The first phase of the reconstruction of the White Sea-Baltic Canal

8 November during his working visit to the White Sea-Baltic Canal, the head of the Federal Agency A. Davydenko looked locks 7 and 6 channel and see the results of the first phase of reconstruction.

November 9 handed the keys to new settlers 5 semi-detached house in the village Letnerechensky White Sea region of Karelia. Construction of housing for employees BBK has been included in the plan of reconstruction of the channel at the initiative of the Federal Agency of Maritime and River Transport of Russia. Only on the channel will be built 23 houses for employees BBK, 46 families will be able to improve their living conditions.


Homes designed and built by "Fortex" according to Euro 4, which implies the use of modern materials and energy-saving technologies. In addition the company has built for the villagers a new football field.

The guests visited one of the apartments of new homes. Her owners Alain and Michael OSMOLOVSKAYA not yet moved to a new home, but was warmly welcomed the guests and treated them to tea. Here are two of their children: eight-year and two-year Vadim Artem. Here OSMOLOVSKAYA family soon will move from the old dilapidated housing here is going to celebrate the New Year. Michael works for BBC diver engaged in service gateways.


7 gateway replacement of emergency-repair gates, buildings, machinery, electrical equipment on the heads of the gateway, installed and put into operation a new system of control mechanisms gateway. Work is underway on the construction of the unit service premises and a mechanical workshop, almost completed fencing the area. In internavigational period will be repaired heads and the lock chamber walls. In 2013 it is planned to complete all the work.

At the gateway 6 replaced working double gates at the bottom and middle heads, as well as emergency and maintenance gates, designed pit for unit service premises and repair shops. In internavigational period is planned to reconstruct the building of mechanisms of protection devices on the foundations of the middle and lower their heads, the installation of a new system of governance mechanisms gateway and other work. The facility is planned to be in 2014. Work on the reconstruction is performed SPE "Fortex" and OOO "SSM".

In the control tower

November 9 Head Rosmorrechflot inspected 13th gateway BBK and inspected the reconstruction of the dam 1.8 km long.


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