The prophet Edgar Cayce knew more than telling

And he said, Hear now my words;
If there be a prophet among you,
I open it to him in a vision;
talking in his sleep with them.
Bible Numbers. Chapter 12: 6.

I was never interested in the prophets, and I have not read them, as well as the works of philosophers. But in studying the Bible, I had to read the works of scientists, philosophers, soothsayers and prophets, and check out the views of politicians and psychologists to follow the news in the world. Only after analyzing a large amount of information, you can begin to understand the bits (open) the Bible, despite the fact that God has put in my knowledge of the Bible. Sometimes the work of a scientist I wanted a single sentence, which prompted me to solve a particular problem. As in all the wisdom of the Bible presented by the Bible and the knowledge of people scattered around the world. God calls us into the collective wisdom, that is, to unite all of humanity, and we must unite for that all wisdom was formed and multiplied, became more powerful. And only then can we collectively turn to Him and He will answer us, as a single intelligence world. And our state continue to divide into small pieces (do not even want to call the States).
(But he, knowing their thoughts, said unto them, Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation, and a house divided against itself will fall.) Bible. Luke. Chap. 11:17.

Edgar Cayce — sleeping prophet.

But who is really interested me, so it is God's great prophet Edgar Cayce.
I caught some of his prophecies, and I knew that he was a prophet of God. Later, when I came across a biography, it is confirmed. Out of respect for this great man, I'll talk about his prophecies, but I do not do this in the future will not do. (This may take a Bible study center after the opening of the Third Temple.) God's prophets to engage those involved in the Bible, as is interconnected. But I tell you about the information that I got on the internet and not the original, so there may be inaccuracies. I will give a small excerpt from a biography of Edgar Cayce:
Edgar Cayce (1877 — 1945), was born in very difficult times, while their family is in need of work, and so the parents could not even pay his son's school. Edgar Cayce was an eight-year education, and that was that. He recalls that at that age was a problem in their family, as it were, to find work and support his family. Edgar considered myself a believer. This is evident from the last words of his life. Before his death he said: "How much the world needs today in God." In fact, it is very true words, do turn around and see what is going on in the world. Because people are destroying themselves. In 1900, Edgar Cayce and his father organized the business of selling insurance, but soon fell ill Edgar severe illness. He contracted laryngitis and lost his voice at all. Of course, it did not give him to continue to work in business and at that time he lived with his parents. Soon he decided to take pictures, so you become a photographer, because it did not require work to vote. After some time working in the theater, when he photographed a hypnotist, and he has offered to return the vote. And to the surprise of Casey's voice came back. Interesting case. After that, Casey began to reduce his life to the various predictions and lived until the end of life. Now it's up to us whether to believe all this or not? Like so, or who appear predictions and hypnotic miracles? The answer for you …
I will try to answer many of the questions that got out of "storage" The Great Prophet. Around the world there are many predictors, which prophesy that he says the LORD: and the destruction of mankind, and the hope of salvation. Therefore, the prophecies must be approached knowing the Bible, because God's prophecies from God, as the Bible. If the Lord gave me knowledge of the Bible directly into the subconscious and all that is connected with it, then Edgar Cayce
direct access to the information requested. He only received the information, but with no explanation, and because he did not possess knowledge hidden in the Bible, many prophecies he could not explain, just passed. Over time, this information can be opened. This lack of knowledge of the Bible all his life tormented by the prophet as He could not understand why the real life does not match the biblical. So, let's begin. I give an extract from the articles that I found on the internet. Unfortunately, I do not have the originals.

1. Question where Casey takes the information for their healing "readings", repeatedly asked Casey, when he was in his prophetic dreams. Casey talked about his sources in detail. As a first source, a seer named individual consciousness and subconsciousness. Thanks to his gift, Casey, being in a trance, not only could read the thoughts of others, but also to penetrate into their subconscious, which stores information about an individual's life throughout his earthly life.
Casey said that every thought and deed is recorded in universal humanity "book of life" or "divine book memory." To read this book, you need to turn away from your own "I" and immerse yourself in a basic essential field of the universe, which have left their mark all eternal things, desires, thoughts and aspirations of man. Casey said that the setting of the desired wave, lets out in this ethereal universal library and read information from it.
Seer told also about the soul, is not currently embodied in living things and being in a different spiritual world, a kind of "field of communication." Casey said that with these souls can also be contacted, as he did himself.

