The genes of the two mothers — Child protection from genetic glitches

Scientists at the Oregon Health & Sciences University have created embryos with genes from one man and two women. Thus it became possible occurrence of children who have not two, but three parent.

This technology can change the social structure of modern society, enabling "normal functioning" of a few families of the spouses. By the way, in the United States and some other countries is currently undergoing corrections legislation that allow such a possibility.

For example, in Brazil this year for the first time three people were married, and in California legally the child may more than two parents. But the main thing — the new technique can help prevent the transmission of hereditary incurable diseases.

Previously tried to repeat the experience of experts from Britain. Scientists have made a statement that created a child who has just three parent. But this claim was unfounded. Female DNA in the gene set was not more than 1%. Moreover, it was not DNA from the nucleus of cells, it was part of the mitochondria. A genetic disease that tried to cure, is transmitted through the maternal line in the DNA of mitochondria.

In a world in 1 in 5,000 children are born with genetic defects, which carries a mitochondrial DNA. Because of this, children may be blind, suffer from epilepsy or renal failure. Donation of DNA gives a chance for these children to be born healthy.

Scientists from the University of Oregon Health examined the nuclear DNA, making it possible to move further in this matter. If the experience will justify itself, in the future, scientists will replace the genes carrying the disease in the egg on the "healthy", and then will hold its fertilization male sex cells.

While for ethical reasons, they do not plan to raise the child of an embryo, as this causes a lot of controversy from the public.



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