The Earth may be hollow?

In 1947, Rear Admiral of the Navy Richard Byrd during a research flight over the North Pole saw from the air on the ice a strange spot. And then he thought he saw a mirage: instead of white ice desert under the plane stretched forests, rivers, meadows with grazing animals like mammoths … Maybe at some point in the earth's crust has been made transparent and Byrd saw what lurks in the depths of our planet? ..

Halley's epiphany

When many years later Richard Byrd diaries were published, they certainly do not believe it. This is not surprising. After all, in all modern geological concepts, under the Earth's crust is a red-hot mantle. True, there were always scholars who questioned conventional wisdom. Among them are the famous English astronomer and director of the Royal Greenwich Observatory Edmond Halley, the discoverer of one of the most famous comet named after him. In 1692, Halley wrote that the Earth is a shell thickness of about 1000 kilometers. And inside it — the size of a kernel of Mercury, which heats the interior of the planet. Because of this there and formed their flora and fauna.

Here is another very interesting statement astronomer. The effect of the aurora, he explained that "underground" atmosphere, breaking the "aerial", begins to glow. After 300 years of astrophysics, looking at the satellite images, remember this theory.

Checking the "crazy" hypothesis

Known scientists, tend to be very value their reputation, so afraid to speak in scientific articles about the possibility of a hollow earth. Instead of a scientific article his "crazy" hypothesis they sometimes embodied in the form of fiction. So, for example, did the Russian academician Vladimir Afanasievich hoop. When it came to the existence of Bigfoot, he was able not only to defend this "crazy" for many hypothesis, but also to convince the Academy of Sciences to send a representative to find Bigfoot expedition. But following their hypotheses about the "ghost" Sannikov Land and underworld Plutonia academician rather take the form of fiction. Obruchev suggested that in prehistoric times to our planet and a huge meteorite fell, breaking her cavity formed inside the Earth.

Hypothesis Obrucheva impressed not only by fans of fantasy literature, but also on the leadership of the USSR. According to researcher V.Kreslavskogo, the activity of the Soviet Antarctic research in 1930-1940-s is due not more than a desire. authorities to check the "mad" scientist's hypothesis.

Crazy idea or a witty story?

But not only the Soviet government made attempts to get through the hole on the pole to the underground plutonium. The well-known politician and Antarctic explorer Miguel Serrano, in his article, which re-published in 2006, expressed his firm belief in the existence of the underground world.

"It is important to study and develop an argument hollow earth theory of the existence — wrote Serrano. — I see them only as a repetition or revival of the ancient idea, set out in many myths and legends.

In my belief, the earth is split into two parts and bent inward, so that anyone who enters the 83rd degrees north or south latitude, does not see what is inside the planet. The force of gravity lies in the middle of the earth's crust, which has a thickness of 800 miles. On the back of the earth's crust could be continents and seas, forests, mountains and rivers, which are inhabited by one in the old days had come back in the development of our superior race, which is known as the legendary Hyperboreans. "

For several decades, the idea of the underground world that exists on our planet, seen as a crazy idea a few uneducated fanatics, such as Simms, or as witty invention aging academics, which include Obruchev.

Satellite imagery

On the possibility of the existence of Pluto changed in the late XX century, after the researchers appeared satellite images of the polar regions. They are the scientists saw a strange image of the northern and southern polar lights. For a long time it was considered the cause of auroral glow rarefied air layers under the influence of protons and electrons, penetrating into the atmosphere from space. True, Fridtjof Nansen and other early Arctic explorers wrote in his memoirs about the fiery outbursts, rising from the horizon and going up. But this information serious scientists ignored, while the American weather satellite ESSA 7 is transmitted to Earth strange images of the North Pole. In the complete absence of clouds, that such images is extremely rare in the region of the pole is visible to an enormous hole — hole! This photo is real — examination carried out repeatedly.

Photographed from space and the southern continent — Antarctica. Images taken by NASA satellites, clearly show that the aurora come from inside the Earth and form a kind of ring around the hole near the South Pole.

Three arguments "for"

American advocate of a hollow earth John Mc Nibbli cites three main features that prove the reality of the Underworld. First, the images of Antarctica clearly see that from the spot, as interpreted by the entrance to the hollow Earth, fog creeps. Where could it have come from, if there are no holes in the underworld? Second, it is the site of the ice continent, where the ocean comes close to the entrance to the underworld, the formation of numerous icebergs. This is due, according to Jones Mc Nibbla, the phenomenon of "the end of the dark round ice area, the location of which can be defined as 84.4 degrees south latitude and 39 degrees east." Thirdly, if you look closely to the direction of air flow, it becomes noticeable to move to an area closer to the Queen Maud Land, and in general to the African side of Antarctica. The winds of change are due to the lighter warm air coming from the underworld, the heavier cold.

Author: V.Konsantinov
Source: "Interesting newspaper. Riddles civilization" № 6

Category: The prophecies and predictions, visions and hypotheses

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