The festival kicked off the second Belarusian-language advertising and communications

Second Festival of Belarusian-language advertising and communications AD.NAK! today is now accepting contest entries. Works will be accepted until June 6. The main festival day of summing up — June 23. The competition program in 2011 will be significantly expanded to include new topics and areas.

The purpose of the first festival AD.NAK! was to identify the state of Belarusian-language advertising and collect the maximum amount of work and the participants. Were submitted 105 works by 59 participants in the contest, the young advertisers — 15 works from 9 players and teams. Leading the celebration said:

"The organizers are great optimists, because they work for the future. In a country where there are not a lot of advertising, to hold the festival Belarusian-language advertising — is heroism. But advertising and communications in the Belarusian language is."

The first festival was attended and the world-famous brands — Samsung, Renault, Ceresit. The presentation has shown the best video and avdyeroliki, posters, logos, are the winners in various categories. According to the results released booklet. The coordinator of the campaign "Budzma" Elena Makovskaya includes:

"Estimates" ", the work in this will be not less than the last festival. We hope so. We are a very interesting situation, since we published the results of the survey: 37% of Belarusians believe that advertising should be mainly in Belarusian. And this information is supposedly somewhere "floating in the air": or do not hear, or do not want in any way to make sense. Therefore, we still strive to come to the people and to show that indeed the Belarusian language is a very high-quality communications tool, it is noteworthy, it is well accepted and positively by consumers. "

In This year, Festival of Belarusian-language advertising AD.NAK! was a logical extension and development. Along with the usual advertising and PR, considerable attention will be given to works aimed at promoting various cultural projects, says the head of the web site "" Sergei Scorohod:

"We intentionally took a tilt towards various cultural projects, everything related to culture and art. We want around the festival during the three months of life is a rapid, significant events, which would have involved young advertisers."

This year has significantly expanded the number of nominations in the categories of "Internet advertising", "PR-campaign advertising, promotions and other projects." In addition to advertising and promotion, the festival will be attended by other communication projects: fotoplener, exhibitions, publishing, film, video -, theater, cultural and community projects. First will operate a special nomination "Belaruskaaryentavanaya advertising and communication," which draws attention to the use of the features of the Belarusian culture, history, traditions and mentality of the Belarusians. Elena Makovskaya says:

"At This year, a symbol of our festival is not one exclamation point, but many. Our exclamation point — a kind of metaphor. On the one hand, this is what makes marketers, advertisers. On the other hand — it is our desire to test their goal — to make the Belarusian-language advertising appealing, attractive and effective. "

And for those who are indifferent to their roots establish antipremiyu "Porridge Suvorov" — to celebrate her most unprofessional work and approaches in advertising.


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