The creation of a system of military equipment does not meet the requirements of the defense of our country

The system for military equipment does not meet the requirements of the defense of our countryThe emergence of an approved State programs from weapons for 2011-2020. (LG-2020) has generated a lot of questions. The main of them is — whether in 2020 made the offensive and defensive weapons systems? In today's criteria is unrealistic due to the degradation of scientific and technical methods of creation of weapons that do not allow rapidly deploy new services in various fields and to set new applied science puzzles. Without the high combat capability of weapons systems, a new type of Russian crews remain at the level of the last century. Taking place "skirmish" between the generals and the military-industrial complex (MIC) indicate that the Defense Ministry is not able to raise the arms to the creators of the tactical and technical requirements resulting from the criterion sverhtehnologichnym war with the enemy. It must be emphasized that the performance of work on the LG 2020 is not provided due to the poor state of scientific and industrial base defense, the lack of highly skilled professionals. With all of this basic premise of progressive lag to refurbish new and promising Army materiel system is the creation of Arms (CERs), which does not meet the terms of the security of our country. When available CER is easy to predict what the results should be expected from the LG-2020.

Planned backlog

In late February, today, in 2011, the then first deputy defense minister Vladimir Popovkin announced the list of supplies to the troops of military equipment in accordance with the LG-2020, most of which is a product of the modernization of old times Russian weapons. Coupled with the fact, according to the military leaders, the LG 2020 is to provide troops with modern weapon, the share of which will be increased to over 70% of availability. With all of this does not take into account the creation in this period of the latest weapons in the more developed countries zabugornyh. The world powers have any in stock 60-70% of modern weapons, will not stand still. When such a situation in the Russian army in 2020 probably will not 70% of new models, and even less. So Makarov, is the lack of long-term forecast of the creation of the newest weapons in the period of transition to unconventional warfare, which is in the advanced countries. With all this we can not ignore the idea of our models and systems, which has become a practical management, requires that all current cycle of arms accompanied the highest performance.

Popovkin Vorachivayas to read out the list of weapons and military equipment, we can not see that, of the samples submitted is unrealistic to collect highly offensive and defensive weapons systems for conducting contactless wars. Most of these types of weapons in the LG 2020 does not meet the requirements of conducting unconventional warfare, which applied to the creation of offensive weapons systems, determine the need for integration of different means of armed struggle in the reconnaissance-strike combat systems, which represent the totality of functionally related reconnaissance, automated control systems ( ACS), the required number of high-precision weapons of different basing. Immediately this list reflects the lag of of the leading countries in the development of promising materiel that can be overcome as a result of the organization of high-quality breakthrough, and not by the modernization of old times Russian samples.

It is noted that the main value of the LG 2020 is the maintenance and development of the strategic nuclear forces of the country. The ongoing rate of military and political control of nuclear weapons, in the degradation of defense in the main is used to simulate the preparation of Russian army to war with the use of conventional weapons in the criteria of non-LG 2005, LG 2010, LG 2015. This situation can not last long, as the fraction of modern weapons in the park on strategic nuclear forces is 20%. In all this there is a negative outlook on the development of professionals in accordance with the latest LG-2020 the heavy ICBM watery fuel, which indicates that:

-Such a missile with the highest probability will be amazed at the mine one nuclear warhead or a high-precision non-nuclear means;

-Escaped, and most of the starters missiles can be destroyed in the boost phase line of motion as a result of positional blocking areas of deployment of missile defense systems of the enemy.

It is seen that an appeal to the heavy ICBM watery fuel continues on outdated technology policy lag in the development of missiles with more effective warheads and aircraft control systems.

Events for the modernization of missile warning, and increase the efficiency of gallakticheskoy intelligence in accordance with the GPV-2020 can not be solved perfectly because of their use in the construction of up to 70% of imported electrical parts. In this case, the imported interior reduces the reliability of the operation of these systems. Immediately there is a sharp gap gallakticheskih Russian intelligence apparatus and the satellite system of early warning of ballistic missile launches for two or three generations of American and European models ("HBO» № 19, 2011), which also illustrates the failure of the creation of the Russian arms tightly to ensure the defense of our country.

