The fourth call to humanity

The fourth treatment Coalition Troop Observers (KOH)

Preface to the Fourth Appeal interpreter GPC.

The first reading of this document makes the uninitiated light shock. To treat it can be different, but the issues raised in it, confirmed by numerous sources spread across the globe. He fits perfectly in the scandalous treatment of Milton Williams Cooper's "secret government" in the project "Gradzh" incredible for its fantastic truth of the reports Crilly, Appeals GPC and many other remarkable documents revealing the truth about the colonization and land use in other civilizations (including our soplanetnikov).

I received this document from his American colleague and friend Steve Wingate, who lives near San Francisco (Steve Wingate). Yes, we do not control the presidency and the Senate. Our policy of intervening ones we jokingly call "green men." Americans call them — Grace. Swallow festering boom came about a decade ago with the publication of some of the documents of the "Majestic-12". That's when the world learned that the government has more serious information about the "flying saucers", not wanted to show it. This was followed by a wave of semi-fantastic semi-documentary films, articles, books, reflecting some of the real factor is present in the world of a mind. People gradually began to prepare for something more stunning, much more than a basic understanding of the fact, "Yes, we are not alone in the universe!" The Third World War has begun! The war for our minds …

Summed up the first appeal of Milton Cooper (known in the West as "Petition Charges"), sent April 24, 1989 to each member of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives, and soon dispersed around the world through e Internet. Cooper opened the policies of governments in the alien presence, showing that the head of the leading states for a long time, not only aware of the existence of other civilizations, but also maintain close contact with them at the level of technology transfer. Treatment caused a huge splash in the world, in which crystallized several new issues of primary interest to modern scholars:

1) "Area-51" (Groom Lake) — a place known as a top secret government military base to be shared earthlings and aliens. According to many researchers, it is in this area is a notorious underground laboratory dulcitol, which came into conflict with the aliens, which killed more than sixty soldiers team "Delta";

2) The "Gradzh-13" ("Yellow Book") — a scientific research program captured a representative of a different civilization, known as Krill. After a long conversation with him there was a document entitled "Reports Crilly. Descriptions of technology and culture aliens";

3) Men in Black (MIB — Man In Black) — the most alarming aspect of an alien invasion. In the last two decades have seen a revitalization of the Men in Black (the researchers believe their squads aliens), expressed to pressure and intimidation of prominent scientists, researchers and politicians. The purpose of these actions — not to human civilization to join the Galactic Federation GPC;

4) Base on the moon. Many facts indicate that the moon must be artificial base. The only question is whether they have the humans, or all of them are built by aliens, or previous civilizations of Earth.

We are now with Steve Wingate was uneven study of the lunar surface in locations where deployment bases. Using the Internet, we have access to the project database Clementine (full-scale action photography of the lunar surface), with more than 1.6 million photographs. We were able to identify many anomalies of the lunar surface, caused by artificial man-made factors, and create a detailed map of the deployment of lunar bases with very exact coordinates. There is a direct connection to the satellites that are in orbit of the Earth and the Moon. Another well-known paper — Third Message CoA — talks about the possibility of the entry of humanity into the Galactic Federation, and getting rid of the interference of parasitic civilizations, using our planet and ourselves in some of his secret purposes. On the hard drive of my computer contains hundreds of documents, photos and evidence to prove these facts.

Tens of megabytes of unique information … Photos of "Zone-51" satellite implants, implantable soft tissue contactees, debris crashed ship and the ships themselves aliens, traces of their presence on our planet, quite unknown to Russian researchers documents "Sector 9" (with the observers of the Galactic Federation), beautiful images Martian Sphinx, pyramids, canals and roads, lunar anomalies, photographs of American astronauts, moon epic "Apollo 11" and much more. And they prove one thing: our planet for centuries had been the object of attention of a number of civilizations, both friendly and hostile … What you will read below, I tend to refer to the Supplement Appeals Third Law. In the text, the term "Galactic Federation" I think it is appropriate to understand as KOH — Coalition Order Observers. You understand what I mean to read it in more detail … I hope that you properly evaluate the information that has fallen into your hands, and dispose of it properly.

