The blind leading the blind

For months, Libya lives without their own former favorite of Muammar Gaddafi, but his name often pops up again as in internal Libyan news reports, and in the affairs of international level. The last foreign policy scandal, in which is mentioned the name of Colonel, was the one that opens the Tipo funding from the Gaddafi Nicolas Sarkozy's election campaign. As this information is true, time will tell, which, by the way, at the very Sarkozy to expose this kind of message is come on Arab channels, it is gone. Specifically bond funds Sarkozy and Gaddafi can put a large cross on his presidential career. Here's a revenge from beyond the grave for "draining" brain "investor" Sarkozy …

The blind leading the blind

On the domestic front, in the name of Libya's Muammar Gaddafi also pops up with surprising regularity. And now, more Libyans remember the Colonel is not the strongest terms such as it was 3-4 months back. The fact is that the new Libyan government generally supported the West and the countries of the Persian Gulf, if the Libyans themselves. The head of Libya's NTC Mustafa Abd al-Jalil, now all the forces trying to establish control over the situation in Libya, but that the new Libyan favorite course comes out. Do not go out to make contact with the various ethnic groups in Libya and the current Prime Minister Abdel Rahim al-Kiba. And this state of affairs in the country more than understandable. The vertical of power, which for decades been building Gaddafi was destroyed with the help of NATO air strikes and armed Islamist groups, which are now obviously not burning desire to restore a functioning statehood in Libya. Any of these forces took almost all of the countries, and now longs for the political and economic dividends from the sprawling North African country at the seams with the provided supplies of hydrocarbons continued to flow into a large pocket bulge.

Those Western companies trying to export crude from Libya apparently reduced prices, and the militants are trying to profit from the fact that declare whole areas of the country — controlled territories. In such a situation, and Jalil and al-Kib remain in some, figuratively speaking, limbo. West they are only necessary only in order to create the appearance of which came to the "suffering" of the regime Gaddafi earth "real democracy." Like, sit discover two respectable municipal spouse in their own seats — and let sit — do not interfere with use conquered Libyan wealth. Islamists, and absolutely no Jalali and Al-Kiba in the position of senior municipal officials are not required. They need full control over the state, well, or at least its first over specific territories which will be carried out in the name of Islam outright, aimed at building the new Libyan society — a society full of the Salafist obedience without a hint of secularism. And will the initial basis — will be forthcoming expansion (as in the case of the Afghan Taliban).

Now country, in fact, consists of three parts, between which now and then break out the armed and political conflicts. Oil-rich Cyrenaica would, according to the local favorites, develop, and without the help of others, but the Libyan tripolitantsy and "southerners" obviously do not want to lose a huge hydrocarbon bird feeder, which is so artfully once integrated into a unified government Muammar Gaddafi.

Severe obstacle to the integration of Libyan society is that far not all Libyans recognized the legitimacy of the latter-day management. In other words, if Gaddafi kept the situation under control and was able to "convince" the representatives of the Libyan tribes that he — the only favorite country, which enjoys the support of their own, here at today's managers with the conviction of those elders ethnic groups fared much worse. The situation is exacerbated by the fact that no Al-Kib, nor favorite PNS Jalil can not offer this same ethnic group incentive to move closer to the new authorities. A stimulus in this case — one. And that, no matter how mundane, the funds. But the means to dispose of new favorites on the scale that they have disposed of Gaddafi can not, moreover, promised billions of dollars pouring into the economy from the latest Libyan assets frozen colonel and remained a myth. There is even a judgment that a sizeable portion of these funds (billions of Gaddafi) went to rescue the European economy from imminent collapse in the form of loans recognized Greek government. If, moreover, this information is confirmed, it is not only one Nicolas Sarkozy will not for themselves, and the rest of his hot partners in the Libyan bombing areas of the European Union.

Well, if the new favorites agents are not rich, well consolidated with the Army at their obvious difficulties, then expect them to establish positive contacts in the Libyan society obviously not necessary.

It turns out that Libya is now in the traditional political deadlock which painfully recalls the Iraqi stalemate. How would democracy "victory", and an old idols demolished with their own pedestals, but fragmentation is reinforced with simultaneous pumping out foreign oil companies of the richest mineral resources of the country.

Posodeystvuyut whether the country a new election? — It's unlikely. Any elections in Libya will be turned warring parties in the field to start the latest confrontation with the non-recognition of the results and other attributes of the full "democratization."

Because it can be stated that Libya is still a very long time will be submitted to a spot on the world map of post-revolutionary chaos, issued for the establishment of genuine democracy built on blood.

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