The Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation made the Cadet School

Russia's Investigative Committee created Cadet SchoolInvestigative committee (SC) of the Russian Federation made their Cadet School, said Friday the head of department Alexander Bastrikin.

"We must educate the rising generation in the spirit of respect for the deeds of our Protz, in an atmosphere of patriotism and the continuity of the best traditions passed down from generation to generation," — said the head of the UK, speaking at a conference of inter-regional public fund "prominent generals and naval commanders majestically Russian war of 1941 — 1945's. "

Bastrikin noted that department intensively engaged in the development of the Cadet movement.

"Create" Cadet School Russian Investigative Committee of the Alexander Nevsky. "Specifically, such an approach will contribute to the achievement of the positive results that the company is waiting for the good of Russia", — he added.

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