GPC fourth appeal to humanity.
Our Awareness indicates that the New World Order is a development of the script, written by a civilization known as the Orion Greys ("Gray"). The purpose of the Order — the future inclusion in the Empire of Orion. This Awareness indicates that in spite of the planned events, they are not the only possible choice or alternative. Space Coalition, which includes Pleyadtsev, Vegantsev and Sirians, very concerned, and hopes that the earth does not become part of the Empire or the Federation of Orion Dragons. This Awareness indicates that they would prefer to see the Earth in the Space Coalition.

This awareness also indicates that the Earth has a special meaning for the galaxy and very significant in terms of water and a central computer located in the depths of the planet, which has been placed in ancient times Orion guards when they had a lot of control over this planet. And they want to restart the computer and use the planet for their own purposes.

This awareness also indicates that there are other human civilization, has full rights to the planet, but lost control of it due to war or other reasons. Should take into account the rights of these civilizations in the discussion about who really is the master of the world.

This awareness also points out that at the moment it is difficult to determine the identity of any one of the Earth civilization, despite the fact that many cultures have their own sites on the planet and see themselves as its true owners; Reptoids require confirmation of their rights is about ten thousand years of civilization Sirius argue that took control of the planet out of the hands reptoids and Pleiades insist on the spiritual connection with humanity. Vega did not protest the representatives of their rights, but offer their help as an ally in the struggle against the oppressive alien civilizations.

This awareness also indicates that Gray (hereinafter — the Orions) — high aliens with thin noses — lay claim to ownership of the computer inside the bowels of the Earth and capable of yielding energy through special energy network for economic and military progress. The Orions are in a better economic position, which allows them to control other alien civilizations like the Dragons and representatives Zeta Grid.

This awareness also indicates that stunted Gray and representatives Zeta Nets have mostly mercenaries, with the dominance of the Dragons, reptiles, which are in turn subject to the Orions even though they have a great military power and more power. The armed forces are able to colonize the planet Dragons without the assistance of the Orions, but the latter has sufficient experience in this matter, and therefore Dragon Reptiles do not dispute their rights by providing military aid, while the Orions take over the reins of political and economic governance. This Awareness indicates that psevdorazumnoe Humanity ignores manipulations carried with him, living momentary pleasures, and not guided by reason, and behavioral instincts.

This Awareness indicates also that among the few people fully understand the goals and objectives of the alien presence on Earth and have about them some idea. This awareness also indicates that the Space Coalition, made up of Pleyadtsev, Vegantsev, Sirians and Arcturians, remains neutral, because it was not invited to any of the people or the government to help people get rid of the humiliating harassment rendered the armed forces of Dragons and Orion. In fact, most people still do not realize that they are in bondage — from health and finishing technologies — enabling hostile civilizations seamlessly expand its sphere of influence. Space Coalition has plans, capabilities, and forces to help humanity, but it is waiting for the moment when people consciously impending danger and asked for help.

This awareness also points out that the recent death of Creston (Creston), also known as Ronald Rammell (Ron Rummell), sent to Earth to inform earthlings about the threat from Grays and Reptoids, served as a turning point in the understanding of the Cosmic Coalition conditions of human civilization. Messenger, on the instructions of Vegantsev and Arcturians, had to figure out the reasons why the human race can not resist the dark armed forces, used as the primary means of intervention and monetary systems of the state system of government. Messenger, a very limited money and completely depended on the cooperation of the friends who have helped to maintain and further research was fairly clear idea of the difficulties which brought the world monetary system management. In the last few years of his sojourn on Earth Messenger could understand that the system of money, in fact, managed and implemented by the armed forces of the planet Orion. This form of control has a lot of power over people. Many of those who work for the invaders, are silent because they are afraid of losing their jobs if they start talking about UFOs and the extraterrestrial. This awareness also indicates that one of the issues to Ron when he came in contact with his friends from the Vega was — why he could not do anything when I learned about the true state of affairs? His answer was: "- I have no money!" This led to general confusion, as civilization Vegantsev not use money. Representatives of the Pleiades, Sirius and Arcturus also use monetary system. Civilization only, subject to Orion, use and promote the monetary system.

