The damage caused by the oil spill after the flooding in the Kuban region is estimated at 60 million

Damage from falling water body Adagun (Crimea) and Tsemes Bay Novorossiysk to the catastrophic flooding in the Kuban is not less than 60 million rubles, told RIA Novosti Head of environmental watchdog Rosprirodnadzor in Krasnodar Krai and Adygea Eugene porphyry.

"There is a certain amount of oil, which fell into the water. At the gas station from the tanks into the river flowed oil Adagun, and about 200 cubic meters (from another source — Ed.) Got into the Black Sea. We (RPN) calculated the damage from pollution. on pollution of the Black Sea damage was 30 million rubles, and the river Adagun still about 30 million. should note that these estimates are preliminary and who will cover the damage, identify the court, "- said the porphyry.

Flooding on the night of July 7, 7000 over flooded homes in three cities (Gelendzhik, Crimea, Novorossiysk) and a number of villages of the Krasnodar Territory. Violated the electrical, gas and water supply, road and rail traffic. According to MOE, killed 171 people, mostly in Krymsk, when there was the biggest shock element.

During the rains in the Krasnodar region there was a fracture of waste oil from the two open containers of "Chernomortransneft" in Tsemes Bay Novorossiysk. According to satellite images provided by the Engineering and Technology Centre (ITC), "RDC", film oil pollution had strand-like length of about five kilometers and a total area of 0.75 square kilometers.

Cause flooding officials describe rainfall. The version of the cause of the catastrophic flood could become Neberdzhaevskogo discharges water reservoir, the investigation refused when it was determined that discharges were regular, non-mass and overflow dams were recorded.

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