The police chased the bear with a heliport in the regional center of Tomsk region

A young bear came out of the forest on the outskirts of the city Kolpashevo in the Tomsk region (270 km from Tomsk), and then came to the heliport, where he was banished to the forest police, told RIA Novosti on Saturday, chairman of the committee for the protection of wildlife obldepartamenta environmental Constantine Osadchy.

"According to my expert, the bear was on the other side (of the river Ob), then moved across the river, came to town (Kolpashevo.) Not hooligans, threatening no one imagined. Local people called the police, who accompanied him to the former airport (heliport ) … In this area, it drove into the woods. dangers to the public, he had no idea, and measures for its destruction has been undertaken "- said Osadchy.

According to the source, the age of the bear — "a maximum of three years. What brought him to town — hard to say. It is possible that curiosity is they have such a property."

According to the department, in 2012, this is the second time the bear out to communities: a few days ago in Chainsky area near the village Leboter bear lifted cow permission to shoot forced already issued.

In 2011, it was given about ten permits forced shot. Moreover, in recent years, there were no cases to bear that went to human settlements, were a real threat to people, said Osadchy.

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