This Awareness indicates that the Messenger of Creston (this is the name to Vega), known on Earth as Ron Rammell, gave Vegantsam the Arcturians and Pleyadtsam vital information, based on which they could not understand why humans can not get rid of the humiliating oppression and slavery . This new information, in addition to a common understanding of the situation, allowing them to be more active in their intervention, which was previously banned the so-called Prime Directive — Avoiding any influence on civilization, not to ask for appropriate intervention (assistance). This Awareness indicates also that they now realize that under the current monetary system, enslaved people, such an invitation could not be obtained. This awareness also indicates that the destruction of Ron Rummel military invaders hastened his end, giving himself the Space Coalition, which, after reviewing their positions on Humanity has much more reason to be confident that the people, being prisoners on their own planet, could not ask for help, because they are simply silenced. This awareness also points out that in the future will be decided or propose Dark armed forces to cease their activities, or to save the Earth from its presence. However, for the earth fell on hard times, because intruders are going to finish the revolution on this planet.

How aliens can use a computer that is inside the Earth? What might happen if aliens have access to a computer and be able to restart it? What benefits they will take this step? Our Awareness indicates that the goal was to release some of the vibration — the type of protection from spiritual energy barrier of spiritual knowledge.

This computer generated special frequencies that cause the human mind to concentrate on the feeling of constant impending danger and conflict. Some vibrations can trigger unrest, these disorders are also caused and planets during their motion (eg, Saturn), when the quadrant object to the Sun will give some negative effect on the object. In addition, the computer can be used to promote war and violence, paranoia, conflict. As a result, the computer becomes the norm greed, strife, anxiety, stress. A lot of people are susceptible to these frequencies.

This awareness also points out that in the past two decades, some units CIA made efforts and even created special teams that wiped out many of the crystalline network Computer Terminal, found in underground tunnels and underground caverns, which led to the disruption of its central activity.

This Awareness indicates that there was a special CIA team responsible for carrying out this work, but it was disbanded and brought the matter to an end. Awareness indicates that this activity took place not only in the United States, but also in Germany in the 50's, 60's and early 70's. Awareness indicates that in the end the work of computers has been reduced to a minimum. But what happens if it will work again? This will cause a huge negative effect. But it is unlikely that it will be included in the near future. Awareness also points out that there are many people who are unaware of the true purpose of its activities and is making significant efforts to recover the computer and the network. They think that they are working for the good of humanity. They receive guidance from the agents of Orion, and believe that the Orions do this by taking care of the welfare of the people. Awareness indicates that the successful efforts made to prevent these people do their job. Awareness indicates that the head of this group is concentrated in the state of Ohio in Toledo. It also appears that efforts to restart the computer, were disrupted or delayed. Awareness indicates that it is unlikely that this could happen at all.

This Awareness indicates also that Baron Rothschild (London), according to reliable sources, organized a meeting at his home with a very serious people asking to "meet someone very important and special." Baron presented the guests reptoids representative. The stranger introduced himself a messenger of civilization Dragon and said that it is a civilization on Earth independent research, like some other civilizations, and that the purpose of their research is to help humanity and preparing for membership in the Orion Empire and the Federation of Juggernaut. Awareness indicates that this case is a direct proof of the connection of the most significant representatives of human civilization (in charge of the major financial resources) to members of the armed forces intruders. Through the monetary system is implemented and political regulation.

Newcomers often separated into servants of Ahriman and angelic beings from the Pleiades. Awareness also wishes to emphasize that the aliens involved with Ahriman, in Christian terminology called Satan. Host of angelic beings — God — connect with the civilizations of the Pleiades, Sirius, Arcturus and Vega. Awareness indicates that the Asuras (demons, working with Arimantsami, not to be confused with pervobogami land known under the same name. — EL) — and occupy higher ranks of officers in the armed forces reptoids and Orion. Residents Zeta constellation Nets are less significant, and were known in ancient times as the goblins and elves, but then people are in no way connected them with aliens from other planets. This awareness also points out that there are also Derosy (Deros) — mentally ill (crazy) Gray left on this planet for the treatment, but eventually turned into a real demon. They are much worse Dzetiantsev Nets, who arrived in the last 30 years.

