The number of reindeer in Taimyr halved in 15 years

The number of reindeer in the Siberian Taimyr Peninsula decreased approximately doubled over the past 15 years due to poaching and habitat reduction, told RIA Novosti the head of United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) for the conservation of biodiversity in Taimyr Igor Kostin.

"Reducing the number from 800 000 to 400 occurred in the last 15 years, although it is necessary to clarify that the accounting methods are very approximate. But we can say that the number of serious falls, due largely to poaching violation migration routes, the appearance of disturbance. This long-term results of large-scale fisheries which existed in Soviet times, "- said Costin.

According to him, poaching is now very strong, and the herd does not know how to migrate, as the shooting comes at a time when deer swim across the river.

"The rise of population is possible, if not crush poaching with the arrival of people in remote areas, the development of Taimyr. In the worst scenario, the reindeer of Taimyr may repeat the fate of the saiga antelope in Kalmykia. Earlier saiga were vast herds, today we are talking about breeding in captivity to preserve the gene pool "- said the expert of UNDP.

Status of wild reindeer (Rangifer tarandus tarandus) recently reduced and concern of scientists. Wild deer are different from the home uniform dark color, not in herds color variegation of individuals, as in domestic counterparts. Once continuous range of the species is now presented scattered isolated populations.

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