In his book, "Know the world through themselves" I described the possibility of conscious and subconscious, where much attention is paid to the possibility of subconsciousness. So, what he says is true. Mysleobscheniya device for the presence of two levels, I have described in the book and mentioned in one of the articles of this site. fact that the prophet speaks of the development of information in the subconscious mind of man, accumulated over a lifetime, is true, and what is more, he did not know that this information is written for life in the energy cocoon of a person who is "Where it eternal life. "Therefore, Edgar Cayce could be wrong saying that penetrated into the subconscious of the person, although it is possible, but most likely the prophet came to the replica, the subconscious of man" up there "in the" General Store. " Where all the souls of the past, present and future. This is what Edgar called "universal book of life" or "divine book of memory." What can be said for the souls of the seer, I began to describe in the previous article. Communications, is a place where souls await re-check the body for re-education, or are trained to merge in the collective mind, as important components of the Higher Mind (God). About contact with these souls I have no information, I do not know. If he says it may indeed it is, because for him the Lord did, and He can do anything!

2. Casey … asked this question, and after careful study of the texts the Bible found in the Scriptures there is compelling evidence of multiple incarnations. Casey believed that all human souls are initially created with a deep awareness of the unity of every soul to God. Some of the soul "forgot" this condition, while others led the son of God, Jesus — have taken on the mission to save lost souls. Casey believed that no matter what difficulties we face in our life on earth, God never leaves us and always sends the true spiritual path.

— Here Casey is absolutely right, because adopted as the basis of the soul of the Apostles, which additionally received through Jesus, whose heart was really in communion with God, knowledge and opportunities that exist in our subconscious. Jesus was the only one with God — because God wanted.
(I and the Father — one.) Bible. John. chapter 10: 30.
(And if I do, though you do not believe me, believe the works: My, know, and believe, that the Father is in me and I in him.) Bible. John. Chap. 10:38.
Originally soul clean and not created with a deep consciousness of unity with the Lord, as the Casey and clean and they have to be formed in the human body, and they contain vast knowledge that open gradually to the formation of man. The main thing, in my heart laid knowledge of the Bible, which are disclosed in varying degrees, depending on the human environment and the influence of external factors. Therefore, some live by the laws and regulations of the Torah (the five books of Moses, the legislative part of the Bible), and other sin. A sin on earth does not break the souls in eternal life, they have to do in this case is implanted in another body to try again to gain access to eternal life. Only eternal life giving union with God, after long preparation. But Casey is quite right to say: The Lord will never leave us and are always sent to the true spiritual path.

3. Edgar Cayce
was a believer, while he had strong beliefs to live by biblical principles and the principles of the official church. Its ability to predict and healing, as well as his belief in the rebirth of the human soul after death into a new body did not fit into his religious beliefs. He was constantly at odds with itself. On the one hand, and constant meditation events from the past, and on the other daily prayers to God. He looked regarded astrology as a science, not quackery, but at the same time fighting in the shower with a distaste for it, but the church adopted laws. The constant struggle Casey believer and Casey
ESP going on inside him. His beliefs, visions of the past, such as the Atlantis, contrary to biblical scripture, as it turned out, that Atlantis was created fifty thousand years to Babylon and other cities mentioned in the Bible as one of the first on the ground. His internal struggle is contradicting himself in everything, in every moment of daily life it is very depressing. He talked a lot about God and foresight on alternative methods of treatment and at the same time to atone for our sins to God, believing that much wrong, and betrays him.

— Problem Casey experiences during his life was the fact that he was constantly praying to God, and above all putting the church, did not realize that he was above the church, as to communicate directly with God, has been in constant contact with him, and it is far above the church , so all he did was right. He could read the Bible only plain text, which is available to all. But the Bible is written and encrypted text, and there is all that because of what he was going through, the history of land with many evolutions of the soul, and much more about what he was trying to tell people, but most importantly the Bible shows that all religions originally lived in sin and can not be a source of knowledge about God and the Bible. The Bible talks about the latest evolution, which started from scratch and covers a period of 6000 years. In the early stage of humanity that was enough. Today, when mankind is approaching the final phase of the period of 6000 years, which the Bible says, people want to know more than the Bible. What was there before these six million years, and that will happen to mankind, is 230 years since the end of the period .. And tell us about it in the same Bible. To do this, I'm constantly working with the Bible and other materials that the Lord gives me. To do this, after the opening of the Third Temple, a special world center will study the Bible, in the walls of the Temple, as God himself will be there to help reveal all the secrets. Their scientific achievements today, we have only with the Lord, who gives us the crumbs of that knowledge., Not to repeat the mistakes of Atlantean.
(And the ability to teach others to put into it … He sang their heart with skill to do all kinds of work …) Thor. Outcome. 35:34,35.


