The dollar is, but ran out. Soon a lift …

In these days and Minsk, and in the regions in exchange offices of banks — the queue wanting to buy the currency. Dollars and euros is on sale is not everywhere and always — despite the fact that the National Bank soothes and reassures that the problems with the currency for the people in the country do not.


Queues outside exchangers official says as the "national pastime" Belarusians

On Monday morning, the official web-site of the National Bank of Belarus published a statement in which refuted rumors about the devaluation of the threat that allegedly collects and turns in the exchange offices.

This is what, in particular, said on Tuesday, "Freedom," the head of the National Bank Anatoly Drozdov. First, he denied rumors that Belarus is possible sharp devaluation of the national currency:

"Those people who are currently crammed into the least, make sure that they are doing nonsense. I am sure that soon the currency again they will bring to the bank. This has happened more than once. For us, this "national pastime."

According to Leonid Drozdov, the current boom in the currency is despite the explanation National Bank. The official and now calls upon the people to trust the official information:

"When we say that to be the case, then what will happen …".

Those people are now crammed into the least, make sure that they are doing nonsense.

Meanwhile, the situation at the exchangers — is quite different. Currency exchange offices in banks Minsk buyers keep under siege for several days: the queue lining up before opening. In the vast majority of people are trying to buy the currency. Talking to visitors Minsk banks:

Reporter"Have you tried to buy the currency at banks, how easy is it today?"

Mrs."I tried, but failed. After all, people are supposed to have broken the chain: all the exchangers queue, you can not get. If you want to hand over dollars, it is possible. And if you buy it — the queue for a long time people are to buy a hundred or two hundred dollars. "

Reporter"How do you think what is the reason?"

Mrs."It seems to me that this is another canard that the dollar will continue to grow, as it was, it seems in 2009. People are running to the stores, snapping up home appliances and other goods, and then it turns out that any increase in NO really, and even after it turns out that people are losing even more money. "

Youth"Today was a bank — had not yet opened, and the queue was already very large. The massive hype — do not break the bank, and there's not enough to pay — do not provide the money. "

Reporter"Do you think that people are afraid of when seeking to purchase a currency?"

Youth"I think they are afraid of a collapse of the ruble and rising value of the dollar."

Girl"Today at the bank — the dollar rose and say what else will grow. The euro did not exist — it is difficult. "

Reporter"How do you think that means that the hype?"

Girl"Everyone is saying that the dollar will rise — that's the excitement. Salaries have increased to some, that's why, probably, rate, and growing. "

Reporter"Either you care about this situation?"

Girl"Of course — salaries, then the majority remain unchanged, and prices are rising, the dollar is growing — and how to live?"

Reporter"Either you are worried about the situation in the foreign exchange market? What do you think of her? "

Mr."Everyone's talking about and my friends including exchangers run. But I am personally of the situation is not very excited, and even a bit funny for all those watching. After all, I personally do not own a lot of money, living in Belarus, overseas travel are not too many opportunities, you do not have the capabilities and needs to buy foreign currency. So keep an eye on this situation — that's all. "

Reporter"What's it to you?"

Mr."I think that here, as always, involved politics: trying to play on the human factor. Everyone is afraid to lose even what they have, and people easily manipulated. I do not really understand the economy, and therefore think so, as I say. "


In anticipation of when there will be the currency near one of the exchangers in the Central Market.

"Currencies do not wait …"

Today, the vast majority of currency exchange offices Grodno was not for sale.

At the railway station in Grodno three exchange points of different banks. All dollar 3085 — buy and 3087 — for sale. Euro reached 4 thousand 270 rubles. But on the sale of foreign currency in all three banks do not.

Few people outside exchangers. One man says that people parazyhodilisya because there is no point to stand:

"Already yesterday after 13:00 around the city it was impossible to buy the currency. The excitement has gone, as people seem to have learned from the Internet information and afraid. Today went out in the morning and the old and the young to buy either dollars or euros. But today also there. "

Lord near one of the exchangers in the Central Market in Grodno say someone has recently passed the euro, then, they say, buy. I asked the workers of the exchange office — what is the currency?

Mrs."Dollars not, there are a hundred euros."

Appeared on the market currency dealers

I am going away from the exchanger, and for me the woman immediately buys the hundred euros. Lord, who are waiting to buy dollars, they say that the market "Southern" money changers began to artificially raise the dollar. I ask — how much is there now to buy dollars?

Mr."There are already offering to buy for 3150 rubles …".

I asked another one gentleman who is standing at the exchange point, as long as someone will hand over dollars, what he thinks about the sudden disappearance of currency?

Demand for the currency comes from confidence in the Belarusian economy.

Mr."Yesterday, I heard that the dollar will rise. Every second in the city said that today the price of the dollar could reach 3 thousand 800 rubles … What is there to think, people immediately rushed into a panic and began sweeping up foreign exchange reserves of the banks. "

Reporter"How do you think the reason for this phenomenon? '.

Mr."Well, from all of this? From the uncertainty in our economy. I think that the country was different then, and in exchange it would be easy … . "

Another gentleman joined our conversation and argues that devaluation is inevitable and it will happen.

Mr."Well, now you can all congratulate …".

Reporter"But in the National Bank claim that there is no devaluation of the Belarusian ruble would not be?".

Mr."Our bank and our state is always contradicts itself, and so the unity of opposites runs our lives. This state object
itself, it exists in spite of itself. "

Gomel Oblast

"Invasion" on the exchangers



In Gomel, near exchangers and turns. On Tuesday at noon people could not buy U.S. dollars and euro in the center of banking services number 401 of "Bank Moscow-Minsk" on Sovetskaya Street, 57.

