The origin of religion

Saturday the seventeenth of September. Cold morning. Outside the window, the rain, but the house warm and dry. I drink tea. And I am going to talk about the origin of religion, put in a small amount of notes.

In my opinion, the verbosity level is due to the uncomfortable views on the subject. For example, if you explain what it looks like an elephant, looking at it from below and behind, and not in profile, you'll need a lot of make up, masking this long argument.

We begin with an assessment of the ratio of the material and astral worlds. This is — the starting point. Most ordinary for a modern person entering the astral plane is a dream. Therefore, for simplicity called astral dream.

Nowadays, even a person who considers himself a believer, I am convinced, though for having dreams must first be a head with the material brain is capable of creating a dream. That is, the dream is a product of the material world, secondary to materiality, like a virtual game created on the computer.

To understand any mysticism, mythology and religion, will argue the opposite.

Level of existence dream (astral) appeared before the material world, and he has created it. Existence — is any reality we perceive, including dreams and hallucinations. Just some form of reality more "collective" than others. In the dream, we do not exist less than sober, though in a dream, our form of existence of another — Astral.

The astral world has three dimensions, and the material — four. Added karma (time-being). Therefore, three-dimensional astral world can not clearly manifest in the four, financially. We just feel it in myself.

Everyone had dreams in which we see there is an image from the outside, without identifying any of them. But then suddenly we identify ourselves with one of the forms, and in the dream there are category of "self" and "other." Consciousness as it descends to the level in the world of forms, while the astral. Sometimes identification while "Avatar" disappears, and the consciousness of "embodied" in a character, the more interesting from the point of view of the "story."

In Hindu mythology, there is a principle, not everyone can understand in the west of the Indian gods no clear hierarchy. Depending on the situation, each god might be "the most powerful." It all depends on where the concentration of the life force, which can, if necessary, even in mediocre zashkalil idol. Man tied to the material categories, this concept is not understood. And the example of identifying with different characters own dream, it is not difficult to guess that the "concentration of life force" in fact — the degree of identification.

But the astral world is devoid of the most important categories of the material world — time. Even if we seem as if in a dream, it was, it is only our interpretation of waking. In the astral world to exist "before" and "after." Identification of consciousness generating dreams, with one observable way or the other, in the astral plane parallel and equally significant.

Identifications when dialing "a lot", they begin to "communicate" with each other as "individual consciousness", creating a special, collective, coordinated and balanced form of dreams that are not instantly transformed with the slightest whim of one being, as it will now limited will of other beings .

This form of existence, and is perceived by us as the material world.

This concept explains a lot. Material world and the astral world are likened it "TV shows", co-existing in a different frequency range. We move from one level of existence to another — changing the setting of perception.
Now get rid of the other fallacies of modern civilization — if perception waking man has always been the same materialistic as today.

Today it is considered normal if the material world and the astral strictly separated, that is available to the astral consciousness only during dreams, and the material world — after waking up. This was not always the case.

Still alive people watching waking hallucinations. Setting their perception does not quite live up to modern standards, why they sometimes perceive both "TV" simultaneously. Depending on the degree of self-control of these people, they either take the astral images of the cast, while remaining conscious of the material world, or go mad, leaving the material level of self-awareness.

Now — attention. This modern "mental illness" in ancient times was the norm. From the point of view of the materialist psychiatry our earliest ancestors were mad and regularly hallucinated, existing half in the material world, half in the astral plane.

Historians say the ancients believed in the afterlife, they believed in spirits and gods … No, they did not believe, and immediately felt and saw everything today because of their religious beliefs. The ancients did not even need to believe in something that does not require proof. Any patient psychiatric hospital at least tell strange stories.

Scientists try to prove that the ancient myths invented by humans in an attempt to explain the strange phenomena of the material world. But you can think only in terms of the really experienced. What should be really experienced to say if the first people cow licked from the rock, or that the world was made a hero out of the body he had killed the monster?

A lot of myths are so muddled in terms of time and space that they could not proceed from the realities of the material world. Although much more absurd stories we regularly see in a dream.

Noting the important thing. This does not mean that in creating the first myths just used vivid dreams. Everything was much deeper. I hinted that the material world as a new form of consciousness arose in parallel from different areas of the collective dream (astral), and only later acquired the material reality as a stable form that is the case now.

Thus, the emergence of the cosmos out of chaos is to be understood in the sense of the process of disengagement in the settings of the human consciousness of the material world and the astral, and the oldest form of spirituality can be considered an immature mind is not fiction, and the objective reality of the initial (transition) identity.

Not by chance that the Australian Bushmen past called "time again." Similar concepts can be found in many nations, but today they are usually buried in religious dogma.

But if the ancient people did not need a religion, just seeing everything that we call mythology, what happened, when they lost that ability?

Attachment to the material level of existence gradually separated from the material consciousness astral. Prophets with shamans do no less rare than it is today, and the material world become accustomed degree of stability. And millions of people suddenly found themselves without spiritual knowledge: who they are, where, why, and even overwhelmed by a mysterious "ancient traditions", not less absurd than to us. That's when it became a religion.

History suggests that the phenomenon of religion originated in about the sixth century BC, in the time axis. That's when there was a massive need for spiritual teachers, explaining the meaning of the ancient myths of people who have lost the ability to direct perception of astral. In the sixth century before Christ preached Lao Tzu and Confucius, Buddha, Zoroaster, Ezra and Pythagoras. Although individual civilization came into this process sooner or later. It seems that the time of the religious form of spirituality was dependent on the level of technological development of civilization, "displacing" direct perception of the astral plane.

What is in store for the future of religion?

The first religion originated under the influence of the real revelations of talented people, so had the manpower, and unwavering faith lost in the mystical sense tenets elected was justified. But over time, more and more religion degenerated into social institutions to support law and order, to acquire the features of philosophy, utopianism and deliberate deception, becoming the proverbial "the opium of the people."

The habit of believing priests without evidence of forced necessity into a bad habit of the people for whom it is easier than thinking. The further development of religious forms of spirituality hardly revive the lost greatness, if only because of that mystical enlightenment is increasingly given deliberate deception, psychological techniques or philosophical reasoning.

The steady development of science weakens once strong connection with the astral material consciousness, a new mystical revelations take nowhere, and the real power of religion tends to a minimum. In addition, many religions because of the primitive simplicity of the myth inherited much outdated cosmogony fatally contrary to science.

But on the other hand is the same science that the ancient myth killed, and now finishes religion, ever closer to the idealist conception of the universe, which begins with the ancient myths. Therefore, a new form of spirituality eon Aquarius likely arise not as a special, new religion, like the old, but as a sudden, revolutionary renewal of the scientific picture of the world, closing the circle of understanding the mysteries of consciousness and the universe.

author Oraculys

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