The number of flood victims in North Korea this month to 169 — the media

 At least 169 people were killed and 400 were missing in the DPRK since the beginning of July in the floods, said on Saturday, AFP, citing naTsentralnoe Korean News Agency (KCNA).

Earlier it was reported that the victims of floods caused by rains and typhoons have at least 119 people.

According to the agency, because of the element of more than 200 thousand people have been forced from their homes.

Earlier this week, North Korea, visited the UN experts to assess the damage caused by floods, and to determine the scope of possible financial assistance.

Earlier, Western media reported that the disaster in North Korea could exacerbate the already significant lack of food in this country. According to the International Committee of the Red Cross, to date, the citizens of North Korea are also in dire need of clean drinking water. According to the UN in June of this year, is experiencing a shortage of food for about two thirds of the population.

Since the mid-1990s, the North Korean agriculture often suffers from floods and drought. In July 2011, the victims of the floods in North Korea are a few dozen people.

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