Awareness indicates that essentially you are a member in these Satanic alien hierarchies, but still have friends from other civilizations, which in Christian chronicles called angels and gods. The effect of two raznovibratsionnyh (with different energies) of the parties — let the light and dark forces — will result, on Earth at the same time there will be light and heavy vibration. They will have different effects in different parts of the world. In other words, the Earth will gradually (and already starts) split into two different dimensions. This is due to the mutual influence of the Earth Forces of Light and the forces of darkness. The forces of darkness will destroy the environment, while the forces of Light will try to improve it, resulting in pristine condition. This opposition moves the Earth into a new dimension — the higher vibrations, while the other part will seek to lower vibrations. Awareness indicates that people will not understand the meaning of these processes, but they will see that one is better than another, depending on whether the vibration which both seek.

Contacting the International Committee for Cooperation with extraterrestrial civilizations for humanity
Analyze the text of the Third and Fourth Statements, as well as all information received by the Committee, the Board of the Committee reached the following conclusions:

the original text of the address, as they contain information that you do not know the people today, but that humanity possessed of antiquity;

in our galaxy contains a confrontation between the two confederations: on the one hand — the Orion, which includes Dragons and civilization Dzetiantsev Nets take over the Earth — and on the other hand — Pleyadtsev, Sirians, Arcturians Vegantsev and offering to help humanity, the confrontation of Orion and the Pleiades were sealed even the Greek legend;

analysis of the colors of the stars of the constellations Pleiades, Sirius and Vega (white, blue and white colors — aura of saints to be aware that the color of the stars and planets give their inhabitants radiation) shows that these civilizations have a high moral standard, which was maintained for at at least the last 10,000 years. At Orion supergiant star Betelgeuse is red — the color of untouchables, and the only blue — is the star Rigel. Perhaps civilization with Rigel — Grey high — and there are fallen angels, imprinted biblical legend.

— the lack of money in the system shows its civilization (civilization) spirituality, which corresponds to human nature.

All told, the International Committee for Cooperation with the other civilizations in the name of humanity decided to request the release of the planet from the Earth to take over our civilization, which intervened in the life of mankind and keep people in bondage. The Committee decided to ask for help for civilizations Vega, Pleiades, Sirius, Arcturus, and to human civilization that once abandoned — in the words of its representatives — our planet 3,000 years ago and allowed the Swiss Billy Meier photograph of yourself documentary (available to the Committee). The time and place of the meeting of the Committee with the above civilizations propose to one of the Orthodox holidays, and without any intermediaries. Most people do not know the information published in this work, and that humanity is 30,000 years is in bondage to Satan. And if people knew all that, then, of course, would be unanimously supported our request to assist the Committee to expel the invaders from the planet.

July 7, 1997 the Board of the International Committee for Cooperation with extraterrestrial civilizations

Contacting the International Committee for Cooperation with extraterrestrial civilizations in the name of humanity to civilization Vegantsev

The International Committee for Cooperation with extraterrestrial civilizations, with no access to the media and experiencing the unimaginable pressure of the invaders of Earth, through this publication refers to the civilization Vegantsev and their friends to help expel the invaders from Earth of Mankind.

July 7, 1997 the Board of the International Committee for Cooperation with extraterrestrial ivilizatsiyami


Resolution of the International Symposium "Natural space anomalies, problems of global ecology and the survival of humanity." The initiators and organizers of this Symposium were Ural Roerich Foundation, the newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda", JSC "Permturist" Urban society ufologists. General sponsors of the event were PNOS and Perm City Administration. At the symposium, sent representatives of more than 20 cities of Russia and abroad, among them scientists, ufologists, representatives of culture, press, radio, television, and a number of religious denominations. Registered 200 participants. After the plenary session of the symposium was held in four sections:

1. The influence of the UFO phenomenon for Humanity. Ways and forms of co-operation with other civilizations.
2. The global crisis of civilization and how to prevent it.
3. Noospheric-space processes and their impact on the biosphere and feedbacks.
4. Bioenergy and health. Two days of the symposium was held in the city of Perm, one day in kangaroos and two days left for the Symposium Molebka village. The result of the Symposium was the following solutions:

1. Open in the city of Perm in the Urals-based Roerich Foundation Committee of bio-energy exchange and a subsidiary of the International Academy of Energy Science.

