The Belarusian authorities are not paying attention to the danger of peaceful atom

Emergency situations in a number of nuclear reactors in Japan, mass actions for the closure of nuclear power plants in Europe and the U.S. have not affected the plans of the authorities of Belarus and Russia signed an agreement to begin construction of the first nuclear power plant in Belarus. Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has assured that the security level of the future Belarusian nuclear power plant will be much higher than that of Japanese plants. Experts believe that ignoring the experience of man-made disasters may indicate corruption interest in the project.

On the eve of the meeting of the Union Council of Ministers in Minsk, Belarusian and Russian environmentalists have declared a high risk of corruption in the implementation of the nuclear power plant project on Ostrovetskaya site.

Co-chair of the association "Ekozaschita" Vladimir Slivyak announced the results of the data analysis of the purchase of the corporation "Rosatom", which is taken for the implementation of a global project. According to him, 40% of the cases there were irregularities, indicating the possibility of gray schemes. According to experts, if the cost of the project of the Belarusian nuclear power plant is estimated at $ 9 billion, that corruption can "eat" about 4 billion. Environmentalists have urged the two governments to abandon the dangerous object and not to sign the agreement. Such a failure would have witnessed the fallacy of these suspicions.

Meanwhile, the Russian nuclear physicist Andrew Ozharovskiy argues that the proposed "Rosatom" logic "open quote" when NPP construction — an economic trap for Belarus:

"This shows the deviation from the agreed value of the property. It is with great degree of accuracy can predict that if the amount of the contract will not be fixed, then the price of nuclear power plants under construction will be significantly increased. And it will be far from the original $ 9 billion, the final cost could be several billion more. Something similar has happened in Finland during the construction of the station "Olkiluoto 3". In addition, the nuclear industry approach to disasters, all scenarios are impossible to calculate, quite lightweight. Japan's experience has shown that all can not be foreseen, so — dangerous nuclear power plants. "

Approach to disaster nuclear scientists, all scenarios are impossible to calculate, quite lightweight.

One of the members of the Belarusian "atomic resistance" Nicholas Ulasevich agrees that Belarus with the construction of nuclear power plants get both in environmental and in economic and political trap:

"It is definitely not just an environmental threat, but the construction of the nuclear power plant in Belarus — that an economic and political threat. First, get into a debt trap, and second, what can I say, this is a direct threat to the sovereignty and independence of the country. 9 billion dollars, technological and other addiction — raw materials, etc. — This is very, very dangerous. Well, delusions of grandeur, any other aspirations, it is possible that corruption and including because, I believe, is the construction — a blatant fraud. That is guided by mercantile interests. a bunch of people trying to promote, pursue this idea here. "

Belarusian expert in the field of nuclear technology professor George Lepine draws attention to the fact that talk of building nuclear power plants in Belarus are against mass protests around the world calling for the immediate cessation of the reactors. The German authorities have already said they suspend stations built before 1980:

"In Europe, for example, are built only two reactors — in France and Finland. And at the same time their program was declared to launch nearly 170 reactors a year, worldwide. Well, where are they? None of these reactors! Germany has practically no building. And almost anywhere in Europe no one builds, only France and Finland. And what problems have arisen in Finland — for the construction of a reactor rose twice already tightened deadlines. Plus, the more time: chose a site next to Lithuania, and as far as I know, Lithuania is very unhappy about it. In short, all of these issues clearly Belarus can not engage in such construction. "

On Monday, the Belarusian Ambassador to Lithuania Vladimir Drazhin was handed a note of protest in connection with the construction of nuclear power plant in Belarus. Lithuanian authorities have caused indignation statements of Belarusian officials that allegedly have no complaints regarding the construction of nuclear power plant near the Lithuanian border. Lithuania, in turn, said that the process of assessing the environmental impact of the planned nuclear power station is not completed and that Vilnius against the plans of building a station fifty kilometers from the Lithuanian capital.

One of the consistent opponents of the use of the "peaceful atom" in Belarus, Professor Yuri Bandazheuski, paid the price for their activism lengthy prison term. He works outside of Belarus and still does not believe that there is some need to bet on such a dubious alternative energy like nuclear power plants:

"We have on this issue to work together across the public — especially the Belarusian, but everything else too. And the government is to first find the optimal solution, and not to rush projects such statements to the effect that here we are going to build something, and soon there will be. We want to build and what else construct — is still unknown. Therefore, we need a very balanced and the best option. And, above all, when a choice is the neighborhood of the object with Europe, with Europe and above all it is necessary to consult. Address the issue in the European space, not on a closed and isolated area. Of course, we are working on it, analyze it from all sides — the better to solve the problem. "



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