CASEY *** 10.500.000 BC: The emergence of ape-men,
living in caves and dividing by the family. They formed a body
modern humanity. [2665-2] [5748-2]

This is the first mention of the people on this earth, or rather the ancestors of the people God has created the formula DNA biological essence to naturally create their own kind when he existed in a form at the beginning of the Supreme Mind. When God decided to create his own kind, he began first of which occurred on himself. God has designed a bio-organisms for later, so they are processed in the nature of the planet and formed including climate, existing viruses, etc. (Viruses were brought to the ground long before the creation of the people, because they influenced the creation of the earth's climate). It also says that God created the earth for the last 10500000let. Then God created the first living creature from the DNA that God created man. This Casey, himself unaware, says our Bible describes only our civilization …

CASEY *** 200,000 BC: Arrival of the Earth plane extraterrestrial spiritual entities that formed Atlantis. [364-4] Entity "were thought forms" capable "pushed … like an amoeba." [364-3] This hyperspace or not physical beings.

— This is the first mention of a shower, which is a clot of energy. They separated from the Higher Mind ("pushed … like an amoeba") and fell upon our planet. Hyperspace, it is said that they were able to move in space. Atlantis, the first construction base for future elementary civilization. This was God's representative office in the land, where he managed the creation (arrangement) of land.

CASEY *** 100,000 BC: Amilius, existing at the time the spiritual essence, sees the impending crisis. Mysleformennye entity separate from its spiritual roots and are able to "pack". [364-3]

By that time the program has been prepared to create a shower and merging them with biologically bodies, which were obtained by the joint creation of a higher intelligence and nature. But note that it took 10,400,000 years, and a caveman in nature itself could not become a modern man, that refutes Darwin's theory, although the nature of some participated. That meant Casey, speaking of the impending crisis? For God crises do not exist. However, we are created in the image and likeness of God, and we eat, and there is a spiritual energy and food. God also eats. His energy food — all the space of the universe (oxygen, hydrogen, helium, …), and spiritual food of the soul is ripe, which should add higher intelligence. For God, it's time to recharge his spiritual food, for this and created a civilization growing souls for eternal life in union with God. But there is another option. In reality, God is constantly creating mind as the new galaxy, which is needed for the care and maintenance.

CASEY *** 75,000 BC: Mysleformennye essence "sealed or appear in the form of this human body." On Earth, the presence of hyperdimensional mysleformennoe suddenly begins to take human bodies and animal bodies. Dawning spiritual consciousness of humanity, along with that is forgetting its original heritage . Amilius begin a global program of liberation hyperdimensional entities, joining them in a physical form, and teaching those who they really are. Amiliusa This incarnation is called Adam, "the first man." [364-3] [Note: The Cayce Readings do not specify when exactly happened, "seal" on the other hand, indicate the date of the Ra Material, which we omitted.]

— The first reunion of the bioenergy program souls with bodies of people and partial merger with the animal world, to train animals to work out the natural instincts and behavior in nature, as God has decided, and most importantly the people to obey. What does the phrase "sealed or appear in the form of this human body." These are the bodies that take showers with embedded knowledge of God, that is part of God and they are the builders of civilization. Were several. Rest of the body is pure souls which are self-developing, self-learning bioenergy programs.

CASEY *** 50,000 BC: As a result of the pole shift dies first major human technological civilization on Earth. The almost complete destruction of Lemuria and partial flooding of Atlantis. The World Conference has just decided to use the radiant weapons designed to kill large numbers of prey animals. After the pole shift inmates found that the use of radiation only exacerbate the cycle, which in any case is about to be over.

— Here Edgar Cayce gives no accurate information possible so decided to Lord. We are in the Year of the Bible truth, and I hope that the information that you put in me, that at this time is more accurate. The civilization of Atlantis really lost, ie flood came, as in our civilization with Noah. But this is not the pole shift (although this threat existed to the same land), and in the behavior of the inhabitants of Atlantean. They reached a high technological development, more and more of our way of life and began to threaten the earth, from the point of view of the destruction of the planet. So God destroyed them because enough to create a civilization 6,000 years. While the creator of the earth, it is many millions of years or more. Simply create a new civilization. This is a warning to us who live today on this planet and build up its military potential. But in this letter, there are other important points. On the ground were such large animals that require unusual heavy duty weapons.

