The collapse of the rig: a storm prevents the body lift out of the water

In the Okhotsk Sea, where on Sunday capsized and sank drilling platform "Kola" does not stop the search and rescue operation. Managed to rescue 14 people, four of them with a strong supercooling is delivered by helicopter to a hospital in Sakhalin.

All on the sunken rig "Kola", attributed to the port of Murmansk, were 67 people. The fate of 53 of them are still unknown. In the Okhotsk Sea were found four life rafts, but they are all empty. In the area of flooding rig also found, according to Rosmorrechflot, "four men in diving suits with no signs of life." "The weather conditions bring them on board ship is not possible", — stressed the ITAR-TASS news agency in the maritime agency.

Jack-up rig "Kola" after the completion of the western Kamchatka shelf led to Sakhalin icebreaker "Magadan" and tug "Naftogaz-55." In the center of the Sea of Okhotsk caravan was in a violent storm with winds up to 20 meters per second and the wave height of 5-6 meters. Rig had four inflatable life raft PSN-20, for all those on board the platform of people (67 people) also had personal salvation, said the Rosmorrechflot, but when drilling capsized, the crew of "Kola" does not have time to move to the inflatable rafts. Distress call from "Kola" was received at 02:24 (Moscow time), the platform sank at seven in the morning Moscow time. "In the process of the destruction was hauling gas exhaust pipes and tanks began to flow back water, vessel dewatering facilities at the limit, a wave smashed windows in the dining room team, the water began to come into the room. At 05:45" Kola "was in a bank and sank within 20 minutes "- reported in Rosmorrechflot.

Since early September, "Kola" conducted exploration drilling offshore West Kamchatka for "Gazflot". Upon completion, the platform had to go to Vietnam, stopping at the eastern coast of Sakhalin Island in the Bay ZYRJANIAN. With the company "Gazprom" have noted that the platform has now "fulfilled all contract work" for "Gazflot". "The platform is not related to" Gazprom "at present. It met all contract work for" Gazflot "and return to base" — the company said. Platform "Kola" is attributed to the port of Murmansk, the ship owner — JSC "Artikmornefgazrazvedka." "Kola" was built in 1985 in Finland. Total installation length 69.2 m, width — 80 m

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