The Hidden War in the Middle East

Hidden war in the Middle East

The Middle East has always been a sphere of geopolitical, economic and strategic interests of the U.S. and its allies.

World society, cautiously watching the developments in the region, still hopes that the conflict will not lead to a global nuclear catastrophe.

Iran, with a population of over 70 million people, has the appropriate developed infrastructure, excellent equipment, and trained the army, has countless supplies of oil and gas. Tehran has allies in the region: Syria, Lebanon, Afghanistan, Yemen, Iraq and Palestine.

The purpose of monetary and political elites of such countries as the United States and Britain — to find power over the region and the Near East to redirect the flow of foreign exchange earnings from the sale of Iranian energoelementov the budgets of the Anglo-American companies.

U.S. analysts reasonably believe that the development of any state is dependent on the availability of energy. Controlling sources energoelementov, the U.S. will be able to influence the development of entire countries, including his own basic political and economic competitor — China. Even the fact that the U.S. has a fairly natural resources for their own gratification of needs, can not force America to complete the purchase energoelementov on the outdoor market. U.S. seeks to remain player in the oil and gas market in order not to weaken their own influence on global processes.

The Iranian nuclear programm urges the United States, England and Israel to think about a possible military attack on Iran. Accelerating the development of the military operation against Iran due to the fact that the Iranian authorities transferred to the secure underground bunkers materials and equipment necessary for the implementation of nuclear applets. How to find the British military, with the appearance of a military confrontation between the allied army will resort to air missile and bombing strikes while blocking Iran's South American U-boats from the sea.

Israel has not once turned to the United States with a proposal for action to destroy Iran's nuclear facilities, as Iran is the main and most insecure of his adversary in the region.

South American analysts assume that the presidential elections Obama will not dare unleash a new military conflict, and, as it should, while the effective strike on Iran may be irretrievably lost.

It is not so long ago, Iran tested a 3-ballistic missiles in the area of fundamental strategic Strait of Hormuz to the region. Need to see what specifically through the strait is a big part of the oil and gas supplies from the Persian Gulf. For the start of the next U.S. carrier battle groups. This is not a good reaction caused by the Iranian authorities, who claimed that the ships left the United States to the Persian Gulf. The answer was immediate: January 4, 2012 The United States said that naval forces will not leave the region.

Intelligence units of the United States has long kept secret are the work against Iran. The outcomes of these activities were to support the efforts of the West to end the nuclear programs from Iranian officials involved in the project, settlement of Tehran's nuclear scientists, as the organization of a computer failure, which led to the breakdown of uranium enrichment.

It should be noted that the pace of events in Iran has increased in recent months. This reveals the increasing lurking war between Iran and its opponents.

One of the operations of this struggle was lurking disclosure of U.S. intelligence services komplota, resulting in the realization of which the United States had to die salting Saudi Arabia. The scheme implied role in the killing of Iranian origin Yankees as a customer. Also under the komplota planned disruption of the Israeli Embassy in Washington and the embassies of Israel and Saudi Arabia in Argentina. Although Iranian officials refuted this information, such information is even more aggravate tensions between Washington and Tehran.

Progress report by the IAEA, in which carefully sets out the state of its nuclear programs from Iran, intensified diplomatic, military, economic and PR-company against Iran: from the introduction of tougher sanctions before the war.

Israeli intelligence did not deny the fact that they are involved in an explosion at the base of the Iranian ballistic missiles, "Shihab" occurring on November 12 last year. As a result, 27 people died and 16 were wounded. It is surprising that the Iranian side classify the results of the investigation. According to the official version, the explosion occurred in a warehouse at unloading explosives from the armory, so do not have a case for nuclear testing. But for disk imaging Iranian opposition, as a result of explosion died general in charge of the tests of new ballistic missiles.

November 29, Iranian media said the explosion in Isfahan. This city is one of the important subjects involved in the implementation of nuclear programs from Iran. There is processing of uranium ore. Explosion significantly delayed the work.

In turn, special services Iran are also kept secret war against the United States. The result of their work was the suspension of operations at the CIA area of Lebanon after the arrest of 12 U.S. intelligence informants.

The Iranian authorities have taken the decision to expel the ambassador of England and reduced diplomatic affairs. Also, they do not prevent the Iranian citizens stormed the embassy area of England in Tehran.

Iranian news agencies said about being forced to board a South American drone on its territory, in connection with what appeared reasonable fear of opening the Iranian spices control unmanned aircraft the U.S..

Not counting the secret operations against Iran, the United States and Britain have organized of strongest pressure on the banking and energy sector Tehran.

President of the United States from January 1, 2012 imposed sanctions against the Central Bank of Iran, which led to a sharp decline in the Iranian currency. England and Canada has taken action to a complete cessation of operations between the Central Bank of Iran and their financial sectors.

The EU, for its part, is ready in January of this year to take the decision to ban the supply of Iranian oil, although previously denounced similar proposal of France.

At the current time, the U.S. completes the withdrawal of troops from Iraq. As the Iraqi army was destroyed in 2003, to resist the Iranian armed forces in this area could only South American military units. Now nothing prevents Iran from becoming a decisive force in the region. And it is very scares not only Israel, Turkey and Saudi Arabia, and the United States.

Speaking for the elimination of nuclear programs from Iran, the U.S. really understand that Tehran has a combat-capable armed forces everyday. Because destruction of nuclear applets will not weaken military potential of Iran, Tehran also does not hurt, when necessary, to block the supply of oil through the Strait of Hormuz.

Because the U.S. and its allies are working to decrease the impact of Iran by overthrowing the Syrian government, leaving behind a control of the situation in Iraq and to reduce Iranian influence over Hezbollah.

These actions require a huge amount of collected intelligence, new development of strategic and tactical plans, and efforts to implement them. The number of shares and the secret underground work
carried out by all parties, just huge.

Any of the parties to make every effort to develop new forms of Latent war.

Since the current time, the Middle East is ruled by violence, fully possible that Iran will apply in a brutal struggle for power in the region of techniques that go beyond a reasonable act.

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