the radio and TV channels, and a mention in the state media. If the musicians worked in some state structures, as in his time, "Palace" in Belkontserta — that they would be driven out.

Unknown, officials counted once the results of their steps, it seems to me unlikely. But, really, the possibilities open up completely different. You can remember how to sell the film Kudinenko "Occupation. Mystery "- under the sign" is prohibited by the Ministry of Culture. " The fact that officially prohibited — this demand has grown significantly.

But, on the other hand, the prohibition can stymie the musicians themselves, as they would be of interest only under this brand, which was observed during a previous ban.

Also note that some do not have enough structure that stood on the protection of the rights of musicians, like the most of the BAJ for journalists. Need some independent trade union of musicians is very necessary.


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