The construction of the Olympic village for skiers and biathletes


Houses were built for athletes in Krasnaya Polyana on the ridge Psekhako next to the ski and biathlon complex. In buildings made major construction works, ready to roof, completed the installation of internal engineering networks and decoration of facades.  

Monolithic reinforced concrete house "dressing" on a "wooden top, bottom stone." This alpine motifs characteristic of the chalet. In addition, the roof of Olympic buildings — pitched, with wide eaves. Wooden balconies and terraces are decorated with carvings.

In alpine style designed and apartments with views of the mountains. The color scheme of the interior rooms as close to natural shades of linen, wool, stone and wood.

Additional mountain Olympic village has 1100 seats. It consists of three parts — a hotel complex, apartment hotels and cottage settlement, which has already commissioned and received athletes. In February 2012, in comfortable cottages housed participants Cup Biathlon Russian Cup and Russian cross-country skiing, and in March 2012 — the athletes with lesions of the musculoskeletal system and the visually impaired in the Championship of Russia's biathlon.

The hotel complex, apartment hotels and gated 4-star united by the common infrastructure and are self-contained complex of buildings, structures and utilities. It is designed to meet the requirements of the International Paralympic Committee. To create a barrier-free environment provides ramps, special elevators, met the necessary dimensions of the entrances and facilities.

After the Games, the 2014 Olympic Village will become a part of modern mining and tourist center.

Executive in charge of the project — OAO "Gazprom". 

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