The brothers and the stars watch online

The brothers and the stars watch online
Brothers and sisters of the stars. We will tell how they are doing. Whether they wish to repeat the success of relatives.
Is there a rivalry between them. And how differently developed their fate, because the start was approximately similar.

In our movie Pevtsova brothers — senior, Sergey, and the youngest, Dmitry — will measure not only the power, and popularity. It turns out that in the movie senior brother previously starred younger! Know what one another Singers steeper and that their total.
As a child Burdaeva brothers, they're musicians, "Brothers Grimm" were thick as thieves. Toys shared by brothers. Could not share the glory. For three years, the twins do not talk. Let's try to reconcile them.
One Dzhigurda — scandal, and three? For the first time on television will be just three Dzhigurda brother Sergei, Nikita and Ruslan. Violent behavior of the average spoil the lives of two others. Sergey and Ruslan decided to reason with Nikita. They will come together with his brother for a scene!
For an actor Igor Petrenko, Ira Young was not just a sister — a nurse. But bring them closer not only happy reminiscences youth, and general misery. When Igor starred in the movie "Star"(His character for the film rolls), Ira lost eldest son.
Anna Semenovich and Cyril grew up in the same family. But in their manners — different. There was a time when my brother and sister lived like cat and dog. Moved close to their separation. We learn what sacrifices Anna went for his brother, and the Cyril should own his own sister.
Father brothers Pevtsova Anatoly Ivanovich — Athlete Honored trainer of the USSR pentathlon. Own two sons — Sergey and Dmitry — he was cooking in the sport. But admitted — Senior, Sergey, — stronger in spirit. Dmitry force their assessed soberly. Because did not go into the sport, and to the actors. He became a superhero in the display. Strong. Fearless. "Nicknamed the" beast! "But it turns out, the real" beast "- is his brother Sergei! Here's who and force, and the will to become!

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