The Blue Lagoon

Reykyans — a small peninsula in Iceland, which is famous for its amazing geothermal pool. It is a romantic name "Blue Lagoon". It is a symbol of the entire state. Moreover, these hot springs are known in every corner of the planet and each year attracts hundreds of thousands of travelers and curious tourists.

Luxury Blue Lagoon — a consequence of a volcanic eruption. After all, it is formed from lava that has a porous structure. Just so it can seep through the water. This will create huge reservoirs, where it accumulates hot water. People from all over the world come here not only to enjoy the beauty and plunge into the blue waters of the lagoon. These sources are also a therapeutic effect. The fact is that at the very bottom of the lagoon there is a white clay that effectively nourishes the human body and provides medical care for various diseases.

In the Blue Lagoon water temperature is always very high. No matter what time of year in the yard or what the weather conditions. Even in winter it does not drop below 35 degrees. And in the summer it may even reach 40 degrees. The Blue Lagoon is always ready to accept a "hot" embrace everyone. Indeed around the world — this is the only such geothermal pool.



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