The NPP Marcoule in France there was an explosion, there is the threat of a radiation leak

Reactor explosion occurred on Monday at a nuclear power plant "Marcoule" in the department of Gard in southern France, according to French TV channelFrance3 Languedoc-Roussillon. While there is evidence of one dead and three wounded.

According to rescue workers at the scene, there is a risk of emission of radiation passes"Interfax". Other details of the incident are not announced. Clarifies the circumstances of the accident.

Marcoule (Marcoule) — one of the centers of the nuclear industry in France. NPP is located in the department of Gard in the south, in the valley of the Rhone River. NPP controlled Atomic Energy Commission and the company Areva, notesRIA "Novosti". France is in second place in the list of the world's leading manufacturers of nuclear power (439 730 000 000 kWh / year). Almost twice her in ahead of the U.S..

Industrial facility owned by the French nuclear giant Areva, in its territory is somewhat muffled nuclear reactors. Only functioning pressurized water reactor used to produce tritium, ITAR-TASS reported. Water intake for cooling the reactor was carried out of the river Rhone.

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In France, at the station for processing nuclear waste explosion

The accident in Marcoule, southern France, at least one person was killed and several were wounded. It was initially reported that there is a threat to the nuclear radiation leak, but the representatives of the Commissariat for Atomic Energy has said that no external emissions were detected. The first reports of the accident in France Kodolov so scared that they even responded Exchange, which already today is extremely unstable. In the morning stock prices were at minus 3%, after reports of the incident, they fell to minus 8%. And it is clear — 87% of the energy produced in France nuclear power plants.
But the accident did not occur at the plant, and the plant, reprocessing nuclear waste, it is called for short SOCODEI. Exploded in a furnace in which the wastes are melted for further, more compact storage. The explosion triggered a kind of chemical reaction, but the details are still unknown, because it is reported that at this moment is in the oven. Two types of low-level radioactive waste is melted in the furnace: a variety of metals from spent nuclear power plant in the structures, as well as supporting material, that is, protective suits, gloves, etc. Factory administration claims that radioactive releases into the atmosphere does not, shop, where it happened, the devastation has not. The fire, which appeared immediately after the explosion, extinguished. There are victims, one person was killed on the spot, four were wounded, one of them critically.

France detonated nuclear


In the department of Gard fixed explosion at a nuclear power plant. There are people injured.
At nuclear power plants in France explosion, there are victims and survivors, according to France-3 television. The incident took place in the south of the country, in the department of Gard, in the industrial city of Marcoule.

While there is information about one dead and three injured, reports NTV. According to rescue workers at the scene, there is a risk of emission of radiation.

NPP controlled Atomic Energy Commission and the company Areva. Only functioning pressurized water reactor used to produce tritium. Water to cool the reactor was taken out of the Rhone River, which flows nearby.

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