By this we can recall the Bible, that the first people were of large size, who came to the sons of men (mankind — the descendants of our fellow human mind). Knowledge of the Prophet and knowledge of the Bible say one thing, the first civilizations were created from the DNA of existing progenitors distant worlds, whose planet — the donor, was much larger than the planet earth. Only when recreating the fifth civilization, ie after the flood of Noah, had been reduced and the people and animals. God changed the DNA of our ancestors brought them to the harmony of the world on our planet. In this example, the "pole shift" is used to refer to the most major event for mankind, in this case, to suffocate. Main information is that Casey warned that the pole shift can change civilization, and not least, that the pole shift means necessary "flooding", which is filling the earth energy source (water).

CASEY *** 25,000 BC: The second major flood in Atlantis. Civilization again dies.

The flooding without cause and method that caused the flood. However, this is a good description of the Bible, so he missed. The same cause and the same method. Pole shift for flooding is not required, but very necessary to flood the earth.

CASEY *** 12,500 BC: The third biggest flood in Atlantis. In order to preserve some of the archives, to build the Great Pyramid.

— Destruction of civilization is the same, but where and why the pyramid, I do not know, I do not have that information. All pyramid CONSTRUCT our Creator on the earth, the importance of play, which we soon find out, because come "last time." Please note that Casey repeated three times of flood, and three is the truth of God's word and His works. And the first interval was 25,000 years, 12,500 years, the second interval. Add that the energy source of land-filling of water is carried out every 6000 years, so God gives humanity the time to "become men" between fill, ie 6000 years.

CASEY *** 0-BC: Amilius / Adam returns to Earth in the last physical incarnation as Jesus Christ. It completes its obligations by providing the knowledge to mankind, how to get out of the material through the process of ascension. This creates a pattern to be followed by all the others.

— Casey Prophet meant, that the soul of Jesus Christ is part God and has all his knowledge and capabilities. By Casey has knowledge of mankind because of getting the Bible, which states that every believer in Jesus Christ will receive eternal life — that's it, and be followed by all people. Of the material, through the spiritual into eternal life — the supreme gift of God, and is available to everyone. The coming of Jesus in our material world, his death and following the return from the spiritual world into the material world again, appearing before Apostalami, demonstrates that eternal life exists!

CASEY *** 2001 AD: The shift of the magnetic poles of the Earth, associated with the Second Coming of Christ.

About to learn. We know that means a shift of the poles of the prophecies of Edgar Cayce — is a major event that impacts on humanity, both in the literal sense, and figurative. And we understand that the coming of Jesus Christ can not be linked to the destruction of mankind, rather the opposite. God would not otherwise allow. But here's the date. Here a small mistake and I do not know, accidentally moved the prophet one, or has received specifically the exact date. But from the first article, we already know what the Bible Year — 2010. Gematria of these dates is one that is equal to three. But the meaning is different, because only the year 2010, in contrast to 2001, is a compound of the Old Testament (10) and the New Testament (3), ie Bible, so the Bible Year. And not only the coming of Christ, but three important truths to humanity. (Date to Casey also opened four truths, but the year was not the year of the Bible, because there is absent the Old Testament, the number 10).
In conclusion, I want to add that little Casey was wrong, just need to properly understand his predictions, they are very closely tied to the fundamental knowledge of the Bible. But let's look at some of the prophecy.

5. More recently, many experts believe the fantastic weather Keyes at the fact that in 2010, revived the Soviet Union. Now, however, this prediction is beginning to be realized. The first candidate for the union, as it is known, is Belarus. And then, we can catch up to Kyrgyzstan, eastern Ukraine, Armenia and Kazakhstan. Even Georgia, which persistently and unsuccessfully trying to live on their own, might make a step towards Russia. And how can you not remember the prophecy Vanga that our homeland "back into a great empire!"

