The hypothesis of the Bermuda Triangle mystery

Dozens of ships and planes swallowed ocean abyss near the famous Bermuda Triangle. Put forward a set of hypotheses to explain the mystery of the ocean. But perhaps the most interesting version of the famous designer offered Weaponsmith N. Korovyakov. He believes that the Earth is a kind of raw chicken egg in which the shell — a shell burden of the planet, and the yolk — the core.

Under the effect of the rotation of the planet, and the gravitational forces of the sun, moon and planets core is constantly moving, the closer to the earth's firmament, then remove. Each approach should in principle give rise to the surface of the gravitational perturbation, but it shields the earth's crust, not letting out. And just where the crustal thickness is negligible (as in the Bermuda Triangle), or there are faults, gravitational waves, powerful current pulled out to the surface, creating a real "cyclone", spun during rotation the earth's core.

The flow of energy in the "triangle" is so strong that it vibrates the body's cells, leading them eventually to failure. In this case, the rate of accumulation of energy depends on the direction of the ship. When driving counter-rotating cyclone is maximized and people overtakes instant death. Obviously, all that they have time, to feel it in bulk suddenly unbearable pain that turns a person into a terrible grimace. And when the ship's course and the "twist" "Cyclone" are the same, the pain increases gradually, leading people to madness, and they would seek to get rid of suffering, catch the roaring abyss.

The further away from the "Cyclone", the weaker it a formidable force. On the periphery of her notice only devices. However, here is important course of sea or air vehicle. Travel gravitational vortex are like extra speed and arrive at the designated point earlier than it should. Going against the contrary, overcome resistance invisible storm, but no one kilometer do not come close to the shore.

It is known that the crust is thinnest at 1.28 parallels. It is on this line are anomalous zones like the Bermuda Triangle. For example, "The Sea Devil" — the sea area between Hong Kong, the Philippines and Taiwan, where the calm, windless days mysteriously disappearing ships and planes. Within these zones, "triangles" — from time to time there are gravitational anomalies. This is a change in intensity of the gravitational field of the earth, and it seemed to attract all that there is. But the focus of this gravity is not located on the surface and at a height of seven miles above the Earth.

Thus, in the Bermuda Triangle at the height anomalies on seven miles form two adjacent cone. Their attraction base multiplied. Caught in the lower cone plane with great force throws into the sea. And at the top — gravity is negative, flying above the mark odinnadtsatikilometrovoy plane caught in a cone, with great force pushed the limits of gravity. In such cases, the search of the mystical terror state that even the remains of the missing plane has been found.

People have noticed a strange thing, which, as a rule, not the Protocol to investigate crashes, wreckage in the fall sometimes scatter on the ground for hundreds of meters, as one would expect. The plane leaves a distinct mark on the ground the fuselage and wings, as if it fell vertically and flat, penetrating into the ground thirty centimeters.

When Nikolai Korovyakov first heard from witnesses of the tragedy of these incredible details, he began to look similar disasters. Over the years the map was covered with circles. And once again looking at her, a researcher gasped, seeing the regular arrangement of circles. — "Petal", which form the gravitational vortices.

Date of the incident is also lined pattern: plane crashes in the days of full moon and new moon, and are separated by 5.3 days from the end position of the moon. It turned out that 80 percent of the plane crash disaster. Now, with the calendar patterns, they are not natural, and calculated …

On the basis of his hypothesis, mullein has calculated that the "gravitational cyclones" not only occur at low latitudes, but also in other areas of the planet, although weaker than in Bermuda. For some bands he led nepoletnye days. Calculations confirmed reports of the crash. The hypothesis was working.


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