The operation for delivery of the last batch of runners for the hydroelectric power plant Boguchan

The barge-platform with the last batch of heavy hydraulic turbine equipment made of OJSC "Power Machines", arrived at the destination — the cargo berth Boguchan hydropower plant on the Angara River. On board the barge impellers are designed for hydroelectric turbines number 8 and 9 Boguchan hydropower plants, which are in the Krasnoyarsk region of JSC "RusHydro" and OK "Rusal".


Loading impellers on board the ship "Volga-Baltic-246" was held on July 26 in St. Petersburg. 29 July after the completion of the consolidation of cargo and preparing to ship the long march "Volga-Balt-246" was released on the raid of the St. Petersburg port, August 3 — the White Sea. By the morning of August 8 boat reached the Kara Sea — by this time it was completed in 2950 km. The offshore part of the operation of transportation equipment was completed on August 11: near the village of Ust-Port (Krasnoyarsk Territory), the ship entered the Yenisei. At a mooring cargo port gerbil (Krasnoyarsk) ship docked on August 25.
Overloading of impellers on a specially reinforced heavy-river barge in the port area before sending a gerbil to the construction site Boguchan HPS took three days. After the completion of all work on September 1, accompanied by the tug barge headed to the cargo berth BoHPP. The distance from the port to the gerbil Boguchan plant is 750 km, including 330 km along the Yenisei River and 420 km on the Angara. The entire journey has been done in seven days.


In the coming days, the impellers will be unloaded from the deck of the barge to the pier Boguchan power plant, and then be carried to the place of their perekatka temporary storage area of heavy cargo. Less heavy components for hydraulic units will be delivered by rail and road to the time when they are needed in the process of installation of the equipment.


Transport operation for the delivery of heavy cargo to the plant carried out the only possible way — by sea and river routes and lasted 43 days. The length of the route was about 6,500 km. Earlier, during the navigation season in 2008 — 2010 years, similarly to Boguchanskaya power plant were delivered seven runners turbines manufactured "Power Machines".

The impellers are made "Power Machines" for Boguchan plant — the largest on the weight and dimensions of manufactured in Russia in the last decade. The diameter of each of them is 7.86 meters, weight — 155.6 tons. Of their dimensions, these wheels are higher than those for hydroelectric units of the Sayano-Shushenskaya HPP, which is part of JSC "RusHydro", and the Krasnoyarsk hydroelectric power station.
Under the terms of contracts signed in 2006 — 2007 years between "Power Machines" and the partners in the project of building the station — "RusHydro" and OK "Rusal", "Power Machines" designed and manufactured for Boguchan nine hydro turbines and nine hydro-rated capacity of 333 MW each. In addition, the "Power Machines" provide installation supervision and commissioning of the equipment supplied.
Now at the plant are six hydro and nine sets of hydraulic turbine equipment. In addition, the "Power machines" carry out a rolling shipment seventh hydraulic generator.
Commissioning of the first three Boguchan hydroelectric power plant is scheduled for the second quarter of 2012. A phased launch of the remaining six hydroelectric stations and output at full capacity in 2013.
The installed capacity of the plant after commissioning of hydro units will be 3000 MW, the average long-term power generation -17.6 billion kWh.

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