The parable about how one man fooling the whole world

The tale of how one man deceives the whole world

To lied, reference should be made — specifically a metal principle of "free media." That disk imaging believed necessary to present it not as the fruit of his imagination, and a link to the foreign source disk imaging. From time to time, this rule is violated when the forgers are working very clumsy when they are in a hurry. So it was in Moscow, when the journalist wrote about Bozena Rynska arrival in Moscow existed in nature regiment of the Chechen OMON, referring to the journalist Kashin. Which in turn published this news with reference to Bozhenov Naryn.

But the world's media work still professional.
And here the strings can be traced. Let us ask the question: where are these "BBC" and "CNN" announcements about events in Syria?

Information on the subject sent commentator Dmitry, for which he thanks a lot.
It turns out the whole information Western media … is taken from the 1st person!
Where he is, I hope you have guessed?

That's right — in London. Where is always in the past 250 years of hiding "freedom fighters."
The source referenced by the world media, which later referenced by all Russian media called the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. And in this here 'observatory' and watch the human rights situation in Syria.
The staff of this institution is not blown out of proportion — only one person. He's "director" of the organization on behalf of Rami Abdul Rahman. At least, as he calls himself.

So, here, the fact that this organization supplies the "news" about Syria actually in exclusive mode, all major media outlets around the world.

Here is the website of the organization Syrian Observatory for Human Rights in 2-plus options to facebook in the UK:

On the Web site (for example, in the department Contact us) can find the information that the announcements of the organization spread agencies Reuters and AFP. But also the other major agencies of the world referred to in the news about their own Syria on the company, or rather simply repeat and replicate heresy.
Here you can find an example: "," reports on more than 100 dead in Syria on December 20, refers to the news agency Reuters (Reuters). Here is a link to Reuters, which in turn refers to a company Syrian Observatory for Human Rights in London.

In addition, based on the words of the organization, this "director", the governments make claims against Syria, which can be read in the same article report.

It turns out that one uncle, sitting in London, forms the world public opinion? One emperor in London actually dictates the governments of their relationship to the Syria?

No. It just works "cistern." Outputs to the mountain right information to the West, and all the "independent media" pretend not to know that the quote of 1 person. Once a day or once an hour.

This is a conspiracy. There are exclusive agreement in the cost of gasoline. And they are punished by the antimonopoly legislation. And here there is a monopoly on information and vtochnosti the same conspiracy. All information should be taken only at the 1st source.
Doubt? Do you believe in coincidence? Especially you a German website has conducted an investigation and found that on the Syrian Observatory for Human

Rights of the nice town of London following link to news agencies, quoting verbatim:
«CNN, CBS, Associated Press, Reuters, AFP, BBC, Tagesschau, FAZ, Holtzbrinck, Springerpresse, Spiegel, Focus, Al Jazeera, al Arabiya und so weiter und so fort bis hin zu taz, Guardian und RIA Novosti.»

So here comes a few questions?
Why or why virtually all news agencies take announcements about Syria in one place?
How come that one person forms the outlook of the planet on a number of issues?
Why do governments of different countries, like parrots repeating the same nonsense, invented by one person?
Neuzh that these governments have no intelligence or security services or professionals for the region?
Can all of the above have been an accident?
Or just Britain and the U.S. intelligence agencies and organized this whole circus?

In order to undermine the Middle East and build a large Islamic caliphate there. As a tool for the future reconstruction of the world as the early twentieth century was the Social Democrats and the class struggle, and in the middle of the twentieth century — Fascism and Nazism.

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