Aviation — no clearance

State program is planned modernization distant strategic bombers Tu-160 and Tu-95. In 2003, was planned modernization of the strategic bomber Tu-160 in order to "teach" him to bombard the enemy ancient gravity bombs. At the same time as the prospects planned to master the use of aircraft Tu-160 precision guided bombs. A similar policy was applied technology and the modernization of the Tu-95 missile. In GPV-2020, this sinful modernization seem to stop. Now the Tu-160, Tu-95 are considered as an air component of the strategic nuclear forces. With all of this modernization of Tu-95 is not practical because they are all made in the 80's of the last century and the end of the timing of the LG-2020 to be written off. In turn, half the 10-ka Tu-160 is not able to deliver a nuclear weapon to a distance of a missile strike, where they met a fighter-interceptors and air defense of the enemy.

Not in the best position in the said program there are front-line bombers Su-34 and Su-25SM. Their ammunition includes guided missiles Kh-29L, Kh-25ML, S-25L, guided aerial bombs KAB-500, KAB-1500, as rockets C-8, C-13 and gravity bombs. Such an instrument is contrary to what the development of modern aircraft armament should be implemented major military property — the ability to destroy ground and surface targets without entering aircraft — media tools in the area of enemy air defenses. It is appropriate to recall the words of Chief of the General Staff Nikolai Makarov from his speech on March 26 at a meeting of the Academy of Military Sciences: "Aviation should strike without entering the zone of enemy air defenses. But find me one plane in Russia, which is able to do. Our Su-25 only 600-800 m strike, not 60 or 100 km. According to another simply will not get. " Su-25 used in Afghanistan, and by the end of the war, they headed for the number of 50 pieces, of which 23 were lost stormtrooper. But in modern Afghanistan, the enemy's air defense was absent. Were made to this conclusion?

In GPV-2020 included Mi-28nm and Ka-52, which were created in the Russian era. Base ammo these helicopters are the second generation ATGM "Ataka" and "Vortex", the imple
mentation of which is very unsafe, because the total time visual search ground target and missile control more than the response time of modern air defense systems. Under the response time refers to the time from the detection of the helicopter before the gathering anti-aircraft missile launcher with which to anti-aircraft missile and gun complex short-range is 4-10 seconds. Greater threat to the helicopters are exposed when firing at a range of 4-6 km, which asks the growth of the altitude to ensure a reliable eye contact with the target lesion. With the cost of the helicopter, equal to the cost of 3-4 tanks, Mi-28nm and Ka-52 anti-tank with the second generation of the criteria development zabugornyh air defense systems do not solve the problem of defeats the purpose of taking into account the aspect of "cost-effectiveness". It should be recalled that the tandem warhead ATGM "Ataka" and "Vortex" bad overcome dynamic protection zabugornyh tanks with long pieces (equipped BB) 400-500 mm. Unacceptably costly attack helicopters equipped with second-generation anti-tank and avionics last day. Once the installation of third generation anti-tank ("fire and forget") and a modern avionics will allow to increase the effectiveness of helicopter armament.

Exhibited examples show a protracted decline in the development of weapons and military equipment, which is reflected in the GPV-2020.

This list could go on, but the volume of newspaper publication can not do it.

ACS — the head around

Automatic control of the instrument and the troops has become as crucial as the quantity and quality of the guns, and the ratio of levels of management in a more principled than the ratio of agents. Automatic system of command and control tool allows you to manage the interaction of different forces, to determine the best options of combat operations and the sequence of strikes. The creation of modern automatic control system of the Armed Forces declared a priority. But the policy pursued by nekompitentnaya techno pace with inappropriate re-determine as quickly as possible to obtain tactical information system, which will later be closed management system operational and operational-strategic level. Together with those made in the last decade single system tactical control (ESU TZ) "Constellation" passes trial operation in mechanized infantry brigade. With all of this argues that ESU TK significantly increases the efficiency of command and control, and the means and mechanized infantry brigade combat effectiveness. Such an assessment is not a bed of roses for the subsequent reasons. Shred the arms of old times in the mechanized infantry brigade of more than 90%. As the serving methods ESU TK reflect yesterday's level of control and combat effectiveness of the last century. It should be recalled that the Americans began to make translation of the parts on the Army brigade structure while simultaneously equipping them with new weapons and military equipment. And in our mechanized infantry brigades can be found subsequent junk: T-72 tanks, BMP-2, 152-mm self-propelled guns, "Acacia", a 100-mm anti-tank gun "Rapier" MLRS "Grad" missile systems "Sturm-C", etc.