— In this case, Edgar Cayce predicted that other, as the Year of the Bible (2010) exactly, despite the fact that the revival of the Soviet Union, a period of decades. And last prediction, when the coming of Christ corresponds exactly to the Year of Bible, he "made a mistake" in the decade. Seems that Casey knew the date, but not described accurately. Prophecy great prophet should be read together, uniting in their prophecies certain criteria … As for the union of states, you can go back to the Bible, which adored Casey.
(But he, knowing their thoughts, said unto them, Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation, and a house divided against itself will fall. — The Bible. Luke. Chapter 11: 17).
Casey has repeatedly prophesied that Russia would rise to the spiritual and religious matters, and accordingly will be live by the laws and regulations of the Bible. But the prophet did not say a single item, it will not be this Russia, and the territory of Russia and the meaning is much more complex — Russia will help many people, but to save the world is irrelevant. Note: The Soviet Union in the form in which it was — never rejoice, all forecasters are wrong about Russia. Russia will also be severely punished. Russia has an entirely different meaning of salvation, but this will be a separate article.

6. Another example — the prediction made by Casey at the end of 1944, a few months before his death — at a time when the victorious Red Army carried to Europe in tank armor, along with the release of the immortal ideas of Marxism-Leninism, "In Russia in the world comes the hope of the world. This, however, is not that called Communism or Bolshevism. No! Speech — freedom, freedom! Each man will live for his neighbor. This principle has been born in Russia. Before this principle crystallized take years. However, it was Russia that gave the world hope. "

— His prediction came true just like always. Four years later v1948g., Thanks to Russia, Jews got their state of Israel. After all, in the Bible, but through Israel the whole world to be saved. In this case, Russia indirectly affect the future of the world, pay attention to the words "through Russia," but not with Russia. However, I want to add to Russia are expected to more great things, through the adoption of all the people of Jesus Christ. Casey is a big mistake when he said: (Each person will live for his neighbor. This principle was born in Russia). This principle is written in the Bible thousands of years ago, is the foundation of the 10 commandments, and Russia does not have this attitude. All prophets are wrong because God decided on this he has a reason.

7. Throughout his life, Edgar Cayce
acquires mystical salvation always comes in the nick of time in the form of unexpected donations and charity. There are dozens of stories about how the day when the family seer had evicted from the house for non-payment, or funds are not enough even to buy food and cook up a modest dinner, the postman brought a letter in which one of the treated or rewarded: before the client sends a check for, exactly enough to close the financial gap.

— It says only that God protected the Prophet and supported, as many of you. People simply do not want to see. This is what I wrote in one of his articles about accidents.

8. It is significant that all the "reading" of Edgar Cayce always and under all circumstances, were in the first person plural — "we." At the time, it prompted detractors source that supposedly clairvoyant extract information — the evil spirits!

Edgar Cayce
received information from God. God — is the Higher Mind, which is the collective mind, and therefore plural. God — is one, but he is in the plural, as He is everywhere and always. So Casey and said — we, confirming that he was in contact with God, though it never knew, or was afraid to admit it.
To sum up, I want to say a very important thing: the prophet Edgar Cayce's life kept secrets that never told. He possessed great knowledge of the soul and eternal life. But then he could not even talk about it. From this the Year of the Bible, you can discover the mysteries of the Bible, it will be known to all, and after the opening of the Third Temple, we get accurate information, with different evidence.

Casey talked about his two previous lives, he was in a past life. He knew why the souls receive again and again a new body, but never talked about it. I have already said that the soul is eternal life, if it has passed its life-span in accordance with certain requirements, which are written in the Bible. If the soul is not passed the exam, God sends it to re-re in a new body, again and again, giving a chance to receive eternal life, cutting or erasing the last memory. Edgar Cayce has visited and where souls are in eternal life, ie saw real life in paradise. All his life he wanted to be there. Therefore, his whole life was directed toward this goal. He concluded from the two past lives, and the last life of the soul in the body, strictly comply with the laws and regulations of the Bible. For example, he never accepted money for treatment, according to one of the verses of the Bible.

(Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out devils: freely ye have received, freely give.) Bible. Matthew. chapter 10: 8.
However, in the Bible, there are other verses that abrogate the first. But he wanted to quickly get eternal life, already knew, that he neglected other verses, deciding not to take the risk.

(Do not take neither gold, nor silver, nor brass in your purses, nor scrip … your journey, neither two coats, neither shoes, nor yet staves. For the laborer is worthy of his food.) Bible. Matthew. Chap. 10:9-10.
Time will come when we will open all the prophecies of Edgar Cayce — the great prophet and man.

(For the Lord giveth wisdom: out of his mouth — knowledge and intelligence. ;) Bible. Parable. Ch.2-6.
Interpreter of the Bible.

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