The Main Event 12.12.12 Within 20 minutes!

Today is quite an unusual date. Today, December 12, 2012, or simply 12.12.12. Amazing date having completed twelve-game numbers that began 01.01.01. A lot of things about it uttered in the world, but most importantly — at 11, 11 minutes, 11 seconds (most people feel this is an event starting at 12 hours 12 minutes and 12 seconds), today, should something happen. What is it — opinions differ. Many guarantee ascension. But almost everyone is convinced that it is — a happy day, and most importantly — the last major day before the expected date of the year: 21.12.12.
Let's read that it is recommended to do for the remaining 20 minutes to the "time-X"

It was too much just whispered star astrologers and experts circumstellar Sciences. So they take the time to share such "important" information to make mankind happy.

No matter how disappointed fans panic, do not wait for something special and disaster this year, and it is not necessary to prepare something terrible.

Beautiful date 12.12.12 completes twelve-game numbers that began with 01.01.01. More than triple combinations in the XXI century will be. Someone is waiting for such coincidences much happiness and good fortune. Someone in fear does not know where to hide, and what products to stock up. And someone just waves his hand at all sorts of predictions and prophecies, taking a recurrence of the original figures for the reason to start a new life.

Perhaps the denial of any meaning inherent in the number, and there is the right decision.

You can be equally happy and equally unhappy on 1 December and 12 December, and it does not matter, as there will arise the moon and what side she will turn to other planets. The key to all our problems hidden within us.

If you look through history, it turns out something like this picture within 11 days of the last 11 years:

01.01.01 — the first day of the twenty-first century, the planet lived relatively peacefully. Off the coast of Turkey's sinking, the capital of Tajikistan, there were two explosions, a large meteorite fell into the Pacific Ocean near the island of Tahiti.
02.02.02 — defined target for military attack U.S. — Iraq, unrest in Afghanistan.
03.03.03 — have died as a result of U.S. and British air strikes on the south of Iraq, in the north of Nigeria missing 80 people.
04.04.04 — Iraq's Shiite uprising broke out, a grenade blew up in the square in front of the metro station in Tbilisi, there was an earthquake in Japan.
05.05.05 — American Opportunity machine stuck in a sand dune on Mars.
06.06.06 — Superstitious people have taken over the "number of the beast" — 666 and sparked fears of a fateful date in Java Merapi volcano woke up.
07.07.07 — the attack on the market in Iraq, burning wood in Turkey.
08.08.08 — Russia joined the Georgian-South Ossetian conflict on the side of South Ossetia, launched an operation to "peace enforcement".
09.09.09 — Mexico's fanatic trying to capture the passenger plane, an explosion occurred on missile cruiser Black Sea Fleet in Sevastopol, flooding in Turkey.
10.10.10 — attack in three schools in Pakistan, in the Baltic Sea off steam.
11.11.11 — terrorists hijacked a ferry in Turkey, riots in Tripoli.

As you can see, the news of the day is not much different from today's Chronicle news. And neither stars nor planets parade, no energy imbalance of the universe can not affect the catastrophe of thoughts in my head of a single person and change the course of events.

December 12, 2012. What will be the day? Let it be good!

Particularly superstitious astrologers advise citizens on this historic day to put on 12 things, put 12 coins in his pocket, to light 12 candles, gather for a table of 12 friends to drink 12 glasses of fluids, eat 12 different dishes to 12 historical photographs with a fixed date (12.12. 12), 12 times to look back into the past, to smile 12 times, 12 times to kiss a loved one, do 12 good deeds and make a wish 12.


See you at 12 minutes past eleven!


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