As the realities of combat reality techniques ESU TK, in the words, the chief of the General Staff Nikolai Makarov that the most run-down of the western army artillery systems have a firing range of 41 km. For all this they are consuming precision-guided munitions, and our howitzer D-30 2S3 "Acacia" 2C1 "Carnation" 2S19 "MSTA" capable of hitting targets at ranges of 15 to 21 km. With such poor fighting properties worthless in ESU TK organize the tasks of planning fighting Russian artillery and its use during the fight.

With regard to the method of ESU TK outlook is Doctor of Military Sciences, Colonel Marat Valeyeva and the candidate of military sciences, Colonel Nikolai Romasya that the methods of fighting are determined mainly features weapons than the advances in the art of war ("Military Thought» № 6, 2010) . It does not speak in favor of increasing the combat capability of our teams filled with an old gun and imperfect ESU TK.

Feature of the current step, the development of military technology is the emergence of tools that changes the strategy of fighting. Such a weapon, for example, is an ultrahigh frequency (UHF), infrasound and laser, etc., representing the enthusiasm of both the functioning of new weapons and accounted for in ESU TK, which runs pilot operation.

ESU TK is located on the command post vehicle, which are part Fri control (PU). Experience tactical exercises with the introduction of ACS TK summarized in the article "Some of the nuances of improving the management of combined-arms formation of a new image" ("Military Thought» № 6, 2010), Candidate of Military Sciences Colonel Nikolai Kuznetsov and Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Raschislova, which opened in the following shortcomings of tactical systems link in the formation of PU:

ASU-low vitality due to TK significant growth in the number of PU personnel, facilities management and transport;

-Increase the ability of reconnaissance and destruction of the enemy stripping and defeat ASU TK.

A special place in the operation of the control system is fortified areas of deployment PU equipment. Made in the structure of the Army combined arms formation of the funds available are not able to make all efforts to fortification equipment PU. As demonstrated exercises "West-2009", masking 50% of controls carried out by PU funds are at hand. With all of this was that the standard-issue camouflage suits (ILC) provide only a disguise from optical enemy. These MKT ineffective for camouflage PU from phototelevision, electro-optical, radar, laser reconnaissance. For all this they are not very effective for masking of moving objects, whereas modern reconnaissance-strike complexes opponent specifically designed to defeat such purpose. Available disguise flaws allow an opponent with a probability of 0.7 to find and kill probability of 0.9 pu Brigade, in which TK is in the ESU command post vehicles. Not much to do ESU TK, you should still be able to firmly defend it in combat criteria.

For comparison

What about ACS at our competitors?

The U.S. Army will receive in 2020 the newest system of control of the armed forces, which will transform communication at all levels of government, and automate the process of decision-making by commanders at all levels. At the current time lasts commissioning of the newest U.S. Army ASU GCCS (Global Command and Control System), which allows you to automate the process of prevention of the attack, to monitor the reduction of armed forces on alert, plan and manage military operations, to provide operational and tactical command information and organize logistics. The global management system for improved GCCS Army's program there, "Enterprise," the Air Force — "Horizon" for the Navy — "Copernicus." For example, the ending of programs from "Enterprise" will allow to solve the following tasks: detect, recognize, and accompany several thousand air and ground targets, inducing controlled automatic gun on hundreds of targets; provide commanders at all levels of electrical maps of the current situation, control of subordinate units and produce automatic provisioning options the likely actions of troops within the theater.

Information for consideration

Defense makes a huge claim to the defense industry over the inability to create new weapons and military equipment. But one is left without attention that the Ministry of Defense and the defense industry are included in the creation of weapons, which generally does not meet the requirements of the defense of. By the creation of the weapons system include: the Presidential Council for Science, Technology and Education,
a section on the defense industry and scientific and technological security in the Russian Security Council, Committee of the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation on defense and security committee of the State Duma Committee on Industry, Defense, Security, Scientific and Technical Council of the Military Industrial Commission (MIC) of the Government of the Russian Federation; military bodies and research organizations Defense, Ministry of Industry, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Economic Development, the Federal Space Agency, municipal corporation "Rosatom", etc. All of these subjects CERs, each in their own way, have an influence on the process of creation of AME. Make out some results of such exposure.

