The mother of 16 children decided to give birth and then


The couple, who used drugs, and drugs, fertility, are currently awaiting the birth of their seventeenth child. Christi and Dave Cason, from California, are the parents of nine boys and seven girls aged from 2 to 23 years and say they would like to have 20 children.

"Every child is special to us. I feel the excitement at the thought of what they will be, as will appear. I do not think that pregnancy has become my addiction. We just never felt that our family is complete, "- says the 41-year-old Christie. Christi and 45-year-old Dave, who works as an engineer, went through 20 months of mental anguish because of two miscarriages before Christie became pregnant after using the drug Clomid .

Christie is a brilliant economist, it is perfectly possible to plan a budget and all the great family living on $ 80,000 a year, which makes Dave. She decided she wanted a 17th child just five months after she gave birth to Nathaniel.

But unfortunately, the pregnancy was interrupted for three months — Christie lost the baby just before scanning at its 12th week. The pair tried unsuccessfully to have a child within a year. Then in September 2012, Christie gynecologist suggested she take Clomid, which stimulates the production of hormones necessary for ovulation. "We were desperate — said Christie.

— We really wanted another child and we never had problems conceiving in the past. The biggest difference between the ages of birth — 22 months. "

Just three months later, in November 2012, Christie was thrilled to learn that she is pregnant again. But just three days before Christmas, she had a miscarriage again, this time on the ninth week. Devastated Christie and Dave did not lose hope and were determined to try again.

They are very happy from what Christie is now at 16 weeks pregnant. Recently, the couple had their first grandchild. Their eldest daughter, Jessica, gave birth to a girl who was named Jaden, and Christie nursed her at the time, while Jessica is working.

Couples day begins at 5 am, when Dave leaves for work, and Christy began to do household chores and preparing children for school. Drove the family laundry services from three to seven times a day and buys at least two boxes of cereal, two gallons of milk and a loaf of bread.

Dave's salary, which is $ 80,000, painted to the penny. $ 1,300 goes to the mortgage payment for their five-bedroom house, $ 1600 per month family spends on food and $ 1,900 — to pay the bills and running costs. The pair explains that they have such a large family is not because of religious beliefs, but simply because they love children.

Alexei Slobodyan

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