The Belarusian authorities want to be considered a dictatorial regime

In Moscow, angered by the detention and vydvarennem from Belarus Head of the International Observation Mission of the Committee on International Control over the Human Rights Situation in Belarus, prominent human rights activist Andrei Yuryevo.

According to the chairman of the Presidential Council for the Promotion of Russian civil society and human rights Mikhail Fedotov, the situation around Andrew Yuryevo will be considered at the Board meeting in Moscow on March 18.

"I am very surprised by this reaction of the Belarusian authorities. Indeed, Andrei Yurov — it is a known human rights activist. I understand that human rights defenders engaged in activities that may nasty dictatorship. If the Belarusian authorities want to be considered a dictatorial regime, then this is the correct position. A if they want to get their orders in Belarus were considered quite respectable, you need to act accordingly and leads. To my mind, the fact that the recent events in Belarus, it is very far from what we would expect from the second part of the Union the state. "

He noted that according to the contracts citizens "union state" of Belarus and Russia have equal rights.

"But what are the equal rights as Russian citizens are not allowed into the territory of Belarus? Hence, there is no equal rights, the contract is not stored on the Union State. This is very annoying."

The director of the Moscow Institute of Human Rights Valentin Gefter noted that the Council should ask the President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev, his administration and the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to respond to such unfriendly steps of the official Minsk.

"I do not know the reason for making the list Yuryevo persona non grata for Belarus. I think that the experience of how it was once a Suzdaltseva, as it happens quite regularly in Russia, these reasons will never be made public. Essentially this discrimination and the inability to work in a friendly country, human rights defenders in Belarus.'s mission has been effective and quite correctly, did not violate any rules of the Belarusian and international laws work objectively. And it will continue to work. So you can not stop the work of human rights defenders, regardless of where they come in Belarus. No serious and legal grounds for the termination of the mission Yuryevo and the Committee on International Control over the observance of human rights in Belarus following the December events, I do not see. "

The head of the Moscow Helsinki Group Ludmila Alexeeva said Urov — An employee of the Moscow Helsinki Group and the "valuable employee" of the International Observation Mission, which operates in Belarus.

"You see, the human rights activities of the Belarusian authorities do not like. Indeed, violations of human rights there are very rude and very many. And the International Observation Mission, which worked Andrei Yurov is tracked and informed about the whole world. He engaged in human rights and that is what deported from Belarus. "

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