The installation of the bridge spans on the road Adler — Alpica Service

Enterprises Group "SK MOST" completed the installation of bridge spans on the road Adler — skiing resort "Alpika-Service." In the area of responsibility is 45 bridges in the area from the 14th to the 46th kilometer of the combined track.

Work on installation spans began in December 2009 on the 15th and 43-kilometer railway line runs, and ended on the 20th kilometer of the road line in February 2013. During the 40 months it was found almost 105,000 tonnes of steel.

Installation work of such scope and pace in the Russian road construction has not yet been carried out. The works were simultaneously deployed at dozens of bridges were involved hundreds of experts, dozens of pieces of heavy construction equipment.

For the railway line tracks were selected by the customer spans with a ride on the ballast. This type of bridge spans a number of advantages, in particular, the spans can be installed on curves, they provide a reduced level of noise while driving, have the same type of construction of the permanent way and subgrade, and on the bridge, allowing mechanized laying and repairs. The most difficult in terms of assembly are three railway bridge. Bridge on the 30th kilometer of the highway is the largest, with a length of 2517 meters. Bridge on the 39th kilometer of the complex is located on the site, here on the road large slope — 4 meter rise for every 100 meters of road. Finally, on the 33-kilometer highway built the longest double-track bridge — its length is 1,067 meters. Installation of the railway bridges was conducted from December 2009 to September 2012.

Installation of road bridge superstructures began in June 2010 and lasted until the end of February 2013. Among the most difficult areas — the bridge on the 20th kilometer of highway — the longest, with a length of 1,295 meters, the bridge on the 36th kilometer is the highest, up to 24 meters, support, and finally, cable-stayed bridge 810 meters long by 25-m kilometer is the first structure of this type in the south of Russia.

Bridge spans were installed in different ways of installation — used for installation of solid scaffolding, mounted and semi-mounted installation, conveyor-rear assembly having a longitudinal sliding, mounting two cranes, transverse sliding. The choice of method depended on the terrain (in cramped conditions), the presence of nearby other engineering structures (power lines, Krasnopolyanskaya HPP), as well as the parameters of the span.

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