The fire destroyed more than 340 homes in Colorado Springs, killing one person

Large forest fire destroyed 346 homes in the U.S. city of Colorado Springs (Colorado) in the central part of the U.S., one person was killed, reported Friday by the Associated Press referring to Mayor Steve Becha.

According to the mayor, the fire is raging uncontrolled in the area entrusted to him by the city, the fire spread to 35 streets.

Specialists calculate damages. At the moment we know that the cost of fire service staff to fight the fire element, reached $ 3.2 million.

To date, the area of the fire more than seven thousand acres. Because of the rampant disaster, the City of Colorado Springs evakuirovatbolee ordered 36 thousand people, including those located in the city of the U.S. Air Force Academy, television channel CNN.

The emergency services found under the rubble of the burnt house of a local resident's body, two more people are missing as a result of the fire, the head of police in Colorado Springs, Peter Cary.

Earlier, the White House said that on Friday, to explore the area of fire in Colorado Springs fly Barack Obama.

Contributes to the spread of fire, dry and windy weather that prevails not only in Colorado, but also in the states of Utah, Wyoming and Montana. According to the channel CNN, law enforcement agencies do not rule out that binge elements "helped" the arsonists, the investigation specialists joined the FBI.

In the raging Colorado for at least six wildfires because of which were destroyed or damaged about 300 homes. In Utah, as a result of rampant floods in the area more than 18.6 thousand hectares were destroyed 56 buildings. In Montana, hundreds of people were forced to leave their homes because of a fire that has spread to an area of more than 7.2 hectares.

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