Section of the defense industrial safety in the Russian Security Council takes an amazing passive in their own teachings government on scientific and technological forced re CMO for the creation of new weapons and military equipment.

Practical legislation committees for the defense of the Federation Council and the State Duma during its existence did not stop the degradation of the defense industry, artificial bankruptcy of companies raider attacks, theft of municipal funds, the purpose of the uninformed managers, etc.

Military-Industrial Commission at the time was unable to link the reform of the Armed Forces and the defense industry. For this reason, President Vladimir Putin, March 20, 2006 signed a decree on the development of military-industrial complex in a new format that was designed to coordinate the processes of modernization of the armed forces and defense reform. With the signing of the decree day or 5 years have passed, and we can sum up the principal conclusions. Armed forces fled to the brigade structure. Formed 85 teams of permanent readiness, but they are equipped with an old Russian since the time of the instrument, the share is 90%. For Army, Navy, Air Force and Air Defense own small combat ability and poor combat effectiveness, confirmed that the war in Georgia.

Ministry of Industry and failed to come up with solutions and mechanisms for the defense of the conclusion of the crisis with positive fruits. For this reason, our defense is not able to create many kinds of modern weapons.

Our military commanders believe that the main aspect of the effectiveness of defense is its ability to perform the LG 2020. With all this it is necessary to implement correctly linked to the latest Federal motivated applets (FTP-2020) development of the DIC, which has not yet been approved. It is seen that aspect of performance is required to have a quantitative representation and its proper calculation method. We can assume that in this case, the quantitative aspect of the presentation is to bring efficiency defense in 2020 shred of modern weapons in the armed forces up to 70%. However, as was shown above, is not feasible. With regard to the assessment of the effectiveness of our military defense team used aspect, upon which time the ability of the defense industry to make up the loss of a hypothetical non-nuclear weapons in war. The simulation results showed that our defense in two weeks will not be able to compensate for the expected loss and produce a cluster of military supplies for the conduct of these operations. In this case, our army will not be able to reflect the anger.

In its essence defense, too, "army", which should be armed with advanced production equipment and technology, and highly spices, able to design and produce the creation of new weapons systems. But the "army" of defense with its armor was unfit for action. In the near future municipal programs from weapons accompanied by federal program that targeted return the performance of DIC. But similar support can not ensure the implementation of SAP-2020. Now time of creation and introduction of new equipment industrial base significantly behind the actual needs of the creation of AME.

One example of the degradation of scientific and technological ways of creation of weapons that do not allow rapidly deploy new services from different areas, the lack of coordination of numerous research, and scientific and technological programs, which reduces the efficiency of research and does not reduce the time and monetary costs of creation of scientific and technological groundwork for the production of new weapons, which is in poor condition.

It will be recalled that the Ministry of Economic Development to develop plans responsibilities retooling defense companies and providing them with modern technology and machinery equipment. But what kind of retooling defense can read, when only recently approved the concept of the Federal Program "Development of the Russian machine tool and tool industry for 2011-2016.". The concept of FTP — this is not the FTP. For more than 20 years, it is clear that with the machine-tool we have is bad. Such belated decision is unlikely to have time to work on upgrading defense production equipment to perform work on the LG 2020. From the machine-tool industry for unsatisfactory state is not far behind electronics, which defines almost all combat characteristics of weapons and the effectiveness of management.

Surprisingly enough in the structure of CER looks at the role of the Ministry of Finance retrenchment financing the state defense order, which is undermining the country's defense.

The initial stage of the failure is indicated by the presence in the GPV-2020 a significant number of upgraded Russian samples of old times, which gives the Ministry of Defence for modern weapons.

A new kind of Russian army with 90% of the arms of old times and the failure of previous LG also increasing military-technological gap with the leading countries in building their capacity to create new generations of weapons systems are sufficient proof of the need to substitute the existing system of sinful creation of AME.

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