The door's locked, unlocked March 15

March 15 in Minsk in the store, "Logvinov," which is located in the gallery of "B" will be an autograph session Vitaly Ryzhkov. The young poet will meet with readers of his first book "The doors locked with a key."

This book had come out as early as the year before. Delay for a year the author explained the technical reasons. Last year there was a delay of the reason is financial. There were supporters of creativity Vitaly Ryzhkov, and his first book finally saw the light in the private publishing house I.P.Logvinava. Today everyone "The door's locked," open secrets.

Book Vitaly Ryzhkov were two sections of his own poems the author and one of his translations from English, Polish, Ukrainian and American poetry. For the paper version added disk from which the author's unique sound way of reading their works and perastvoranyh in Belarusian poetry Wystan Gyu Oden, Richard Kapustinskiy, Michael Salinger and others.

The young but already famous poet Vitaly Ryzhkov anything special for today's event is not satisfied — simply prepared from 18 th to 21 th to meet with their readers. And to the question of why you should not miss such an opportunity, modestly says:

"First of all, of my reasons — it's a great opportunity to see the author, who is currently busy that dedicates its time your potential reader. The reader can look into the eyes of the author, shake his hand, just ask something and asked to sign the book if the reader has the author's credibility. "

"The door's locked" caught in a short-list of poetry books nominated for the award "Debut" The Maxim Bogdanovich, founded by the Belarusian PEN-center. The name of its first winner will be known March 21, the International Day of Poetry. The jury's decision will certainly affect the activity and readers.


Vitaly Ryzhkov was born in Mogilev, April 28, 1986. An engineer by training, motor-vehicle, a lover of web design, worked as a road worker, watchman, the system administrator. He currently lives in Minsk.

Laureate of the journal "verb", "Golden apostrophe" (2008), a finalist of the Belarusian PEN Centre for the ages of the newspaper "Nasha Niva"(2006), Competition Carlos Sherman (2009), winner of the slam festival" Berezneva quota-4 "(g. Uzhgorod, Ukraine). Poems published in the journals" Youth "," verb ", the weekly"Nasha Niva, "" Modern Times "and others. Member literary festivals" Word Order "(Minsk, 2006 — 2010)," The Kiev Laura "(Kyiv, 2008) and other literary meetings in Belarus, Ukraine and Russia. Translates from English, Polish and Ukrainian languages.


Ryzhkov, a gallery of "B"

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