The change of regime in Syria — a question of time, according to the West

Against the supply of these complexes Syria sharply opposed Israel, who tried to reassure Moscow that they would be a danger to Israeli ships

News website, referring to "Interfax", said of the first public demonstration of new onshore facilities "Bastion", held by the Syrian military. This armament came to Damascus from Russia under a contract concluded previously between countries. But Washington, guided by its arguments already announced the imminent fall of the Syrian regime today of President Bashar Assad.

On Wednesday, the Syrian army conducted military maneuvers, during which they showed a new armament, produced in Russia. Recall that the supply of these complexes against Syria quite sharply opposed Israel, trying to convince Moscow that the complexes may be a danger to the Israeli warships or that, in the views of Israel is even worse — they can master the militants of "Hezbollah".

Israel's fear is not unfounded, because in 2006, during the second Israel-Lebanon war, this group of terrorists managed to hit an Israeli ship with a missile of "land-sea" they received from Iran.

Another first of December, during a visit to Moscow, Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman had read that the supply of modern Russian weapons in Syria could lead to bad consequences. He also mentioned the fact that in Syria at the present time is very unstable and crisis situation and expressed the hope that the Russian side will accept into account their position in solving not only the issue, and a number of others, among which are Iran, "Hezbollah" and "Hamas".

In turn, our homeland said that arms supplies to Syria are not contrary to any standards

But Russian authorities believe that the supply to Syria do not violate any rules. In an interview with reporters, Sergei Ivanov, the past while still deputy prime minister, quite correctly voiced Moscow's official position on the issue. Ivanov was asked whether it would be our homeland continue to supply weapons against the sanctions undertaken by European countries. "What is it forbidden?" — That Ivanov answered it.

In order for one hundred percent secure the coastline of the country, rather just a 2-complexes "Bastion", armed with 36 missiles "Yakhont" everyone says "Interfax".

In the West, at the same time, it seems no one is hovering near the fall of the regime of Bashar al-Assad. At the same time, according to InoPressa, produced with reference to the newspaper La Stampa, it is entirely possible that mode will fall by itself, the NATO military intervention in Syria are not likely to take place.

According to the publication, at this point, Assad can count on the support of most of the military control of the party "Baas", the Shiite minority, which accounts for 10% of the population, and the Christian minority. Fully possible support from abroad in the face of Iran, a small possibility that connect our homeland and China, who are losing confidence in the ability to resolve the crisis.

Meanwhile, in the West do not seem to fluctuate in the fact that the regime of Bashar al-Assad will fall by itself

Washington, meanwhile, received complaints that a regime change in Syria — question time. At the briefing said Jay Carney, a spokesman from the white house. According to him what is going on at this point in Syria, is a continuation of violence against the Syrian people. Already at this time support the opposition grows: increasing the number of deserters, diplomats leave from his post. He also mentioned that mode can not count on the support of the Arab League and an old allies such as Turkey, and used it against increasingly tough international sanctions.

It is necessary to recall the fact that the riots in Syria have been going for the tenth month, which began after the "Arab Spring" in other Muslim countries. According to the UN hosted data, the number of deaths for this time over 5 thousand people.

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