2. Since the government of any country of the world are not able to launch an appeal to the Coalition Symposium takes on the name of the right of all peoples to turn to the Coalition to take mankind into its structure.

3. In case of refusal or neglect to the Coalition this Call symposium proposes to November 30, 1996 in Perm congress of scientists, UFO and all people concerned about the situation of humanity, and those who have something to say on this issue by converting the movement into a political party, whose main goal is to prepare humanity to join the Coalition.

By the participants of the Symposium August 17, 1996. Committee Chairman VA Shemshuk.

Address to the Members of the Coalition of the International Symposium "Prirodnokosmicheskie anomalies, problems of global ecology and the survival of humanity." It has been 67 years since the third call of the Coalition for humanity, was made in 1929 on the radio in the main languages of the world: English, Chinese, Russian and Spanish. Governments of Appeal left without comment, and the press rushed to present it as radioshutku, similar to the one staged Broadcaster in, staged the play based on the novel by HG Wells, "Warrior of the Worlds." Although humanity for reflection was given 50 years in Russia, this text became widely known only in 1991, after the release of "Asgard — the city of the gods", when time for response has passed. According to this document, the observers sent to Earth by the Coalition, did not have complete and accurate information about the situation on the planet.

Over the past 50 years, governments of leading countries engaged in concealment of the facts of the alien presence on Earth, and most importantly — its relationship with an alien civilization, completely controlling humanity for many millennia. Ufologists world have a huge amount of evidence regarding the dangers to people of this kind of control. That is why from the governments was to discredit scientists, researchers and policy makers involved in the investigation of the alien presence, and the destruction of all the facts of the world visiting other alien civilizations in the Coalition. Individual members of the governments of various countries have tried to tell people the truth, for that have paid with their lives.

Thus, the president of Grenada was ousted from office in a military coup, only for the fact that raised the question of the alien presence in front of the 33rd session of the United Nations. Secretary for Security James Forrestal was thrown out of a skyscraper window only for the fact that he insisted on the public the information about the U.S. government's relationship with an alien civilization. List of dead politicians and scientists who opposed the alien control of Mankind is very long. Therefore, the Symposium, knowing that on our planet, no government, no international organization is unable to solve on their own, especially to make an appeal, made a right turn to the Coalition on behalf of all people to include in its membership Humanity .

Open letter to the Organizing Committee of the Congress of scientists and politicians on all Governments and international organizations from 12 to 17 August 1996 in the city of Perm was an international symposium on the problems of the survival of humanity and cooperation with other civilizations (The symposium was organized by the Ural Roerich Foundation, the newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda" , City UFO community with the financial assistance of the Perm regional administration, JSC "Permturist" and PNOS). At the end of the Symposium was composed appeal to the Coalition of Civilizations with the proposal to consider the inclusion of the Earth of Mankind in its composition (text of the appeal published in "Komsomolskaya Pravda", "Trade Union Courier," "local time" and read on TV program "Riphean").

After the publication of Appeals for the Coalition met with the members of the Organizing Committee of representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations, and expressed a wish to leave the idea of joining the Coalition of Humanity, as we have no idea of the true state of affairs. Members of the Organizing Committee does not deny this fact, since in the imposition of misinformation and maintain a negative attitude to the problem of the existence of other civilizations to make accurate conclusions difficult. Organizing Committee considers it necessary to state that it will not hold any secret negotiations behind the Humanity and all the information received will be reported in the press. Understanding the complexity of the current situation, the Government, with the full alien control, and absolute ignorance of this population, the organizing committee invites January 27, 1997 scientists, all existing governments, NGOs and international movements in the earth to form a working body authorized to negotiate on behalf of the Coalition of Humanity .

Those governments that rely on for Congress can not send their representatives. Humanity, is a single organism, may crack due to the fact that some members of the government are preparing their people to join the Federation, some civilizations. Who can be asked only about the possible admission of Humanity in the coalition that will remove the alien control of States and will stop experimenting on people who are engaged in a number of extraterrestrial civilizations.

Question of the admission of Mankind in any civilization is to be postponed until as long as mankind does not make a complete and correct understanding of the Coalition and all extraterrestrial civilizations in contact with humanity.
We ask you to inform us of their agreement to participate in the congress.

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