The EU must do the following steps

What is the possible expansion of the list of banned Belarusian EU countries? Is Europe ready to go further in sanctions against the Belarusian regime? How has the last few months the role of Germany, which had long been advocates of the official Minsk lawyer? These questions are answered analyst Ales Lahvinets.

Tsigankov: It seems that the first check the official Minsk sanctions could not stand and the European Union decides to move on. It may be said that it is not justified the hopes of the Belarusian authorities that Europe will not be able to go a step further?

Lahvinets: The reason for the possible actions of the European Union — is that the behavior of the Belarusian authorities have not changed. Sentences against peaceful protesters were made with a challenge — they are in no way justified. In the case of two Russian citizens is obvious staronnasts and neabektyvnasts Belarusian courts, when for the same actions are very different sentences.

United Europe has to react to the situation. Belarusian regime does not listen to Europe, rejects the outstretched arm of the European Union. Therefore, the European Union, even for the sake of maintaining their own prestige, must do the following steps.

Tsigankov: The last two years, "liberalization", which was until December 19, that Germany was the main advocate of the official Minsk. But now just Germany official Belarusian media portray the main participant in a "plot" against the Belarusian authorities. Is it possible to say that the role of Berlin is now changing dramatically, and now it was Germany will become the locomotive of a new relationship of Europe to the Belarusian regime?

Lahvinets: Indeed, today the German position more pronounced, it is critical to the Belarusian regime. And this is obviously due to the including and the way in which Germany is accused of allegedly plotting a coup. It also stems from the fact that Berlin has invested a lot in good relations with the official Minsk, including some of its political authority.

But today the Belarusian regime openly disregards any suggestions on the normalization of relations with the European Union, and this is clearly normalization can only go through the release of political prisoners.

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