Young Gomel resident explains the high demand for the currency, and especially on the U.S. Dollar:

"People are buying extremely active since the crisis, the earthquake in Japan — all this makes people tick. In addition, economists advise buying dollars just as soon allegedly dollar rebounded strongly. And be afraid of the devaluation. Just yesterday told that await the devaluation of the ruble. "

Opposite the bank "Moscow-Minsk", on the other side of the street, at the box office, "Belpromstroibank" dollars was not there. No information cashier does not. One only says that the dollars should bring.

Neither the U.S. nor the euro was not in the exchange point number 85 of "Technobank", which is to the left of the entrance to the store "Gomel".

One of the women who took on the exchanger in Russian rubles, guesses about the disappearance of currency — whether it is more expensive, whether Belarusians have been honored with the reasons of increase of pensions and salaries until the presidential election:

"It is possible that people have become richer after elected a President"

"Probably more expensive, or some other policy here. Previously, I bought — the currency was permanently. Even in the last month and dollars were, and the euro were. Had no problems. Perhaps people have become richer after elected a President."

Exchange office number 30 "Belarusbank" in general separated himself from passers scrap of paper on which was written the handle, "$ no."

On Monday, the dollar bought Gomel exchangers mainly to 3080, the euro — to 4260 rubles.


On the currency — the hype

Most exchangers "Belarusbank" in Brest — lack of currency. The exchange of foreign currency in State Bank of maximum. Those who wish to acquire not only the U.S. dollar but also the euro cashiers only shrug: no cash.

In private banks, courses are lower than in the "Belarusbank" mainly for 10 rubles. Foreign currency can buy here. Townspeople at the box office exchangers are of the opinion that the dollar will soon increase significantly — almost to 4000 rubles per one U.S. dollar:

"People said that even today the dollar will be 4,000 rubles. And why not in the U.S. box office — so there was a time when all of a sudden grown enormously course. This was before the New Year. Then somehow survived, and now also expect the worst. "

Brest residents looking for dollars at the box office of private banks, but even there is not always a foreign money:

"No U.S. … I tried razmenyats hundred-dollar bills, but only in one of the banks offered me only $ 20, because nothing else was. I believe strongly that a rate increase. "

Dollars and Euros and there is also no ATMs in Brest. When attempting to remove the money from the card terminal writes about the technical error, says a resident of Brest:

"I tried to take dollars out of the ATM, but does not. It seems to me that this is due to the fact that tomorrow is increased interest rate. I can not understand what is happening, why no one explained? I walked a few ATMs, trying to withdraw money, and I wrote that there was a technical error. Stopped in at the cash register, took the money out there, but the U.S. and it is not. It concerns the euro. I just do not understand what's happening. "



In exchange offices NO dollars

In Mogilev exchangers in the queue. Quite a few dollars. People are also buying euros and Russian rubles.

On Tuesday morning at the eleventh hour of the exchange office of the Main Department of the National Bank of all of the two dozen people. Some on the currency came with their children in strollers. For a quarter of an hour from the exchanger moved about fifteen people.

One of them — Mrs. elderly. I'm happy, she says, she bought a hundred dollars.

Reporter"A lot of time standing in line?"

Mrs."Not that half an hour."

Reporter"A limited number of selling?"

Mrs."Not as much as you take. Only they are no longer on sale. "

Following the announcement that the U.S. is no longer the exchanger, all significantly reduced. Stronger still remained at the window. Some of them today had already visited with several heat exchangers. Here is one of the statements:

Mr."I have walked five or six banks. U.S. no. The city has not. "

Reporter"ANYTHING explain this situation?"

Mr."Nothing can explain. Not all. Tablets, technical issues, and the dollar is not available. "

The seller Currency ask if there is a sale of dollars.

"There! Now just to bring up reinforcements. Euro is on sale free. Russian Ruble too. "

Reporter"A disruption only with dollars?"

There are no interruptions. Just finished ..

Seller"No no interruptions. Just ended. I've called — bring up reinforcements. "

Reporter"A dollar ended because the demand is high?"

Seller"People are buying, take. Yes. "

A similar phrase — "Dollars are, however ended soon bring" — do not ever heard of the window exchangers. Queues of this does not become smaller. In five of the ten exchange offices that I visited, there was no euro. Sold out. People are mad. Talk about the shortage of currency taken a few. Those who dares speak out briefly. How is this man:

"I think so, that five hundred dollars already adrygnulisya our people."

Reporter"You mean the salary?"


The queue for the currency exchanger at the National Bank on Lenin Street in Mogilev.

Leonid Zaika: "Belarus needs 2-3 billion dollars to balance the financial situation"

Leonid Zaika

Once the causes of problematic financial situation in Belarus, says head of the analytical center "Strategy" Leonid Zaika:

"The chief of information department of the National Bank of Leonid Drozdov task — to calm the excitement of the population as people are still buying the currency. But as long as they are quiet and seemingly peaceful explanation, the case will go even worse. Why? As long as the population is kept
in banks in the deposit several billion dollars. And when people will pull their money out of banks, the monetary system is Khan. As I see it, the government ceased to think of the consequences of certain actions. Belarusians to vote in the presidential election on December 19 made a gift — $ 500 average salary. It was a gift that won the election the current leaders. They raised various promises. But this "gift" will have to give. It seems to me that now require $ 2-3 billion to balance the financial situation in Belarus ..


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